Zero Hour: Cancellation Reactions from the Cast

zero hour canceled?As you may have already heard, Zero Hour has been cancelled by ABC after only three episodes. The news doesn’t come as a surprise as the debut represented ABC’s worst scripted premiere in the history of their regular seasons. The numbers for episodes two and three were even worse.

Still, there were at least five million or so people who made a point of watching Zero Hour each week. They’re understandably upset about the cancellation news — as are members of the cast.

Addison Timlin (Rachel): “The end of zerohour brings me great sadness, but every ending is a new beginning and that is always laced with hope. Thank you all, truly.” “What to the world was just 3 episodes was a whole year for us. Truly an honor to know, work with and love you, to everyone on the team. Xo”

Jacinda Barrett (Laila): agreed with Timlin’s second statement and added, “couldn’t have said it better. Xxxx”

Carmen Ejogo (Beck): “In a NY minute everything can change In a NY minute things can get a little strange” “#nomorezerohour I guess that means I can start watching American Idol again. #alwayslookonthebrightsideoflife” “I believe process is often more important than outcome. I had the BEST time making @ZeroHour_ABC with everyone all year, so #noregretsbaby”

Scott Michael Foster (Aaron): “I absolutely loved #ZeroHour and everyone who worked on it. Will miss filming one of the coolest and enjoyable shows I’ve been on.” “To all my wonderful twitter followers, you make the hard part of this job so much easier with your kind words and support. Thank you.”

What do you think? What was your reaction to Zero Hour being cancelled? What did you think of the work of the show’s cast and crew?

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  1. says

    I can’t believe this show was cancelled–I could hardly wait til Thursday at 8:00p to watch it–at least the network could have finished the rest of the episodes. I hate all these reality shows, so there’s not much on tv to watch anymore. A good show finally comes along & it gets canceled. I agree with DonT–It made you think & people don’t want to do that now days.

  2. liz says

    So so tired of shows being cancelled… never knows what new show to start watching! The well written dramas and suspensful shows go off and stupid no brainer comedies with off color jokes stay on. Noone polls me to ask me what shows i like or don’t like. They never gave zero hour a chance. Have not watched last episode i tivoed….well might as well just delete it.

  3. Todd says

    Zero hour was not a bad show. I found it very interesting. Kind of like a short series on the DaVinci code type genre. And I was looking forward to seeing where it went. It is a shame that it has been canceled. Why couldn’t they leave it on? It was already shot and they certainly aren’t going to make better revenue on reruns.

  4. says

    Zero Hour was Good. I watched every episode and the story was still developing.
    Im so tired of shows that bore the hell out of me. This was a good one. Let all ten
    episodes rum. I want to see what happens next.

  5. Greg says

    Rarely do I watch any programs on the big three: CBS, NBC and ABC. However, the first episode of “Zero Hour” I was hooked and watched the show each week.

    The problem is that television has been taken over by mindless reality shows. Which in reality, there is no reality to the scripted “drama”.

    Thank goodness for “The Following” on Fox and “Ripper Street” on BBC at least there are still a few shows left on television that stimulate the brain.

  6. Ashton says

    IS AMERICA REALLY THIS DUMB? Why is it, that a thinking movie always ends up being cancelled? Can’t anyone THINK anymore? Oh, that’s right, I forgot. We have to be told what to think, what to believe, what to watch, how to watch it, when to say thank you to the establishment (aka the Government). Really sad that good intelectual shows keep going away and only the trashy Kardashian type shows remain. Too bad.

  7. Lynn Kahle says

    This decision stinks! You start a series and then it gets jerked before the wrap-up? You have got to be kidding me. Typical network bean counter wasting our time and the networks money.

  8. adam says

    I’m not so sure what you found to be “intelligent” about it. I only watched the pilot, but I didn’t find it to be overly intelligent (albeit probably more so than other shows on TV). It just wasn’t all that exciting.

  9. Don T says

    So sad to hear it is being canceled. I was afraid that would be the case. Way too much intelligent thought necessary for the demo to want to pay any attention to. Maybe they could dumb it down and keep it – oh, then it would be another show and not the intelligent, quality, show it is. Sigh….

  10. Jim Landes says

    I really hate ABC for pulling this… again. I keep getting sucked into ABC shows, and have them cancelled.

    I agree with the above statements that it was not given a real chance.

    Note to ABC: I have drawn the line and now refuse to watch any more of your shows.

  11. Johnny says

    With the small amount of promotion leading into the first show, I am not surprised. I just saw one or two promo’s, and tuned in out of curiosity, was beginning to get into it.

    • Why Watch says

      This show was promo’ed everywhere I looked. It got to the point there were too many I stopped paying close attention when it would begin.

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