Zero Hour: Cancelled Episode Information

Zero Hour cancelled episodesAs you may have heard, ABC has cancelled Zero Hour after three episodes. The TV show’s ratings were terrible to start and then got worse in weeks two and three.

The cast and crew filmed 13 episodes of Zero Hour and word is that the network may air the rest of them sometime this summer. Because the ratings were so bad, that doesn’t seem likely but we’ll have to wait and see.

In case you’re curious, here’s some information about the episodes that you won’t be seeing, at least for awhile.

Air Date: Thursday, March 07, 2013
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM EST on ABC
Episode Title: (#104) “Chain”


“Chain” – White Vincent, wounded and in trouble, is still in hiding and holding Laila captive. Sensing his weakness and vulnerability, Laila convinces White Vincent to let her help him with his wounds, all the while looking for an opportunity to escape. Realizing he needs help to get the next clock, White Vincent enlists Hank, bartering Laila’s release for his service. As Hank risks his life and dodges ominous warnings from the Shepherds, he comes to realize that people aren’t always who they seem to be when shocking new information regarding his wife – and the death of Beck’s husband — comes to light, on “Zero Hour,” THURSDAY, MARCH 7 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

“Zero Hour” stars Anthony Edwards as Hank Galliston, Carmen Ejogo as Rebecca “Beck” Riley, Scott Michael Foster as Arron Martin, Addison Timlin as Rachel Lewis, with Jacinda Barrett as Laila Galliston and Michael Nyqvist as White Vincent.

Guest starring are Dylan Baker as FBI Chief Terrance Fisk, Grace Gummer as FBI Agent Paige Willis, Ken Leung as Father Reggie, Dominik Tiefenthaler as Adam the groundsman, Andy Powers as W. Craig, Andrew Polk as Thomas Klein and George Bartenieff as Old Man Kipske.

“Chain” was written by M. Scott Veach, Paul T. Scheuring and Tom Spezialy and directed by Steven DePaul.

“Zero Hour” is broadcast in 720 Progressive (720P), ABC’s Selected HD Format, with 5.1 channel surround sound. A TV parental guideline will be assigned closer to airdate.

Air Date: Thursday, March 14, 2013
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM EST on ABC
Episode Title: (#105) “Suspension”


Amy Irving Guest Stars as Melanie Lynch, a.k.a. “Mother”

“Suspension” – Hank is frustrated and confused about his relationship with Laila, as more questions come to light about who she really is. With the next clue sending Hank and Beck to Asuncion, Paraguay, the duo find themselves one step behind White Vincent, who shares a startling piece of information with Hank about his past and their connection. Meanwhile Arron and Rachel meet Melanie Lynch, a.k.a. “Mother,” head of the 41 Trust, who seems to be hiding her own agenda and interest regarding the relic at the center of it all, on “Zero Hour,” THURSDAY, MARCH 14 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

“Zero Hour” stars Anthony Edwards as Hank Galliston, Carmen Ejogo as Rebecca “Beck” Riley, Scott Michael Foster as Arron Martin, Addison Timlin as Rachel Lewis, with Jacinda Barrett as Laila Galliston and Michael Nyqvist as White Vincent.

Guest starring are Amy Irving as “Mother,” Charles Dutton as Father Mickle, Grace Gummer as FBI Agent Paige Willis, Ken Leung as Father Reggie, Jamie Jackson Reverend Mark, Marceline Hugot as nurse, Richard Benkins as gaunt man, Ali Ahn as Emily, Remy Auberjonois as Doctor Pitt, Jonathan Walker as Stan Jarvis.

“Suspension” was written by Jerome Schwartz and directed by Mario Van Peebles.

“Zero Hour” is broadcast in 720 Progressive (720P), ABC’s Selected HD Format, with 5.1 channel surround sound. This program carries a TV-P,D,L,V parental guideline.

Air Date: Thursday, March 21, 2013
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM EST on ABC
Episode Title: (#106) “Weight”

(no description available)

What do you think? Do you think that ABC should release the episodes online or wait for summer?

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  1. says

    It appears that people are looking for something more that can grab you without a week to week plot. It’s nice to view a show each week with a new plot. Those shows seem to be more of a success . Zero hour was a show that missing a week could leave you too far behind.

  2. Kevin says

    Such a bummer I can’t believe they cancelled it. I’m getting annoyed that they keep doing this, first it was The River, then they tried to cancel Last Resort (which actually did better than they thought after they decided to cancel it so they continued the series. I’m pretty sure they’re going to have a second season.)
    I REALLY want to see or at least find out the rest to Zero Hour’s story. This is bullshit with these shows that include tons of thinking, twists, turns and incredible plot lines but just getting cancelled mid story, theres too much that the viewers are dying to see or find out. Especially what the Church was moving at the very start of the pilot; that alone implies that theyve got something big to bring up, but when? Never now, thanks to the cocksuckers at ABC, this is why nobody watches their network because they cancel everything. Such a good story with A LOT of thought involved, leaving its viewers incredibly cliffhung and they just decide to cut it off 4 episodes in.
    I hope someone with a tv company or tv show reads this or eventually word gets passed on however possible and they’ll start making contracts for shows for multiple seasons at once rather than “oh okay we’ll pick up your show but only for the pilot, if that goes well we can do 4 more episodes, then if that works you can finish the season…” then try to get a contract for half of season two. Every. Single. Show. Deserves a real contract, one full season at least, then after that, if they bring it back then the creators of the show should be able to propose a contract for however long they want which the network would have to approve or deny. It may be annoying and cost a lot of money (they can afford it anyway) But at least the viewers won’t get completely fucked this way.
    I went and bought the first & only season of The River, regardless that it was cancelled, everyone who I’ve watched it with or told about it loved it. The show was freaky, suspenseful, wild & at times just plain scary. Incredible story, great characters and actors and definitely became a favorite of mine very quickly. But they decided it wasn’t putting up chart topping ratings so they gave it the axe, the worst part though was how they ended the series, with a gigantic ******* cliffhanger. I’m STILL talking with friends on what they could’ve possibly done with the rest of the show because it was that good that I didn’t even want to wait for season 2. But it doesn’tatter now because they shut down the show rather quickly after all the money they spent hyping it up. They’re doing this with too many shows, Flash Forward was another one, incredible story/show. The other show they cancelled that was great was The Event. All 3 of these shows are still very much worth watching even though they’ve been cancelled. The case with The Event is their story took a few weeks to really get going, but only because they had a lot of information to reveal first. The networks weren’t having that, because it wasn’t as crazy and wild as say 24, so they shut it down. The season/series finales for these 3 shows were so good they all had me drooling for another season because even those ended with cliffhangers.
    And don’t even get me started on Heroes, to which they MAY either come back for the final season five. Or the bigger word is they may be doing two longer than average length movies so Tim Kring can finish the show. When it started, he knew itd be 5 seasons long and the ending was pre written. But the network cancelled it because season 4’s finale left enough to the imagination that they could cancel it and make people believe that was the actual ending.
    Sorry for rambling on but my point is they’ve got to change the way shows are both picked up and cancelled/how they end. As someone who watches/has watched tons and tons of shows since The Sopranos, Lost, The 4400, etc. (I’m actually running out of tv shows to watch that are all about one big story or multiple stories but ALL connected to one another) it really ruins not only the show but the integrity of the networks that play them and makes me not want to trust that they won’t just drop the next show if the ratings start to slip. Makes me wonder where The Walking Dead would be if it were on fox or abc from day 1. They’ve got to change things cause its like reading a book or watching a series of movies like Harry Potter and then the book just ends abruptly in the middle or the movie screen rips and they just never fix it. Such a slap in the face to all the people who worked on making the shows and even more to the viewers that “waste” a lot of their time changing plans and work schedules around to make sure they can see their show only to sit down one night like this passed Thursday prepared to watch the latest episode after seeing the previews all week and there’s no show, no notice, no commercials, nothing.
    It’s ******* sickening and overall just incredibly annoying to show a story as best as it can possibly be portrayed and doing a great job of it only to just tell its viewers to **** off because they’re not making enough money.
    Now what would happen if this happened in other facets of our lives? Like government, businesses, money, cars, etc?

  3. Anonymous says

    I can’t believe it was canceled. ABC is really getting out of control! I am really tired of all these spontaneous cancellations! Give them a chance! We just get interested in these shows and look forward to the next episode and bam ! They are gone! Ie, 666 , last Resort etc…not to mention All my Children and One life to Live !

  4. Sherry says

    I can’t believe this! Why do all the great shows get cancelled!! Please show the remaining 10 shows that were filmed. Where do they get their info that ratings were bad, certainly not from people who are fans of the show

    • Anonymous says

      For real, I haven’t heard a bad thing from anyone who’s seen the show. Motto mention the last episode that they aired was probably the best so far with the best ending and most revealing of any episode this far. It was also going in a direction that was going to open up a plethora of information and most likely take the show to a whole new level. Upsetting to see how wild the show was getting to find out they canceled it, the story was actually so interesting I doubt they even canceled it because of bad ratings. I bet it was a money issue, just like Heroes.

  5. J. Paul says

    When I couldn’t find the new Zero Hour, my family and I thought it was rescheduled for monday. Then my aunt did some research and we figured out that it was cancelled! My family and I were so upset! It was our favorite show!!!

  6. ashley says

    I really loved this season! I think that to many good shows keep on getting cancelled! the rest of the episodes should be online for people to watch if they are not going to be aired!

  7. Rich S. says

    My wife and I enjoyed “Zero Hour” as well as the other 5.3 million viewers that ABC left hanging. . . . . . Question? Why do the networks air a show that has that many viewers and then cancel it citing “low ratings” and then they leave us with no conclusion? My wife would like to know how many viewers does it take for a program to get a “good” rating to keep it on the air? I have read many of the other comments posted here and I agree with Becky Beesley & Anna MacGregor the most. In my opinion “reality” programs get a rating of zero. Bring it back. . . . internet or not at least air it someplace and make sure that your viewers are notified. Dump the mindless “reality” programs and air ones that actually make you think.

    • Anonymous says

      Well put. ABC has done this with 4 shows that I myself have been intensely into over the years. They’ve even canceled one of my favorite shows in their 4th season out of 5. That show is also one of the most well known series ever. They do this because of monetary issues. If they don’t make enough they cancel whatever it is, especially of the show is an hour long. I can’t stand the people over at ABC but I love my shows so I’ll keep watching as long as they’re good until they keep one on for it’s entirety.

  8. Kari says

    Show the rest of the episodes, please! It is not fair to get people interested in a show and then yank it with no resolution to the story. This has happened with several shows I started following and it is aggravating. One show I was watching that was canceled had no resolution and since it wasn’t a book, there could be no resolution. At least Last Resort did have an ending. Ratings may not have met expectations, but you just left 5 million people upset with your network. It seems the good shows get cancelled and,the stupid stuff like Hillbilly hand fishing get left on.

  9. Glenn Gosack says

    I was shocked when I couldn’t find Zero Hour yesterday – had to find out online that ABC canceled it. I love(d) that show and hope they release all the remaining episodes and at least have a conclusion.

  10. Debbie says

    Please show all the episodes. I really looked forward to watching it every week. So sad to see such a good show cancelled with all the reality trash shows polluting the airways.

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