Zero Hour: Cancellation Reactions from the Cast

zero hour canceled?As you may have already heard, Zero Hour has been cancelled by ABC after only three episodes. The news doesn’t come as a surprise as the debut represented ABC’s worst scripted premiere in the history of their regular seasons. The numbers for episodes two and three were even worse.

Still, there were at least five million or so people who made a point of watching Zero Hour each week. They’re understandably upset about the cancellation news — as are members of the cast.

Addison Timlin (Rachel): “The end of zerohour brings me great sadness, but every ending is a new beginning and that is always laced with hope. Thank you all, truly.” “What to the world was just 3 episodes was a whole year for us. Truly an honor to know, work with and love you, to everyone on the team. Xo”

Jacinda Barrett (Laila): agreed with Timlin’s second statement and added, “couldn’t have said it better. Xxxx”

Carmen Ejogo (Beck): “In a NY minute everything can change In a NY minute things can get a little strange” “#nomorezerohour I guess that means I can start watching American Idol again. #alwayslookonthebrightsideoflife” “I believe process is often more important than outcome. I had the BEST time making @ZeroHour_ABC with everyone all year, so #noregretsbaby”

Scott Michael Foster (Aaron): “I absolutely loved #ZeroHour and everyone who worked on it. Will miss filming one of the coolest and enjoyable shows I’ve been on.” “To all my wonderful twitter followers, you make the hard part of this job so much easier with your kind words and support. Thank you.”

What do you think? What was your reaction to Zero Hour being cancelled? What did you think of the work of the show’s cast and crew?

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  1. Julie says

    The same thing happened with the River. I really enjoyed this show, and I hope ABC changes their minds and brings this back. Why not move it to a different day/ time slot instead of canning it altogether?

  2. Kathy M says

    I can not believe that ABC would put their reality JOKES on tv over a decent and interesting how such as Zero Hour. I personally can not stand most of the programming trash they air lately. This really was one of the better shows. It had substance and left you with a desire to know what this secret is and how it would all tie together in the end with the clocks and the mystery surrounding them. I absolutely HATE the Bachelor which is the stupidest show with the floozy cast of street trash and their menstrual induced childish behavior, but it lives on. ( Not here though and I would get more enjoyment watching paint dry) Celebrity Wife Swap???Are they friggin kidding??? Scandal???? These shows are so stupid and boring. Not to mention the amount of crap advertising that I actually have to PAY for to watch? Whoever makes these decisions should be fired. Or maybe run for congress. They certainly seem to be qualified when it comes to representing NOBODY.
    What a joke ABC has become. Instead of Wife Swap.. maybe Network Swap.

  3. Marilyn says

    ABC made a big mistake. ABC can’t handle a good show. I hope it’s picked up by SyFy. ABC will be known as Always Bad Choices.

  4. Dot says

    I am so annoyed at ABC for now allowing Zero Hour a chance. Finally a show that had you thinking not a braindead reality show like the Bachelor…

    • Nancy says

      Another show that makes you think bites the dust. Why do I bother to watch ABC any more. I guess the mindless prefer stupid sit coms and reality (not so much) shows.

  5. jason jacobson says

    its an outrage and no its not just ABC its all of them over the years all the networks have sent shows to the graveyard without letting the series run. i am upset i thought it was a awesome series…BRING IT BACK BRING IT BACK BRING IT BACK

  6. john says

    this was starting to get interesting,and then you pull it,get rid of reality t.v.,at least it let you have an imagination about what was going to happen the next week.dissapointed to say the least you coulda gave it the whole season.

  7. Lois says

    Very upset that Zero Hour was cancelled. I loved it!!! and so did my coworkers.
    It was intriguing and very interesting to watch; couldn’t wait for the next episode and then, guess what, ABC cancels it. Just like the Ashley Judd show “Missing.” That was an excellect show, too. Why even bother watching a new show!

  8. Anonymous says

    What is wrong with these people?!?!? Cancelling a show with intrigue and promoting use of brain cells and then to replace it with the likes of “Shark Tank” … one more brainless reality show?

  9. David says

    I don’t know why I do this to myself. I have tried again and again to watch a show on ABC to only have the show cancelled. Zero hour, V, Last resort and that is only the three I can think of right now. You would think they would just put some reruns of something in that time slot and give up on trying to compete with American Idol and Big Bang Theory. I even heard they have or are going to cancel their soap operas ( not that I watch them) that have been on longer than I have been alive. I think ABC is like the scarecrow from the “Wizard of Oz”. (Singing) If they only had a brain.

  10. Hoku says

    I am very upset to learn that Zero Hour has been cancelled! My whole family was looking forward to watching it tonight. We hope ABC lets us watch the remaining episodes online. Come on ABC execs, here’s a chance at redemption.

  11. says

    My wife and I just noticed our DVR had not recorded Zero Hour and after checking discovered it wasn’t even listed! We really started getting into the show and now we find it wasn’t switched for another evening of the week – it was cancelled! Found it hard to accept that ABC broadcast only 3 episodes of its initial 13. As you can see most viewers use their DVRs to record their favorite television shows to fit in with their own lifestyles and don’t necessarily watch the show live as it is broadcast. That makes the Neillsen rating system inaccurate in the real world we live. Whatever happened to “word of mouth”? It is so hard to find original scripted television series. At the very least Zero Hour was full of original twists and turns in a very watchable story line. Kudos to the cast, crew and producers of Zero Hour – all your hard work and professionalism was appreciated. ABC does not work the same way other network television companies do in as much as rebroadcasting their new shows later the same evening or early morning to build up a viewing audience. That would be such a waste of network time? Instead we can always fall back on reality television which to me is the real waste of time and financial resources. Hope Zero Hour is given a fair chance if ABC decides to bring the series back in 2013 summer. Otherwise ABC you have lost us. Transfer Zero Hour to another network instead if that is at all possible. We want to and need to support the performing arts – actors, crew and producers. So many of us are sick of reality television.

    • mary says

      I am highly upset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so dang upset at you for pulling that. You get a decent and great mystery on and you pull it before we can even see how it ends. Damn it anyway. I liked that show a great deal

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