Zero Hour: Cancelled ABC Show Still Airing — Just Not Here

Zero Hour cancelled episodesThough ABC has cancelled and pulled Zero Hour off the schedule, it looks like viewers north of the border will get a chance to see the remaining episodes.

GlobalTV, which airs the Anthony Edwards show in Canada, still has Zero Hour on their schedule, at least for the next two weeks. The broadcaster runs Zero Hour at 8pm on Thursdays, just like ABC did.

Global makes aired episodes available online but are only available to those with Canada IP addresses.

There’s still no word on when or if ABC will get around to airing the remaining 10 episodes of Zero Hour. A summer run is a possibility but the show’s ratings were so poor that the network could likely garner better ratings from reruns.

On the positive side, ABC hasn’t removed the show from their website so there’s a chance the episodes could also be released there.

What do you think? Do you think Zero Hour will continue airing in Canada? Do you think ABC will air them eventually?

UPDATE: GlobalTV has now pulled Zero Hour as well. Both ABC and GlobalTV only aired three episodes.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. anna says

    I don’t watch abc but you had me watching zero hour stupid move my husband and I really like the show and the time it was on

  2. says

    I am appalled that this show was canceled, we loved it and waited for it each time it aired, I can’t believe that we like a show and after three episodes it is gone, at least ABC should let all episodes show and not just rip it away, if they feel then it isn’t worthy and not enough people are watching then end it so we all know what happened, don’t just leave it up in the air. It needs to be aired now not in the summer, we will never know when it is coming back and people are busy outside more in the summer. I am just very angry with ABC as this has happened to us before.

  3. William Ruh says

    “Zero Hour” may not have had many viewers by ABC standards but it still had at least 5,000,000 who will now be disappointed that the questions raised during the first three episodes will now never be answered. The ten remaining “Zero Hour” shows were made, so they should be shown. Maybe ABC would be surprised. The “Zero” Hour audience had to be more intelligent and curious than those diverted by the “Shark Tank” crap that replaced it.

    • Daniel says

      Seriously! Who watches that crap? So very disappointed about this! Finally an interesting show and now it’s gone…

  4. Dee says

    Why can’t they just leave things alone. With so much out there it takes time to gather viewers but this show would have. It was awesome. Try changing airing days and or times before canceling. Such a sad waste of good talent and a fascinating story line.

  5. Tim Makeeff says

    I can’t believe it was canceled! It seems if it’s not “Sex” it’s not worth airing. I am so sick of TV being “SEX” oriented that I don’t even watch anything but HOTROD TV and DIY. I thought someone at ABC finally cared enough to put on a show they could sit down with their kids and watch. Do you Producers at ABC actually encourage your kids to watch what you air? I know I am totally floored when I’m watching something I think is good then….BAM!!! something inappropriate pops on and I am completely embarrassed. Whay would you cancel a good Mystery show? Come on….. get it together ABC.

  6. Mattie Vazquez says

    Yeah I’m so sick of all the stations that show episodes of certain programs then canceling them , I was hooked on Alcatraz n bam cancelled . All they have is trashy sex stupid programs .i cannot stand the Bachelor.all those stupid broads they make me sick……this has been been happening for a long time . What will these stations do if every body stopped watching TV all together

  7. TerriAnn Graves says

    I have to agree . Zero Hero was one of the best shows ABC has put on TV for a long time. I really was caught up in the story. This really SUCKS ABC! It would be nice to see how the story plays out. We are left hanging. Thanks.

  8. says

    I can’t believe it. I recorded the last 3 episodes because I can’t watch it during the week and now I’m left hanging. This is stupid. This was a great show. Maybe they should make it into a movie. BRING IT BACK.

  9. kathy says

    I am very disappointed in ABC for cancelling Zero Hour! I enjoy the mystery, the action, the great acting, can’t wait for the following episodes to air and then you guys cancel it. shame on you guys! To me it is like reading a good story then someone takes the book away from you after reading 3 chapter’s and shreds the book and says now you’ll never know who did it, or how it ends. Please bring it back so we the (fans) can finish the story.

  10. sally says

    I agree with everyone’s comments. Zero hour was a great show just like 666 park avenue!! Yet they have all the reality show crap on!!! That really does suck!!

  11. Etta says

    I’ve been reading some of the posts and completely agree. Pretty soon, NO ONE will be watching ABC. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU CANCELLED ZERO HOUR. We loved the show. We don’t watch ANYTHING, ON ANY TV LIVE, get used to it with the DVR, you may not get the instant gratification you think you have to have. This is utterly ridiculous and doesn’t make me want to watch anything new you put on. You start watching, like it and then you guys pull it. PATHETIC…………………

  12. Joe says

    I cannot believe the executives at ABC. Everytime they air a show that makes people think or allows us to enjoy tv they cancel the show. This year it’s Zero Hour and 666 Park Ave. Yet they keep garbage on like Shark Tank, The Bachelor and any other reality CRAP. Last year it was Ashley Judds series. I wish I could get paid millions to make irational decisions. This the last time ABC does this to me. SO LONG it’s been nice knowing you

  13. Staci says

    I agree with everyone here. I DVR all three shows and sat down yesterday to get caught up, best TV series in a while. Kept you thinking and on the edge of your seat. I guess it was to close to the Bible for ABC. I sure with FX or TNT would pick it up because I really want to know how this plot place out. SUCKS!

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