Veronica Mars: Kristen Bell Talks About Series Finale & the Movie

Veronica Mars, hero, or villain?Kristin Bell (star of the now cancelled Veronica Mars) recently had a tough choice to make — between joining the cast of NBC’s Heroes or ABC’s Lost. She ultimately chose Heroes and has a 13 episode commitment with the hot series. She’ll be playing “Elle,” a young woman with powers and ties to Peter’s supposed death and Claire’s future. Bell obviously has a bright future ahead but she hasn’t completely shut the door on the possibility of returning to the little seaside community of Neptune.

TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello recently asked Bell about how she was feeling about the end of Mars. She shared, “I’m definitely still in mourning. I miss the character, I miss the people, I miss the consistency of that family. Lots of mass e-mails is how we’re all dealing with it. We’re all still in touch. Everyone is moving on up and doing great things, but we’re all still communicating. I just had lunch with Dan Etheridge, who was sort of our physical producer [down in San Diego]. Everyone’s really sad.”

What did she think of the Mars series finale? Bell said, “I kind of feel like the way they left it open was the perfect wrap-up to the show. Because had they sealed it in a nice clean box, that’s not what the show is about. The show was not about satisfying the viewers. The show was hard to follow, the show was really witty, the show was really sassy — it was for intelligent people. So I think it was wrapped up really nicely. That being said, I knew some things that were going to happen in Season 4 that I’m not going to dare say, ’cause that’s probably what the movie is going to be about.”

Bell went on to say that she was very open to reviving the super sleuth, perhaps in a feature film. “Oh, absolutely. I’d do anything Rob asked me. I think we’d all love to work together again… We definitely all agreed that we would want to be involved in it.”

There’s been no reported movement or interest from the studios regarding a big screen adaptation but its certainly nice to know that Bell is open to reopening Mars Investigations when/if that day comes. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Jeff says

    I totally agree with Dawn. We are fed up with the way the networks treat their fans. Where would they be without us. Whoops! they wouldn’t be!

  2. Dawn says

    I am getting ever more tired of watching television shows that end too soon. The networks need to keep the fans in mind more than they do. If the show isn’t capturing enough viewers on television, then move it to the internet, but don’t just end it after three seasons. That wasn’t very long. She still had two or three years off college left. Either that or fast forward a bit and start it after college, but don’t take a huge break between the end of the third season and the beginning of the fourth. Every network is guilty of this and it is getting very tiring. I am starting to watch more cable instead of getting involved in any more series’.

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