Victorious: Stars React to Cancellation

Victorious TV series cancelledYesterday, we reported that Victorious had been cancelled by Nickelodean. Though there won’t be a fourth season, there are still 15 new episodes to come. They’ll be released this fall, bringing the TV show’s total to 60 episodes.

Fans were understandably upset by the news and the stars had their own reactions and messages for viewers via Twitter.

Leon Thomas III responded to messages from fans by writing, “Hey I see you guys, but we still have a lot of episodes for you to watch and I have some really exciting news to share. So stay tuned!”

Of the news, Matt Bennett simply noted, “It’s true.” Victoria Justice responded to the news this way, “3 Emmy nominations is not a bad send off… #GoingOutOnTop #LoveUguys :{)”

Elizabeth Gillies wrote, “For those of you who are just hearing the news, please don’t be upset. All good things must come to an end, and Victorious is no exception. Don’t be afraid that we’re all going to drop off the face of the earth, because we’re not. It might be the end of an era, but it’s the start of many new chapters for all of us. Also, remember, there’s still an ENTIRE new season that still hasn’t aired. There are many new, amazing episodes coming your way. Victorious has been an incredible, life-changing journey for all of us, and you guys have been there supporting us every step of the way. The real thank you goes out to YOU guys for being so devoted to the show. For watching all of our episodes, creating awesome websites for all of us, making those amazing fan videos on YouTube (that you know we all watch), coming to all of our concerts, writing us letters, tweeting us about how much you love the show…we seriously have the best fans ever. You guys are the real reason why Victorious has made the impact that it has, and seeing your response to the news just affirmed how dedicated you all are to our show, which means more to us than you could ever know. So, please don’t be upset. As Mikey said, ‘Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.’ Oh, and get ready for the new season of Victorious… because it’s AWESOME.”

Avan Tudor Jogia was “in full agreement” with Gillies’ comments and also wrote, “Thank you guys for all your support over the years, it’s been a great run. 3 Emmy nom’s and a KCA… modestly #GoingOutOnTop. #Victorious”

And finally, Ariana Grande wrote “Devastated and heartbroken at the news that Victorious won’t be renewed, but so thankful for this experience and the friendships I’ve made. Also, I’ve been seeing lots of tweets about the Sam & Cat show… Victorious not being renewed has NOTHING 2 do with Sam & Cat. I was planning on going back next year to shoot both shows. I was so excited! I love my Victorious castmates so much and would do anything to do more seasons. If the network wants more Victorious episodes, I will be in every one they’ll let me! So I really hope u’ll please understand that.. and please b excited because there’s still an entire season of Victorious that has yet 2 air!”

What do you think about the cancellation? What would you like to tell the cast and crew?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    Awwwwwwww I wanna see more victourious when I listen to here’s two US I start felling said and crying PLZ come back for another season plzplozlplzp,

  2. says

    It is a real shame but I like watching some again and thank you so much for doing this good programme!! And hopefully they will all have a good life and get married an stuff like that lol Yolo kadey8 years old

  3. Samantha Banks says

    Why did Victorious have to end?I am soooo upset that Victorious ended :-( .Did It Really Have to end .I really hope it will be back.

  4. Brooke Fritzley says

    Im sad that the show ended. But Elizabeth And Ariana are like legions to Me and all i am is a seventh grader. I am A good singer and try really hard. I had and still have your songs to sing and i will never forget you guys. Even if one day we get to sing together on stage with you two amazing voices. That reminds me since sam and cat is now on will cat be doing any singing in the show. If not that would be a nice touch.

  5. says

    okay noooo i will not execpt this kind of behavior mr and mrs

    anyway heres a message to victorious i love u guys and go back on victorious i agree with candie all shows suck now like marvin marvin and stuff on nickelodeon the only show after these episodes i guess ill go watch disney channel okay victorious and icarly is what made nickelodeon famous okay everybody say “I’ if u agree with me

  6. says

    I’m so disappointed! First icarly now victorious, two of my kids favorite shows. Now we have stupid shows like marvin-marvin, which is absolutely stupid. I loved victorious n Icarly as much as my kids it was something we could watch together that I also enjoyed. I can understand icarly coming to an end(even though I hated it) more than I can understand Victorious ending. It feels like there was so much left to see from the show like graduation, record deals, one or more getting shows or being in movies, etc. But instead of keeping the greats now we have stupid shows. How to Rock is another I can’t find don’t know when or the time it comes on or did ya’ll cancel it too because if so you just cancelled all the shows worth watching on Nick. So now you can lose all your viewers to Disney. We want more! So when do the new episodes of victorious air? The new show Sam n Cat may be cool n Avan is awesome in his new show Twisted, but we def if your gonna give us a few more episodes give us a great out with a bang kind of finale. But as a mom, I am so disappointed! One more thing to add cast being 19 and they looked to old is crap b/c theylooked just fine and age appropriate to me. but thankyou nick for cancelling all your good shows good luck with keeping viewers.

  7. maria Hussain says

    Wait tons of people are saying it’s Victorias fault or arianas, it doesn’t really matter who’s fault it is. I’m not sure if the feud between them has stopped but if it hasn’t they should know that they are losing millions of fans because of this and their fans are turning on to each other and arguing. It doesn’t matter who’s fault it was but they should remember how fun it was to do victorious and how meaningful it was to them and everyone, if they just start fighting like this it just ruins so many lives for some people. I am a huge fan of victorious and they should realize it was both of their, because firstly ariana said to a fan it was because someone wanted to go on tour alone. Sure everyone can say what they want but she should have fully explained why she said that and for Victoria she found it hurtful and she should have just politely told ariana this was not the case. Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice if you are reading this please stop this.

  8. anonymous says

    It eas cancelled because victoria didnt want to go on tour with the whole cast.does anyone remember the twitter argument between ariana and victoria?

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