Victorious: Stars React to Cancellation

Victorious TV series cancelledYesterday, we reported that Victorious had been cancelled by Nickelodean. Though there won’t be a fourth season, there are still 15 new episodes to come. They’ll be released this fall, bringing the TV show’s total to 60 episodes.

Fans were understandably upset by the news and the stars had their own reactions and messages for viewers via Twitter.

Leon Thomas III responded to messages from fans by writing, “Hey I see you guys, but we still have a lot of episodes for you to watch and I have some really exciting news to share. So stay tuned!”

Of the news, Matt Bennett simply noted, “It’s true.” Victoria Justice responded to the news this way, “3 Emmy nominations is not a bad send off… #GoingOutOnTop #LoveUguys :{)”

Elizabeth Gillies wrote, “For those of you who are just hearing the news, please don’t be upset. All good things must come to an end, and Victorious is no exception. Don’t be afraid that we’re all going to drop off the face of the earth, because we’re not. It might be the end of an era, but it’s the start of many new chapters for all of us. Also, remember, there’s still an ENTIRE new season that still hasn’t aired. There are many new, amazing episodes coming your way. Victorious has been an incredible, life-changing journey for all of us, and you guys have been there supporting us every step of the way. The real thank you goes out to YOU guys for being so devoted to the show. For watching all of our episodes, creating awesome websites for all of us, making those amazing fan videos on YouTube (that you know we all watch), coming to all of our concerts, writing us letters, tweeting us about how much you love the show…we seriously have the best fans ever. You guys are the real reason why Victorious has made the impact that it has, and seeing your response to the news just affirmed how dedicated you all are to our show, which means more to us than you could ever know. So, please don’t be upset. As Mikey said, ‘Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.’ Oh, and get ready for the new season of Victorious… because it’s AWESOME.”

Avan Tudor Jogia was “in full agreement” with Gillies’ comments and also wrote, “Thank you guys for all your support over the years, it’s been a great run. 3 Emmy nom’s and a KCA… modestly #GoingOutOnTop. #Victorious”

And finally, Ariana Grande wrote “Devastated and heartbroken at the news that Victorious won’t be renewed, but so thankful for this experience and the friendships I’ve made. Also, I’ve been seeing lots of tweets about the Sam & Cat show… Victorious not being renewed has NOTHING 2 do with Sam & Cat. I was planning on going back next year to shoot both shows. I was so excited! I love my Victorious castmates so much and would do anything to do more seasons. If the network wants more Victorious episodes, I will be in every one they’ll let me! So I really hope u’ll please understand that.. and please b excited because there’s still an entire season of Victorious that has yet 2 air!”

What do you think about the cancellation? What would you like to tell the cast and crew?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    I am sorry to admit, I’m not a fan of Nickelodeon tv shows because I’m
    past the age of their target audience. Let me try to put this in a grown
    adult’s point of view which may help you understand. I think Victorious
    was canceled because the cast was getting older, scripted in
    the same class room every season. Maybe Nick felt their
    audience just didn’t buy it anymore. Same thing was done with
    popular Nick hit “Ned’s Declassified”.

  2. BelleReeseDacua says

    I am very sad that my favorite T.V show is ending,But i totally understand you guys,I am just sad that I will never see you together acting or whatever and because of you ariana ,victoria and elizabeth i got interested in music.Ariana your role Caterina V

  3. Eletrickkid says

    This isn’t right! Hasn’t television lost enough of the great shows it once had? Victorious was one of the greatest live action shows I’ve ever seen, it’s really so sad that it’s over. I mean how could they do this with all the fans, I mean there are pages and pages and pages of FanFiction for this show! But yeah all good things must end at some time (even if this one was a little premature to end) and hey we’ll always have the memories…oh and fan content of course. Well when it’s over next season goodbye Victorious, because they show really was…and I know this is cheesy…victorious every episode

  4. andrew lindhardt says

    i am not happt with my favorite show canceled adam abd i i am mad and i cant you do this I AM 23 YEARS OLD KID

  5. Danyelle says

    I am watching Victoriouse right now it is the blonde squad and I am a blonde with blue eyes haha but I am very sad that this show has to end cause I have been watching this show ever since it started and I have never missed a episode and I also been watching
    Victoria justice ever since zoey 101 then icarly “I fight Shelby marks” and now Victoriouse and I have to say Victoriouse was the best but even if y’all cancel the show I will still remember and love u! And also I love u Leon Thomas and Beck and Matt! Haha and of course I love the beautiful arina grande, Elizabith, Victoria Justic, Daniella Monet!! And p.s I don’t know if y’all r reading this but Daniella, my we have the same name:) love u all and I am following y’all on instagram hehe:)

  6. Sophie says

    This is my favorite how ever and I’m so angry and sad that it has to end. I just want to tell Ariana, Victoria, Avan, Liz, Leon, and Matt that you guys rock and I hope you get to do new things with your amazing talents. I love you all and wish you the best! Victorious really got me more interested in singing than ever before and I will always remember it as the greatest music show of all time. 😉 lots of love!

  7. Rick says

    While i am a parent of a 13 and 10 year old and obviously not a kid, the show was very well done and a treat to watch with my kids. Most shows on the air i don’t let my kds watch because of the way they are written and acted. They seemed to be written at an elementary school level, while the kids who them are into their teens. It’s unfortunate that my kids, and myself won’t have this show to watch.

  8. Nicole says

    It sucks you guys have to end it, i was a really big fan of your show, you guys are super funny! it inspired me to try acting, but if i do i dont want my show canceled :/

  9. w episodes keep dt u all love and i will stay being ur fan i love u all says

    Im upset that victorious isn’t airing anymore Victorious is one of my favorite shows i love the show such talented people thaxz 4 putting on such a great even keep my little 3 year old brother entertained we wud sing the theme song together but i am excited to c the new episodes everyone keep doing wat u love and ull go far Victoria im going 2 ur concert in Allentown so i will still get 2 c u perform in a way.i drew a pic of u Victoria i love u all keep doing wat u love and I’ll keep being ur fan PS my name is said day- jour
    Love your fan DeJour

  10. anonymous says

    really sad victorious is over and I just wished that the show could continue, but I guess things are constantly changing. Victorious is one of my favorite shows and it depicts everyday life of teenagers. Thanks for an awesome season to all the cast members of Victorious, including Victoria Justice.

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