Without a Trace: CBS Cancels FBI Show, No Season Eight

Without a TraceCall the FBI. There’s another victim of the cancellation axe over at CBS. The network has cancelled long-running crime drama Without a Trace.

First airing in 2002, Without a Trace follows an FBI team that’s tasked with finding missing persons. Each episode follows the search of an individual and tracks the time that they’ve been missing. The series stars Anthony LaPaglia, Poppy Montgomery, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Enrique Murciano, Roselyn Sanchez, and Eric Close.

The series averaged 15.09 million viewers in its first year on the air and grew to a high of 18.68 million for season three. The show’s ratings have declined over the years and season seven has fallen to about 12.2 million. Like many shows on CBS, the drama tends to skew older.

As part of cost-cutting efforts, CBS put Without a Trace and Cold Case on the bubble this time around. Both Jerry Bruckheimer series have become expensive over the years and the network insisted on cuts in salaries and production costs. Both have had an upsurge in the ratings lately but CBS was leaning towards renewing Cold Case.

And then, Cold Case was renewed for season seven at the beginning of this week. As of Sunday, it was looking possible that Without a Trace could still return for a midseason run but the network has now decided against it. Costs and an abundance of new and cheaper shows are contributing factors.

Coincidentally, the series finale of Without a Trace airs tonight. The episode is called “Undertow” and revolves around a man who disappears after a late night dive. Oscar winner Martin Landau (Mission Impossible) guest stars as the father of Jack (LaPaglia) and Danny (Murciano) and Elena (Sanchez) take their relationship to another level.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Linda Hawkins says

    I just got online to check to see when the new season starts for Without a Trace.
    imagine my surprise when I just discover this GREAT show had been cancelled !!!
    I’m heartsick. I have to admit with my work hours i didn’t get to watch the shows at the regular times. I got hooked on this show that is featured on Ion . got so hooked on this show that I got a DVR so I could record all the shows. you know you have really made a bad decision on this matter. I’m of the opinion that i will not watch any of your new shows as I don’t want to look forward to a favorite show and then have it taken away from CBS. It seems with all the different shows on cable T.V. you’d be proud to have a show on the air that people turned their T.V’s on to your station or got a DVR to be sure they didn’t miss it !!!!! Regardless.

  2. says

    Bring it back !!!! with economy so awful, entertainment is about it, it was a great show and the actors were tremendous and series was not closed off property, how sad, get someone in there that knows what the public wants !!!

  3. MJ says

    So STUPID!!! Can’t believe this series was canceled. Not only was it canceled but there was no ending to finish it out. I hate networks that end a LONG running series poorly, So poorly that that it doesn’t “close out” the series in a proper way. I mean comeon. Even if they had to air1 to 3 episodes to do it right would have been better than just cutting it off without leaving it “hanging”

  4. Dee says

    I don’t understand why my favorite shows are cancelled. Seemingly, on the CBS station. As w/a previous commentor, “YOU ARE BEING PENNY WISE, BUT POUND FOOLISH!”

  5. .Pat Holler Holler says

    I really liked this show too –Without a Trace. Cold Case is my favorite but this is good too. Glad the CSI shows are still on.
    I don’t really know how the ratings are taken. I also didn’t know that comments could be made like this till I decided to see what I could find out about Cold Case being continued.

  6. Susan Schulze says

    I just recently started watching older episodes and I was hooked immediatly!
    I have set my DVR to record all of them. I have found that I am ONLY watching the ones I have taped. I was concerned that I didn’t have the DVR set for the right airdate date for the new season and today I found out that it is no longer on. I loved the characters each and everyone. I was never bored and I loved the way the characters showed their peronal sides. I am very sorry that this show was cancelled. It is frustrating to find shows that are not corny and I and my family are very disappointed that CBS chose to let it go.

  7. Myra Preyer says

    I had No idea without a trace was being cancelled, i guess i was so inyo it, it was a great show and i myself relly enjoyed it and another good thing about it, it aired people missing and maybe if the show continued we would be able to find a lot of missing people, i think this was a bad decision, i don’t just watch anything a network puts out just because it cost to much money to run a show, i mayself if it is not a good show like (Without a trace) i will not watch it and i’m sure its not just me that thinks this way about the show . Please try to bring it back, i thought it could save lives.

    Myra Preyer

  8. Jennifer says


    I don’t understand why all my favorite shows and favorite new shows are being cancelled. And all seem to be on the CBS station. When all the new shows start this season, I will NOT be watching any that CBS puts out as all the ones I get interested in get cancelled. If they make it to the 2 or 3 season, then I will consider playing catch up with the series. But until then, I have had it with CBS!

  9. Lorraine says

    So so many people hated that the show was cancelled and so many want it back. Why don’t they wise up?? Bring back Without a Trace (with the usual cast)

  10. Helen says

    CBS, please don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Please reconsider and reverse your decision to cancel Without a Trace.

  11. C Precht says

    Is the network loosing there mind. Why? Both are fantasic shows with a lot of talented people. GET SOME BRAINS TV NETWORK !!!!!!!!!!!!
    And another thing why both !

  12. Ronald Tinkler says

    You have made a tremendous error. First, you did not close out the series properly and that would have made sense. It was a tremendous show and you will regret not bringing it back. I can guarantee it will be a hit again with some new topics. Try it. I know you do not think I am an expert, however, some other channels have followed my advice and it worked out. Call me and let me discuss some ideas. I guarantee it will be worth your effort. If you would like me to write a show or some potent ideas, I have 5 college degrees and am a very innovative, creative, and highly articulate. Give it a shot. Show some stones. You are being too conservative, like the other, it will not even be going out on a limb. You will see I will be: let alone available asset, I will improve your ratings across the boards.Check me out. I have a 176 IQ not that it is a know all do all but it gives some data that would prove to be most useful. Go outside the box. The show had a tweak on it that no other show had and you, yourself know how good the cast was and is. I make excellent money doing things I do, but have now the availability to assist your team. Let me do it on a trial basis. What is the worst that could happen! You are consistently used to heat, well let me assist. and teach you things you do not know. I hope I have entice you enough to let your fingers do the walking. It is up to you now. Make the rght choice and talking to me will not be a waste of time, I will give you at least 1 definitely one viable idea.


    Talented individual:

    Ronald H. Tinkler

  13. K. Precht says

    Family favorites have been cancelled. Without a Trace and Cold Case have been cancelled what is left. Oh.. reality shows. No Thanks!
    Why are the good show being cancelled and the worthless shows staying on.

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