Wonder Woman: NBC Orders New TV Series Pilot

Wonder WomanAfter it was reported that all of the networks had turned down David E. Kelley’s script for a new Wonder Woman pilot, the prolific producer/writer said that he believed the show would eventually find a home. Kelley noted, “I had a lot of fun writing it… It’s a huge project, and it was probably a bit too much to ask anyone to try to chew on it for next season. But I’m confident it will still happen. It’s a very complicated piece, which is the most fun thing about it.”

NBC was said to be interested in the project but there were changes going on in the executive offices so no one could commit to such an expensive venture. Now that Bob Greenblatt is in place as the new entertainment president, the peacock network has given it a go-ahead. The network has ordered a pilot and could potentially order a new series for the 2011-12 season.

Prior to the pickup, Kelley said that he felt that NBC would be a “good home for it” because he feels his Wonder Woman pilot is a “smart script” and Greenblatt “responds to smart material.”

No details about Kelley’s script are available but its been labeled a reboot, presumably meaning that it’ll have minimal resemblance to the previous incarnations of the character. Though some may not like the idea of another reboot, Lynda Carter (star of TV’s classic Wonder Woman) believes Kelley’s the man for the job.

What do you think? Who should star as the new Wonder Woman?

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  1. renea says

    i’m so excited about the new wonder woman i have been waiting for years for a new wonder woman tv show. i think that Kyra Zagorsky would be a great wonder woman better than the actress they got the play the part. but still excited about the new show, maybe Kyra Zagorsky will play wonder woman in the movie.

  2. Imortalisle says

    I’m not sure if I want her to stay completely true to the original costume or not, but one thing I am sure about is, that jeans/long pants is not the way to go!!!

  3. geministyle says

    Ok I’ve been a fan of wonder woman the comic book & wonder woman the series since I was a child. Wonder Woman does not have “spaghetti straps” & I think its an awful idea. When characters based on comic book characters stay true to the creation, I think they become more successful. Batman & Superman, don’t run around in jeans & jackets do they? so why should “special treatment” go into Wonder Woman? She wears more than victoria secret & sport illustrated bikini models. I don’t hate the new outfit, but she could definitely use red boots instead of the blue ones. She’s supposed to be a powerful amazon, not an ordinary women who gains super powers

  4. Tabetha says

    I think Adrianne Palicki could make a great Wonder Woman with a little definiton to her muscles but I do not like the costume. Too much blue and the strapless top needs to go along with the shiny material used to make it. At least add some spaghetti straps and do something about her boobs looking like two moons orbiting her chest. This actor cannot be a believable crime fighter if it looks like her assets are going to make a guest appearance at any moment.

    I have been an absolute Wonder Woman fan since Linda Carter agreed to grace the costume and I would absolutely love it if a new show were to succeed. However, please do not try to make this show about a woman dressed in skintight clothing pretending to be a superhero when she is just a sex symbol in costume, which is exactly what she looks like.

    When Linda Carter wore the costume, she made the halter-top and underwear look, seem classy not trashy. Please continue this tradition because Linda Carter not only made Wonder Woman come to life as a superhero she also became a role model that young girls could admire, even to this day. As a child, I learned to believe in myself and follow my dreams because of Linda carter’s portrayal.

    From just the looks of this Adrianne Palicki, I will be watching the season premiere of this TV show with trepidation. I may not speak for everyone but I believe I do speak for some when I say PLEASE modify the costume. In addition, I hope that Linda Carter is on board to do a cameo in some form or fashion, like playing the princesses mom or sister warrior for instance. Thank you.

  5. says

    It’s a great idea, and with the strength of character that many of day’s actresses have shown, a new Wonder Woman is just the things. We hope she will have less restraints than the Linda Carter version of the beloved comic character. I believe Bridget Reagan formerly of Legend of the Seeker would make a perfect Wonder woman. Check out “Her Eyes Are Blues” for more on Bridget.


    Bridget also has a Twitter page.


    She is made for the Wonder Woman role of today!

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