Zero Hour: Cancelled ABC Show Still Airing — Just Not Here

Zero Hour cancelled episodesThough ABC has cancelled and pulled Zero Hour off the schedule, it looks like viewers north of the border will get a chance to see the remaining episodes.

GlobalTV, which airs the Anthony Edwards show in Canada, still has Zero Hour on their schedule, at least for the next two weeks. The broadcaster runs Zero Hour at 8pm on Thursdays, just like ABC did.

Global makes aired episodes available online but are only available to those with Canada IP addresses.

There’s still no word on when or if ABC will get around to airing the remaining 10 episodes of Zero Hour. A summer run is a possibility but the show’s ratings were so poor that the network could likely garner better ratings from reruns.

On the positive side, ABC hasn’t removed the show from their website so there’s a chance the episodes could also be released there.

What do you think? Do you think Zero Hour will continue airing in Canada? Do you think ABC will air them eventually?

UPDATE: GlobalTV has now pulled Zero Hour as well. Both ABC and GlobalTV only aired three episodes.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    Excellent series! A shame that it was cancelled!!! Tv programming
    is much too geared to youth only! Reality shows may be for some but… some
    shouldn’t be the rule for all! I refuse to watch any reality shows, especially after
    I was prodded to view a reality show whom all are aware of young adults
    sharing a beach front home. I watched trying to keep an open mind but
    alas it really was the epitome of bad tv!!!! It seems as though Reality series
    are becoming the “Norm”. I get so disillusioned with my choices as an
    adult viewer of evening tv! ABC bring back decent programming! You had a winner there ! Wake Up!! Zero Hour was like a a suspense novel you can’t put down !

  2. Kriste Mcdonald says

    Ok this is just getting crazy. Everytime I find a great show I like it gets cancelled. I think Im just gonna stop watching TV altoghter.. Thx ABC for messing up an hour I actually watched tv with my husband and we both liked what we were watching..not arguing over the remote to turn it.

  3. Vicki says

    Too many reality shows, cancel one of those and keep one that you have to actually follow and think while watching the show. I could do without Celebrity wife swap , give me a break !, The taste, too many cooking shows on already, Splash, hope the show takes a dive early on. Come on ABC keep the mystery show Zero Hour on your lineup !

  4. Jeff Poling says

    It looks like abc cant keep any good shows on the air, all the shows that abc airs that I like they always gets cancelled.. way to go abc

  5. Gail says

    Are you kidding me??? You CANCELLED Zero Hour?! It figures that any program that had good writing, excellent acting and a thoughtful plot would be cancelled.
    What drivel will you put in its place? Another idiotic reality show? A mindless sit com?
    I am turning my TV OFF! See what happens to your precious ratings when all the intelligent people leave you. Where will you find sponsors then?

  6. Karen Evans says

    What a bummer. Finally something GREAT on Thursday nights, and poof it’s gone.
    You guys are nuts. Most of the shows on TV are horrible. All I do is run through the
    guide trying to find something that has some merit to it. If I have to view Pretty in Pink, or
    Legally Blonde one more time I’ll puke. This was one show that had some A+’s going
    for it. Great cast, clues to figure out. Other than this show on Thursday night, I’ll
    probably have to go back to solitare or knitting socks.

  7. Tony says

    My wife and I loved this show. We can’t believe that they cancelled it. ABC executives are total idiots, and for the 5-6 million that watched the first three episodes, by not carrying the remaining episodes, they have really done wrong by those people. What harm would it do to air the remaining episodes at an odd time, where we could at least DVR them. This was one of the most gripping shows in years. ABC= D U M B!

  8. kim edwards says

    Are you serious? I haven’t watched any tv shows onabc the past 5 years. This was really good . Whom ever is making these decisions is ruining the network. I only found out about it going through my directv guide. They didn’t advertise it at all. IDIOTS. Well back to he11s kitchen and criminal minds.

  9. Marianne winfrey says

    I am hoping somehow you will bring this back. It left me lingering each week and I really want to know what happens next! Please bring it back. It is an awesome show

  10. jean says

    That was a great show, and of course when something is getting to close to reality, showing the world what is really happening, the take it off.

  11. Frank says

    I’m sure they pulled it because of low ratings. You actually have to watch the show and THINK a little to follow the plot. Too many people just want background noise on their TV while doing something else, which is why reality shows are so popular. Along with the fact that they are so cheap to make.

  12. Mema says

    I was so excited about this suspense mystery thriller. I could hardly wait until the forth episode, only to find it was not on my dvr a s scheduled. I am sick and tired of these so called (obviously scripted) reality shows. Finally for me it was a suspense series I could look forward to. I’m sick over the cancellation. At least gives those of is who watched the show a chance to see the rest of the episodes. A different time slot, online, through an app. Whatever. But nothing just leave 5M viewers hanging. I mean is it just me or is society in general getting dumber and dumber? All this reality trash, that is so fake it hurts to watch. What is happened to people. I mean really! Example, Dougars do Asia?? Really. The only way that’s possible is by the network footing the entire trip. That family had a one bath house when it first aired and how does a mother spend any quality time with her kids when there are 19 plus grand kids?? If they were anything but white people would be outraged at the irresponsibly of it. If it wasn’t for the show that family would be on welfare, no way they could support that many in this economy. Its gotten way out of hand these days. We are getting dumber(sugar) by the day. Wake up people! Jeez….

    • Tammy says

      I agree. Im am also tired of reality shows. I prefer a show that make me try to think and figure out the next move. I loved the show and could not wait to see 4 and also found it not on my DVR. I was very upset. Where can I see the rest of the it? Can Sifi pick it up? I dont want to see the Reruns of shows I didnt watch the first time. This is crazy. Lost made it for some time once it caught on. ABC give the show a chance.

  13. marty says

    seriously how can a show prove it self when you cancel it befor it gets started .Maybe if it had a better time slot it would have had a chance.

  14. chris says

    the people at abc do not know anything. just like family guy, it always starts out slow but give people time to watch it. I could understand if after 10 episodes the ratings where bad but just after 3 they are idiots!

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