Wednesday Ratings: Survivor, Motive, Revolution, The 100, American Idol

Revolution series finaleWednesday, May 21, 2014 ratingsNew episodes: Survivor, The Middle, Modern Family, Mixology, Motive, The 100, Revolution, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Chicago PD, and American Idol. Reruns: The 100.

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  1. If It's Fake Why Call It a Reality Show says

    @Rick, It sounds like you are attempting to audition for the show instead of actually comment about it, so go to a casting for the show instead of posting your home town and name on a random website, because you will find that to be much safer to your credit and identity. I can’t see why they would not consider you, but then again I don’t watch “reality” shows.

    I loved watching Revolution, but was only able to watch it On Demand several days after it aired. The Blacklist is a show I would not miss watching during that time slot. They need to take more things into consideration when deciding to keep or cancel a television show. None of the On Demand views are calculated unless they occur the same night the show aired, but most of us are not going to stay up until midnight to watch an additional show. The people recording the episodes are only counted if they watch the episode the night it airs. That defeats the purpose and flexibility of recording a show to watch later. The rating system needs to catch up to technology in order to get a real picture of viewership.

  2. eddie says

    I am in UK, turned on to watch Revolution to find its the last one ever. Don’t the makers consider that other countries buy these shows so take that into consideration when cancelling shows. That’s Saturday night ruined.

  3. Grandizer says

    Survivor trounces new comedies and other shows that are low rated and people complain. That is the mantra that has been a staple of these types of sites for ages.
    You think because you don’t like a show / a genre / a series, then of course you are right and the other 10 million people who are watching that show are obviously wrong.
    Hahaha. Sorry, but blame the writers of your show that are only pulling in 2 million viewers a week, blame the network for putting your new show, untested against a show that has been on for MORE THEN 10 YEARS and consistently hitting 8 Million + viewers each episode.
    Are there shows that I do not like? Of course, Never watched a single episode of DWTS, Bachellor/ette, The Voice or American Idol, and many more. But those shows pull in the ratings, and as long as they do, the network would be cutting their throat to get rid of them. I don’t complain, or I did when a few of those shows would run over and the show I recorded was then cut off for the last few minutes because of that. I change the channel, I Tivo shows I always wanted to watch in the past, but never did because then my dvr was crappy and could only hold 10-15 hrs of high res programming. Now my Tivo is filling up with Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother, so I can watch those shows from beginning to end. And I did the same with Big Bang Theory and the first 8 seasons of 2 and a Half Men, watched some of the Kutcher season he started and was still too full of Charlie to give him a chance. SO ina year or so I will try again.

    • Rose says

      I agree with those that still watch & love Survivor… I’ve also watched since Richard Hatch won in season one. And yes, some seasons were a lot better than others and I can’t stand it when there is a really nasty villain. That seems soooo unnecessary and have also been very disappointed with who the winner was quite a few times. But I also love The Amazing Race… a more high class type of competition show, villains and all.
      We’re also looking forward to a new season of So You Think You Can Dance… I’m 65 and those kids are amazing!
      Sorry about Revolution, my husband loved it… I stopped watching after a few shows last season… it got weird for me. But I do agree… there should always be closure!!!!

  4. Jessica says

    I’m 36 years old and I’m getting really sick and tired of Reality TV taking priority over actual comedies. I will never watch Dancing with the Stars, Bachelor/Bachelorette, Survivor, American Idol or any of those shows. It’s really sad when this is considered prime entertainment. It’s just a bunch of crap to me.

    Many of the comedies I like were cancelled this year, some of them not even lasting an entire season (Surviving Jack, Friends With Better Lives). They showed a lot of promise, too. I’m ready to give up TV and join the masses who are watching nothing but “internet TV.”

    • Amy says

      I loathe reality shows. I understand I am not in that coveted demographic, as I will 50 in less than 3 weeks, but geez enough already with the reality crap stuff!

  5. Betsy Hunnicutt says

    The first new show that has come around in a while to show some promise was “Revolution” and it was cancelled.

    I am so sick of all the “reality” shows. I watched “Survivor” for years until now. I found that I liked “Revolution” better.

    Who decides who gets into the Nielsen ratings because I am 65 years old and don’t know of anyone who has participated in them. I don’t call that the average American family.

    • Amy says

      I hate the reality shows, and never watched Survivor. I did really enjoy Revolution, and am sad to see it go. I will be 50 in June, and I have never known anyone that participated in the Nielsen ratings. Oh, and Betsy, my Mom died 2 weeks ago and her last name was Hunnicutt, just thought I should share that cool tidbit because I have never known anyone outside of family with that name. Cheers!

  6. Why Watch says

    The writers should have known Revolution would stop revolving. It was written in the ratings. The writers could have written some closure for the few remaining fans, but left room in the event a miraculous renewal occured. I stopped watching very early in season 2.

  7. dji says

    revolution………….i was so disappointed in the ending. this is what happens when you don’t tell the writers it’s a series finale. i hate endeings like that

    • William A Thorman Jr says

      I couldn’t agree more with you… As I stated in an earlier posting when I discovered Revolution was being cancelled, the network doesn’t really concern itself with the active viewers.. The ratings may have been a bit low but many series have done that and survived to build a strong viewership. NCIS on another network is a good example of that with it actually being on the chopping block in its first season but given one more chance and now it leads its timeslot and spawned a few spin offs.. The ending of this show was very unsatisfying. The writers weren’t given a fair chance to wrap up the many threads.. I still wonder why the networks don’t have better foresight. The least they could have done was to produce a few more episodes to complete the story properly. I will miss this series.

      • dji says

        they really kinda knew it was going to get canceled. the ratings were low all year. they should have told the writers it faced cancellation. then they could have come up with something. but they waited till the bitter end to cancel it.

    • Donna says

      I couldn’t believe the horrible finale ending myself. Another ending that leaves you hanging in the balance.

  8. says

    SURVIVOR,-Lottery of Game shows
    If it wasn’t for this show things would be boring, I have watched it since day 1. I dream of the chance to be on it,knowing quite well I’ll never get the chance . Its the type of show I feel I’d be very competitive doing. Can I lie sure, can I cheat hasn’t been hard to do so ,so far, would I go as far as lie on a grave of a departed love one, its all about the money. Physically I’m ready, emotionally yes, are all my personally thing in order yes, Passport in hand yup …can I make fire -oh yeah! But at 60 CBS only wants types, I’m not the type to bad age holds me back I have never quit or given up the opportunity to try anything and I have accomplish many things ,but will I get a shot not really did I send my 2 minute tape yes, application’s many… CBS Thank you this show- I guess Ill dream on..
    Rick Wilson
    El Cajon, Ca.

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