Wizards of Waverly Place

wizards of waverly place TV showNetwork: Disney Channel
Episodes: 106 (half-hour)
Seasons: Four

TV show dates: October 12, 2007 — January 6, 2012
Series status: Ended

Performers include: Selena Gomez, David Henrie, Jake T. Austin, Maria Canals-Barrera, David DeLuise, Jennifer Stone, Dan Benson, and Bill Chott.

TV show description:      
This live-action show focuses on an unusual family. The mother is mortal while the father is a former wizard and their three kids all have magical abilities. The parents don’t allow their offspring to use magic without supervision, and only one will be able to keep their magic abilities once they become adults, as determined by a magic competition.

Alex Russo (Selena Gomez) is 14 and the middle child. Her motto is to ‘cast magic first, ask questions later,’ which is very much against her parents’ wishes. Like many girls her age, she’s stylish and savvy. Alex appreciates being different and wants to live life on her own, instead of following the pack. Her best friend, Harper (Jennifer Stone), is a real individual and makes her own uniquely-styled clothes. She doesn’t know that her friend and her family have magical powers, and has a crush on Justin, Alex’s older brother.

At 16-years-old, Justin (David Henrie) is the oldest of the Russo kids. He’s a good student, whether he’s learning magic or studying his schoolwork. Being the oldest, he’s also saddled with more responsibility, and often has to help fix his siblings’ magical mistakes. Younger brother Max (Jake T. Austin) is a 12-year-old practical joker. When he’s not out causing trouble, he likes to concoct crazy sandwiches.

Jerry (David DeLuise) is the Russo dad and teaches his children magic in Wizard Training Class. He teaches them how to conduct a spell and use magical objects. Jerry had powers when he was a kid, but chose to give them up in order to marry a mortal, Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera).

Theresa is a proud Mexican-American who makes sure the kids know about their Latino heritage. Together, Jerry and Theresa run the Waverly Sub Station sandwich store and try to keep their kids out of trouble.

Series Finale:     
Episode 106 — Who Will Be the Family Wizard?
During a dinner that Alex made for the family, Professor Crumbs visits to reveal that, with this selfless act, the Russo children can finally have their family wizard competition.

Round one of the competition is a trivia round, in which questions related to magic are asked. During this round, Harper and Zeke appear. Zeke has accidentally smelled a purple substance in the lair that caused him to turn purple. This causes a griffin to kidnap him and Harper. Alex, Justin and Max use their three time-outs to go and rescue their friends. They return and discover that they have been gone too long and have been disqualified from the competition.

They return home, the lair disappears they all lose their magic and all become mortal. Justin and Max are upset with Alex because her insistence on saving Zeke and Harper made them lose.

Convinced that losing their powers has ruined the family, Jerry decides to sell the sub shop. The kids slowly regain their trust in each other and they run the shop as a team.

They’re abruptly returned to the Wizard Competition area and are told that the griffin attack (which was actually meant for Professor Crumbs) and the weeks without magic were to test their family bond.

The kids enter the final round of the competition — a massive labyrinth. The first one through the maze will win. Justin emerges first and is declared the Family Wizard.

However, he decides he can’t accept the win because Alex should have won. He’d been trapped by magical vines and Alex came back to help to help him. Alex is then declared the true Family Wizard.

Professor Crumbs, proud of Justin’s integrity, announces that he is going to retire as Headmaster of Wiz-Tech and names Justin as the new headmaster, granting him full wizard powers.

Max is the only Russo child left without powers so Jerry decides to one day pass down the sub shop to him and Max happily accepts. The episode ends with the Russo family hugging and gathering together. Alex notes that they are all finally happy at the same time.
First aired: January 6, 2012.


Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    selena gomea love you thougj i have a big crush on david henrie max is@so grosse jenifer is weird though her clothes are faboulous season finale looks so interesting i am a big fan of wizard if waverly place

  2. says

    dear web site , hi my name is david conway , and my comment to the pepole here how do you feel just to have alyson stoner just to play the new alex russo just in the spin off tv series of wizards of waverly place tv series just by replacing selena marie gomez just as the new alex russo , love david b conway

  3. Lisa says

    im so glad im not the only grown adult that loves the show! (im 36) i have no kids, so i watch it on my own.. i think it is a great escape from the adult world for a half an hour. and yes, just to comment on some other earlier posts, i wish they would bring back reruns of So Weird..it was my favorite show back then

  4. Slim says

    Well I am 55 and watch the show with my grandkids, and love every min. of it I laugh just as hard as the grandkids. Really their is no target audience , or age group for this show and this is from some of my friends in my age group 8 friends that I have talked to that watch the show with their children or grandkids like myself. I’v read the list of some of the new disney shows that will be coming out after they take H.M.,WOWP, and SLOD off of disney and I can see that I will have to either buy rerun tapes of disney program that has been cancelled or try to get the grandkids to start watching more of NIK, such as ICARLY and Victorious, I don’t see disney new shows as going anyplace with the audience.

  5. says

    dear tv series finale web site , hi my name is david b conway just from the before , and my comments today is that i just read my last post here i just what do,nt what selena gomez just to be hurt from that post i said that only because of it and how ca,nt they just by walt disney company volding it not to have season 5 just when the fall season starts early next year walt disney company i thought the locial networks starts to talk about the fall season just around the 2 month of april or may , and by the time of the season 4 stops and to end it will be it will at the same month of october 15th 2011 and just with selena gomez whats to leave her tv series just around the month of spring season and how can that help her just the tv series season 4 may i ask , and selena gomez is the one is going to cancelled her self out just before they start season 4 just for next year , and can some one tell me whats wrong just with this concept here may i ask again , i just feel that both of them just by selena gomez and walt disney company i just do,nt carless about having season 4 and whats there problem i just what some reason thank you every munch please web site just between selena gomez and by walt disney company , and thank you for your time here / and selena gomez acting a lttle bit strange about this as welll and whats going on just with her as well may i ask as well again , love david b conway

  6. says

    dear tv series finale web site , hi my name is david b conway and my comments to fans and to selena gomez , just after i herd about season 4 i just do,nt what to hurt her but i think i am not going to watch season 4 at all and why bother to have season 4 , just because of one reason and that is every one will be talking just about season 4 and it might hurt your fans and your role models and your public selena gomez , just because you do,nt care why bother you have to come back for selena gomez and walt disney company just to have season 4 / just to begining with , are you forgetting about the repeats and reruns are you going to do just to cancell that to not us to watch them selena gomez just untill 2012 , you are the one is to compalnting just about this will be the last season i do,nt see you tring to saving it selena gomez and you and walt disney company is the worst pepole just do,nt care , and what are you going to do just when season 5 does come up next year and my last question you did not know just the about the the tv series of suite life on deck that will be also cancelled right after yours selena gomez , and i just do,nt careless just if no one is not reading this post , and the disney channel will be doom just without nothing to watch and i like to blame this on walt disney company and to selena gomez just for acting just like this , love david b conway

  7. val says

    And I definately agree with Trista that they should have brought back “So Weird,” i love that show!

  8. val says

    I’m 23 with 2 kids and i love watching this show with them, I hope it doesn’t get canceled. Although I do understand Selena Gomez wanting to grow out of the Disney stage, she’s quite the singer. Maybe singing could be her new thing :)

  9. John says

    Please DON’T END THE SHOW. I mean I love your show very much. I hope IT WOULD BE A LIFE TIME SHOW because every family learn something that can apply in their lives. It is also an inspiration of all ages. And why is it that their new season, season 3 hasn’t appeared yet in the Philippines. By the way, I’m from the Philippines. I’m a PINOY and I’m proud of it!

  10. Jessari says

    Actually, the show can continue even after the movie (there is a point). The movie had absolutely nothing to do with the show. It just had the same characters and basic story of them being wizards. People could watch the movie and understand it even if they have never watched the show and vice versa. Target audience has not been passed either, anyone can watch this show, young or old and learn something. I hope this show remains for a long time to come and the people who bash on it need to find something better to do with their time. If you don’t like it go read about a show you do. Bashing on something you CHOOSE to read is STUPID and IMMATURE!

  11. Trista says

    I am almost 20 and I love this show. I really hope it doesn’t get cancelled only because it is one of the better shows on Disney these days. Hannah Montana should have ended before it began, and they should have brought back reruns of “So Weird” instead. Hannah Montana wasn’t bad, but Miley Cyrus is a S-L-U-T. At least Selena Gomez provides a better role model than Miley.

  12. President of The USA says

    It is time to cancel this kiddie show… it has passed its target audience age group quite some time ago … there is no point for another season after the family movie came out.
    Dust to dust.

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