Round Three: What Top TV Show Should Be Cancelled?

Randy Jackson and Chris HarrisonHave you had enough of Ryan Seacrest, Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi, and Simon Cowell? Or, how about Chris Harrison and his long-stemmed roses? Well, this is your chance to have your say.

In round one of the game, we asked you to vote for the popular and/or long-running TV show that you would like to see cancelled. With more than 40 TV shows on the list, you narrowed the contenders down to six — American Idol, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, CSI: Miami, Heroes, Survivor, and The Vampire Diaries.

The “favorites” in this round of the game were clear, though the order was a little surprising. In the first round, American Idol was the big winner.

Round Three: Which show would you love to see cancelled?

  • The Bachelor/Bachelorette (66%)
  • American Idol (34%)

Total Votes: 1,227

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In the second round, 1,500 people voted and The Bachelor and Bachelorette received the most. Which one is truly the most-hated? Well, it’s up to you to decide here, in round three.

Remember, you can vote only once so choose carefully. Which show deserves the title of “Most Hated, Popular Show on Television.”

Vote and then be sure to comment below. Were you a fan of one of these shows in the past? If so, why did you stop watching?

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  1. Ruth says

    I would like to see shows like Three Rivers,Life,Southland and Trauma kept on and get rid of The bachelor,The bachelorette,Survivor.The Amazing race and all the other reality shows that are nothing like real life

  2. Mary Sagor says

    So, when do we know the results? Or has this all been just a publicity stunt to drum up fan mail?
    I care about 2 shows listed: American Idol and Castle. I don’t watch any of the others and (beyond 5-10 minutes to decide I wouldn’t again) I don’t care who goes or stays. I would like to see more shows with actual content, but as long as I can see these two, I don’t care. There are at least 300 other channels in my programming package with AT&T so I am never at a loss for something to watch. If you want to keep your viewers, you need to consider how many choices there are for each time slot and give us the best choice, which includes an intriguing story line, good dialogue, better characters, and actors with excellent chemistry/ EXAMPLES: Bones, Burn Notice, House, The Mentalist, Lie To Me, Saving Grace and The Closer, in no particular order. CASTLE meets these qualifications. In the area of “reality shows” there should be a competition of SKILLS and TALENT judged on their own merits, by judges who are experts in their field, not by how vicious one competitor can be against the others. This includes Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, The Runway Project, Top Chef and America’s Next Top Model. And it always helps to have interesting competitors for whom we can cheer as they move from week to week. As you can tell, I have eclectic taste in TV shows and no particular loyalty to any one network. I truly do not “need” Castle and Idol…but I would miss them and would have no further incentive to watch this network.

    • says

      @Mary Sagor: The game closes next week. I’m not sure what you’re expecting to happen though. As the description says, it’s a chance for viewers to vote for their least favorite popular or long-running show.

  3. Mark says

    I absolutely despise the bachelor/bachelorette series. I think it’s one of the most unrealistic and redundant shows to ever air, and it should have been cancelled 6 seasons ago. American Idol is a classic, shouldnt go anywhere. People are slightly crazy.

  4. leah805 says

    DO not cancel Vampire Dairies. I love the show. It has a special audiance but those of us who like it are faithful .

  5. amanda says

    I think american idol should be cancelled because it is freakin lame. Its the lamest thing ever I hate it. Now americas best dance crew. That’s entertainment. Best show ever!!!

  6. Me says

    Although American Idol Is Getting Lame And Somewhat Old And Dramatized Those “Fine Me A Mate” Show Are Just Soft Porn Shows And If They Think Those “Contestant”
    As They Call Them , Which I Thought Was Only Used For Game Shows, My Point Exactly, Really Love Them And Not Their Money, Come On Who Is That Dumb….

  7. Suzanne McAnallen says

    I am appalled at the language on Accidentally on Purpose given it’s airing at 8:30.
    I’ve just barely gotten a 6, 8 and 10 year old to bed when this show is talking about getting laid and a woman’s vajj.

  8. Roberta says

    I watched The Bachelor once and didn’t like it and never watched it again. I will watch Idol once the auditions are over but without Simon Cowell I will not watch that either.

    • says

      @Lisa: Sorry about that. We didn’t create our initial list of filtered words and have to keep adding new ones and deleting others that seem like overkill.

  9. Lisa says

    I had to vote for Idol but only because it takes up too much television real estate. It seems like it’s on every night and sometimes pre-empts other shows. It reminds me of the Gong Show, and I don’t know how or why some people subject themselves to the harsh criticisms they do, or why others are obsessed with watching it. Mean people being mean to people. Don’t we get enough of that in the news? The Bachelor is garbage but it’s only on once a week and it’s some guy with a bunch of ******, desperate to be on a reality show women making out and interviews with everybody every five minutes. I think I prefer the interviews on Pawn Stars better, at least their talking about stuff that matters.

    • Mary Sagor says

      The contestants on American Idol are eager t ohave a career in the recording industry. Idol gives them the opportunity to see if they have the necessary talent. Some of them are truly talented (Carrie Underwood) but would not have come to the public’s attention without the show. Some of these “singers” have no talent whatsoever but still want the chance and need to be told the truth. Simon Cowell may be very harsh, but sometimes it is necessary, either as motivation or as a kindness to make them see they need to be realistic about what to do with their lives. Again, it goes to allowing people to express their own talent rather than simply backbiting the other contestants. People know what they might encounter with Simon, but take the risk because of the potential for an extraordinary future. I love that they are actually given the chance to compete based on their own skills. It is a very entertaining show and has allowed unknowns to make it to the spotlight. (Jennifer Hudson!)

    • Mary Sagor says

      If you want to see a realistic dating show, try the Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. There are two new men in each episode, they are coached and taught how to be a good match for the right girl. There is a “mixer” of carefully selected women chosen from a group of women clients of Patti Stanger, who is a 3rd-generation professional Matchmaker. Each man chooses two women to date. Ms. Stanger tolerates no nonsense from “her millionaires” or the women she selects for them. Sometimes the matches work and sometimes she has to find another, but each match does have a real outcome for each couple at the end of the show. The ridiculous behavior of the contestants on The Bachelor of getting into “girl fights” and tackiness toward each other is just too juvenile for words!

  10. deidre says

    i really wish this poll in round one had one tree hill on it. it’s a stupid show. sorry you fans who like but it sucks to me

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