Wonder Woman: First Look at Adrianne Palicki in Costume

new Wonder WomanWarner Bros. and DC Comics have released the first photo of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman. The pilot for a new Wonder Woman TV series is being made for NBC and is being executive produced by David E. Kelley.

Palicki stars as the title character with Tracie Thomas playing alter-ego Diana’s assistant, Etta. Elizabeth Hurley will guest as villain Veronica Cale. Others in the cast include Cary Elwes and Pablo Pascal.

The pilot is currently being shot in Los Angeles and production will continue at least through the end of the month. Once the network sees the pilot, execs will decide whether to move ahead with it as a series. Unless it’s a disaster, it’s hard to imagine that the ratings-challenged network would pass on a project that’s getting so much early interest.

new Wonder Woman

What do you think? Do you like the new costume? Are you disappointed that it’s not the traditional outfit? Could that one work today?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    Do not like the outfit at all!! At least use the “classic” outfit !! And maybe the series will not get cancelled !!!

  2. says

    I have always been a big fan of the wonder woman tv series, and I think it will be really hard to fill the shoes of the former wonder woman. However, Adrianne is a lovely woman, and will probably make a good wonder woman, but I think that the costume she is featured in looks a little bit like she is going to a neighborhood Halloween party and not like she is ready to fight crime on the streets. It really looks like it came from a party store, sorry, I tried to like the outfit, but I don’t feel that it’s working for her. I agree, she definately needs the red and white boots and the look of gold used in the original outfit, and I am not sure why the original outfit would not work, it seems to work on the current comic tv series, the only difference I see is in the coloring of the outfit, it’s a little darker.

  3. Leslie says

    The reason people are interested is because of the comic version. This version is AWFUL. Wonder Woman is NOT a modern person. This stuff looks ‘mod’ whereas WW is traditional…slave bracelets to remind the amazons never to be slaves to men, she’s from an island where they still wear ancient Greek garb. METAL, not plastic. Flesh, not skin-tight pants. This costume makes it looks like the bracelets were a fashion statement, not a warning…they are too long and shiny. PLEASE have a fan review it…you guys are way off. If this is what I have to go on, I’ll probably not watch it once, and I usually give new shows 3 episodes to prove themselves.

  4. says

    People should vote for themselves. So far looks like about 75% of people prefer the original new outfit. You decide. I created a poll, so click my link to vote.

  5. tk says

    OMG! this is aweful! look at those flimsy wimsy boots! Can you at least get them to fit?
    Also, she looks like she has a droopy crotch! And, the tiara – what is that? She seems so plastic-ky! I think her costume needs some fabric. Can she even move in those plastic leggings?

  6. Lifelong WW Fan says

    WW’s RED boots are a must! I like that you’ve tried to provide more coverage with the pants, rather than the previous and unattractive blue bloomers. I can appreciate that its tough to make blue pants work with red and white boots. Maybe she could wear short spandex, akin to what volleyball players wear? I don’t know what the solution is, but you need to keep the red boots!
    Also, I agree with some of the other reviewers that there’s too much boobage showing here. Any athletic woman (many fans are) knows that you can’t run, jump, spin, roll, or lasso bad guys in an outfit like that without falling out of your top. I’m sure you want to show some cleavage to sell the show to the male viewers, but be realistic. Wonder Woman is sexy, but she’s not a porn queen and shouldn’t look like one.
    Re: the embellishments, I like the new wrist-band design, but think you should stick with gold. Also, I always thought it was cool how the “WW” was incorporated in to the chest-plate design. It would be sad to lose that (although, your new embellishments are nice-looking).
    Thanks for listening to your fans!

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