Zero Hour: Cancellation Reactions from the Cast

zero hour canceled?As you may have already heard, Zero Hour has been cancelled by ABC after only three episodes. The news doesn’t come as a surprise as the debut represented ABC’s worst scripted premiere in the history of their regular seasons. The numbers for episodes two and three were even worse.

Still, there were at least five million or so people who made a point of watching Zero Hour each week. They’re understandably upset about the cancellation news — as are members of the cast.

Addison Timlin (Rachel): “The end of zerohour brings me great sadness, but every ending is a new beginning and that is always laced with hope. Thank you all, truly.” “What to the world was just 3 episodes was a whole year for us. Truly an honor to know, work with and love you, to everyone on the team. Xo”

Jacinda Barrett (Laila): agreed with Timlin’s second statement and added, “couldn’t have said it better. Xxxx”

Carmen Ejogo (Beck): “In a NY minute everything can change In a NY minute things can get a little strange” “#nomorezerohour I guess that means I can start watching American Idol again. #alwayslookonthebrightsideoflife” “I believe process is often more important than outcome. I had the BEST time making @ZeroHour_ABC with everyone all year, so #noregretsbaby”

Scott Michael Foster (Aaron): “I absolutely loved #ZeroHour and everyone who worked on it. Will miss filming one of the coolest and enjoyable shows I’ve been on.” “To all my wonderful twitter followers, you make the hard part of this job so much easier with your kind words and support. Thank you.”

What do you think? What was your reaction to Zero Hour being cancelled? What did you think of the work of the show’s cast and crew?

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  1. Kathi says

    Loved Zero Hour as I finally had a series I enjoyed on Thursday nites. May whole family loved it. I also along with all the other hope another network picks up the series.

  2. Therissa says

    So disgusted!!!! Will not waste my time trying to watch any new ABC programs. I am just going to stick with Fox. I was very interested in and enjoyed Zero Hour. Couldn’t believe when I went to check my DVR and it wasn’t there. I so hope another channel will pick up this show. I want more. I want to see what happens with the rest of the episodes. I really thought this was going to be one of the next Great programs on TV, but no ABC won’t even give it a chance. If 5 million people were watching as it aired (if that is how the ratings are measured) then just think about how many people were watching like me- later on- DVR!! Wake up ABC !! Please bring back Zero Hour. Look at all these comments and aggravated fans of the show.

  3. Karen Riley says

    REALLY REALLY!!! My whole family can’t believe that you have canceled this show. What there was too my religion in it? This is great show that makes you wonder and think. You need to rethink taking this off the air. Its really a good show to watch with the whole family. Come on ABC. Really!!!!

  4. Terry Bryant says

    Wonderful. Now what stupid reality show are you going to put on. How about Dancing with the Kardashians. Maybe Tan Mom extreme makeover. When are you going to get a clue and put on tv a show worth watching. My guess is never.

  5. Robert says

    I really like the show. I was waiting de 4th episode and when it didn’t show up i tried to search and found this.
    Really sad.

  6. Marcia Schaefer says

    This was a show that made you have to think. I really liked it. What happened to giving a show a chance to grow an audiance before you took it away. Today more than ever you need more time because there are more channels than ever before. Please do NOT replace it within another mind numbing reality show. We want real shows not reality shows!

  7. Laura says

    I am really dissapointed about the cancellation of this show… In looking at the previews I knew I needed a little more time to digest the product and watched it later on demand. It seems like every time we start liking a show it gets cancelled.

  8. Deb says

    I really liked Zero Hour. I am SO disappointed. I put this on the level of the movie National Treasure and Da vinci Code. It was fast paced and intriguing. I am so tired of the same old reality TV.

  9. Lisa says

    I am so tired of abc canceling shows first its GCB, 666 Park Avenue now Zero Hour I can’t invest in anymore of abc’s new shows they don’t give them a chance to catch on it’s too much unrealstic shows on tv I need something more very disappointed! Lost a viewer I am done watching abc.

  10. says


  11. Vonnie Duran says

    I don’t know what the producers are thinking several great show my husband and I like get, The Gifted Man, Unforgettable, Flash Forward and now Zero Hour. I feel they did not even it a chance and to wife swap in it place ,duh ……very stupid idea. Makes me want to watch Hulu or my DVDs. I have lost all respect for today’s producers for the trash they put on tv. I had hope with Zero Hour but they blow it again.

  12. B.Martin says

    Very dissapointed that ABC chose to cx. “Zero Hour”. TV is full of degrading, tasteless “reality” shows that encourage people to act badly. When I want to be entertained, I don’t want to watch rude people with “potty-mouths” demean themselves to get their 15 min. Maybe another network will pick up “Zero Hour” and offer us a choice.

  13. Sandie says

    Too Bad… they had to cancel this great show… I was looking forward to the rest of the episodes. The only hour on TV that went by in a New York minute!!! I have to agree… I hope SyFy picks it up also… I thought the content was great…. I did not have trouble following the story… UNLIKE trying to get what was going on With Say LOST… or some of the other mindless programs on ABC… if you want to call them programs!!!
    Shame, Shame Shame.
    Hope to see Zero Hour on another station Soon… I want to see WHAT HAPPENED…..!!! :(

  14. marge skapczynski says

    I went on vacation and dvr’d the last episode. I just thought it was a temporary pause this past week, but at the end of the 2/28 show I heard “next week on Zero Hour…..”
    ABC just can’t get it right Just 6 shows left all week worth watching, Last Man Standing, Malibu Country, Neighbors, Body of Proof and our family’s favorite of the 5 – Castle. None of them abosorbing just light-weight fun. The only serious show Revenge is still on but for how long for any of the above. My family will also be joing the many who favor CBS, buy their sponsors products, and avoid new shows on ABC until they show atleast 5 episodes. Yes, we are ANGRY! Even DWTS has become less about ballroom dancing and more about excessively revealing costumes and acrobatics. WAKE UP before you go the way of the DUPONT network. WHO? See what I mean.

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