Zero Hour: Cancellation Reactions from the Cast

zero hour canceled?As you may have already heard, Zero Hour has been cancelled by ABC after only three episodes. The news doesn’t come as a surprise as the debut represented ABC’s worst scripted premiere in the history of their regular seasons. The numbers for episodes two and three were even worse.

Still, there were at least five million or so people who made a point of watching Zero Hour each week. They’re understandably upset about the cancellation news — as are members of the cast.

Addison Timlin (Rachel): “The end of zerohour brings me great sadness, but every ending is a new beginning and that is always laced with hope. Thank you all, truly.” “What to the world was just 3 episodes was a whole year for us. Truly an honor to know, work with and love you, to everyone on the team. Xo”

Jacinda Barrett (Laila): agreed with Timlin’s second statement and added, “couldn’t have said it better. Xxxx”

Carmen Ejogo (Beck): “In a NY minute everything can change In a NY minute things can get a little strange” “#nomorezerohour I guess that means I can start watching American Idol again. #alwayslookonthebrightsideoflife” “I believe process is often more important than outcome. I had the BEST time making @ZeroHour_ABC with everyone all year, so #noregretsbaby”

Scott Michael Foster (Aaron): “I absolutely loved #ZeroHour and everyone who worked on it. Will miss filming one of the coolest and enjoyable shows I’ve been on.” “To all my wonderful twitter followers, you make the hard part of this job so much easier with your kind words and support. Thank you.”

What do you think? What was your reaction to Zero Hour being cancelled? What did you think of the work of the show’s cast and crew?

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  1. Disappointed says

    This show was great. I thought it was going to be another LOST type tv show. There were more questions than answers and that is what got me hooked. When I heard they cancelled it, I had thought for a moment that the show must be on FOX since they cancel everything there so quickly. I love shows that require you to think and try to anticipate what comes next, but then messes up our prediction by throwing in a twist. ABC really goofed on this one. I was getting my friends hooked on it week by week, and they were amazed by it also. Shame, ABC…SHAME!

  2. Kristin Stellema says

    I never watch ABC. This is the 1st show I have watched and was enjoying it. I am super disappointed that they cancelled this and have put re-runs in it’s place. I guess I know now why I don’t watch this network……

  3. Sheri says

    Wow … so disappointed. First Alcatraz was cancelled, now Zero Hour. I guess smart television shows aren’t for the masses. How sad.

  4. Miss Julie says

    One of the best shows in this genre I’ve watched in some time. Maybe the sitcom-heads that be didn’t appreciate the subject matter. I for one was looking forward to tonights episode. Any chance that another network, like the S-f channel could pick it up. Alot of questions aren’t going to get answered. Poor script, what idiots would say that? The cast was great. Glad I taped it. Hey, remember a canceled show named Star Trek anyone???

  5. Linda K says

    ABC’s “worst scripted premiere,” you’ve got to be kidding!! I thought Zero Hour was well written. I loved the three episodes. ABC needs to give the show a chance.

  6. Ruth B. says

    I totally AGREE with the comments above! I am VERY disappointed that ABC would discontinue Zero Hour, which had the makings for a really interesting and compelling TV show. I also emphatically agree that there is just SO MUCH “STUPID TELEVISION” which is “just irritating noise” and a complete and absolute “waste of time”!! I can not stand the idiocy of “sitcoms”, especially those with cued audience laughter! Ugh! Dumb!! I don’t comprehend how anyone can watch those when there is other much more “intelligent” television out there! WHY?!
    I DON’T really watch too much television aside from: HBO’s-Game of Thrones; AMC’s – Walking Dead; ABC’s – Revenge; FOX’s – Touch . . . and a few other similar shows. I usually watch CBS . . . just not any of their stupid sitcoms!

  7. Lori says

    I cannot believe Zero Hour will be no more!! This was a great show and I looked forward to watching it every week. I am sick of all these mindless reality shows; I long for a program with a juicy plot and storyline. The ABC Network should have let this run its course or at least, if they knew they were going to cancel it, run two more episodes to tie it all together so those of us who were watching it were not left dangling with lots of unanswered questions. Is there another network out there willing to pick this show up and give it another chance? The cast was wonderful and Anthony Edwards was the key to why I was watching this show after being a huge ER fan! Please bring this show back!!

    • Kay wilson says

      Is there any way we can convince ABC or another network to pick up this great show, What is wrong with ABC, they finally got a good mystery and they cancel it. They should have gone to CBS. There are more fans than the show knows about. I know my daughter DVR’s it every week because she is not home and she is devastated.

  8. Lindsay Garcia says

    Unbelievable. Is America so dumbed down that they won’t watch a show that requires thinking??? I understand they’re going to replace it with some ridiculous reality show. No wonder the cable networks are winning all the awards now. I guess they really do know drama. Wake up ABC. It’s not like you’re a ratings giant anyway. Sign me, Disgusted.

  9. Kathi says

    Loved the show is there any way we can get the rest of the episodes. also loved the cast. Any chance someone else will pick it up.

  10. Stunned says

    I loved that show. I found it hard to follow sometimes, but loved all the ins and outs of the plot. It was intriguing. I told several people to watch it and now it is gone! I happened on it by accident so they need to do more advertizing.

  11. suzanne says

    Come on. I was hoping that it might develop into the another X-Files. This show was not given enough time to develop. What’s going to replace it? Another “reality” show. I am watching less and less TV because there is nothing to look forward to watching that draws you in….well, except for PBS. Can’t the networks bring us something that has a story line? Booooo ABC!

  12. Susan says

    What an awful decision, loved the show and cast combination. Shame on you ABC! This was a show that had several generations watching each week. Why don’t you drop some of those mindnumbing politically correct shows! Grow a set of B*lls!

  13. says

    I guess I won’t watch the episodes I DVR’d. I like to wait for 3 episodes of something new. I hate liking a show only for you to cancel it. Keep putting out that crap tv!

  14. Dave says

    Ridiculous move on the part of ABC. “Chuck” took time, “Fringe” took time. Any decent ensemble cast show will take time to catch on. Hell, they almost canceled “Hill Street Blues” when it first started due to low ratings. No b*lls, no glory!
    Your not even willing to stand behind a show you greenlit!

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