Yes, Dear

Yes DearNetwork: CBS
Episodes: 122 (half-hour)
Seasons: Six

TV show dates: October 2, 2000 — February 16, 2006
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Anthony Clark, Jean Louisa Kelly, Liza Snyder, Mike O’Malley, Billy Gardell, Brian Doyle-Murray, Anthony Bain, Michael Bain, and Joel Homan.

yes, dear past TV show

TV show description:
Yuppy Greg Warner (Anthony Clark) and stay-at-home mom Kim (Jean Louisa Kelly) are succesful and happily raising their children in Southern California.

Their lives radically change when their lazy and easy-going relatives — Kim’s sister Christine (Liza Snyder), her husband Jimmy (Mike O’Malley) and their two sons — move into the Warners’ guest house.

The sitcom’s plots frequently center on the four adults trying to outwit each other or Jimmy’ many outlandish get-rich-quick schemes.

Series Finale:     
Episode 122 – Should I Bring a Jacket?
Discovering that Kim listens to Christine and Jimmy listens to Greg, Greg and Christine become allies to help each other get what they want. Unfortunately, the cohorts have a disagreement and end up using their influence with Kim and Jimmy to annoy each other.

Eventually Greg and Christine come clean and apologize but Jimmy is still mad at Greg. Later that night, Greg is awoken to the sound of Jimmy boarding up the gate between the two houses. Greg tells Jimmy that he’s really helped him enjoy his past six years in Los Angeles and the two reconcile.

Later, Kim and Greg are awoken again by an earthquake. After gathering the family, Kim and Greg find the Hughes at their front door. They ask the Warners if the guest house is still available (likely because their house has collapsed in the quake).
First aired: February 15, 2006.


What happened next?   
No plans for a series revival or reunion have been announced.


Behind the Scenes

It looked like CBS planned to cancel the series after ordering only 13 episodes for season five. But, Yes, Dear performed better than expected so the network ordered 22 episodes for season six. CBS later reduced the order back to 13.
The sitcom’s fifth season finale was preempted in May 2005 and wasn’t aired until the following September, just prior to the start of season six. Another preempted episode from season five wasn’t aired until midway through season six which caused problems with the series’ continuity.
The series was never a big ratings success on its own but performed well sandwiched between popular sitcoms like The King of Queens and Two and a Half Men.
Though the show was likely already headed for cancellation, Yes, Dear came to an end in part because Clark was hired to host the fourth season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing in March 2006.
The last episode of Yes, Dear had already aired by the time the show was cancelled. It didn’t offer any particular closure for the series though the final moments featured a sentimental scene between Greg and Jimmy. The finale was also O’Malley’s directorial debut.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Cynthia says

    I love the TV show Yes Dear. It was a great show. My boyfriend and still watch the re-runs because the show is like no other. The kids were great as well. It was funny that no badly really noticed how many times Logan was changed. It’s the year 2014 now and I’m sure it would be a great come back show, with the kids being older

  2. says

    Please bring back Yes Dear at least for a Proper Ending. This show was great and I believe if you would have placed it in a good spot people would have watched.
    This show was something different than the other and it had a valid point between friends & family. It would be great to catch up with the cast now that their Kids are
    Teenagers. I bet they really could come up with some awesome Episodes and win some
    Awards. If Fox, CBS or NBC is looking for a Family Friendly line up they would hit the Spot with this one again. Hey Family Guy did Okay after they Canceled it! Just My Opinion. Great Actors, Great Show & Great Values.

  3. Karen Dawson says

    I absolutely adore Yes Dear, the writing and chemistry of the actors was perfect. I watch the repeats and still laugh at all of them.

  4. says

    bring back “yes, dear” i love that show. I work too much and have crazy hours and the only time i was able to catch it was when it aired on tbs. thank god for tbs. now im addicted. great cast. should at least ended the show properly. I’m sure a lot of people feel this way. I like it better than king of queens although i used to confuse both shows because of the same time they aired. just the names but not the actual show.

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