Zero Hour: Is the New ABC TV Show Worth Watching?

Zero Hour TV showTonight, Anthony Edwards returns to television. Will his new TV series, Zero Hour, last for many seasons like ER or will it be cancelled like Last Resort? Is it worth watching?

On Zero Hour, Edwards plays the publisher of a magazine that debunks myths and cracks conspiracies. His wife disappears and he finds himself pulled into a compelling mystery that goes back centuries and has world-wide implications. While he and his team try to find answers, they must keep what they learn out of the hands of a sinister, mysterious man known only as White Vincent. The series also features the talents of Addison Timlin, Carmen Ejogo, Dylan Baker, Jacinda Barrett, Michael Nyqvist, and Scott Michael Foster.

Sound interesting? Here’s what some of the critics think:

Time: “If you last this long, you will probably ask yourself how this show made it on air. No doubt it sounded great in a pitch meeting: a little Lost, a little Dan Brown, and the pedigree of the creator of Prison Break, which was at least good crazy before it went bad crazy. But we’ve seen this over and over again: a series built around an elaborate concept, dressed up with a spooky mythology, then filled in with characters so poorly conceived, they may as well be called Kidnapped Wife Lady. All that said, while I think life is too short for hate-watching, this is the kind of show you might want to watch a few minutes of just for the experience. ”

LA Times: “A terrific pilot does not guarantee a terrific television show and there is a corollary to that — sometimes a bad pilot can morph into a good show. Zero Hour has decent enough bones, with the added benefits of a built-in Da Vinci Code fan base and a likable star. Once the quest gets going, things seemed to grow a bit less clunky, or perhaps it was just a case of ‘resistance is futile.’ Either way, it’s difficult not to hope Zero Hour gets better. And miracles do happen, especially here, at the end of days.

Salt Lake Tribune: “I was excited to watch the Zero Hour pilot. It promised adventure, mystery, bad guys-vs. good guys and – hopefully – fun. Boy, was I disappointed. It was pretty much a big ol’ bore. And the parts that weren’t boring were amateur and lame.”

Washington Post: “For a brief bit, I tried to enjoy Zero Hour as accidental camp, something so bad that it’s actually entertaining. That didn’t work either.”

USA Today: “Part of it is the writing; too many of the breakthroughs tonight are made by other people, with Hank just following along. But part of the blame goes to Edwards, who sometimes seems oddly unenergized for someone who suddenly finds himself battling homicidal, Nazi-loving, clock-stealing conspirators to rescue his wife and save the world.”

Boston Globe: “Come on, network TV. You’ve got to be smarter than Zero Hour if you want to hold your own against the cable revolution and the Internet-TV power move that has begun in earnest with Netflix’s House of Cards. ABC’s Zero Hour is a conspiracy drama that makes you wonder if network programmers are running their own conspiracy — to lose viewers in a Producers-like act of self-sabotage. This new ABC action-suspense series is really weak. The acting is half-hearted, the characters are paper thin, and the dialogue and plot development are embarrassing. It’s as sophisticated as Jonny Quest.

Hollywood Reporter: “Despite a mystical storyline with potential for over-the-top silliness, this is a rare network drama that takes risks and therefore is worthy of viewers’ attention.”

What do you think? Do you like the sound of Zero Hour? Will you watch? If you’ve already seen it, will you watch again?

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  1. Merlie says

    I wonder whose stupid idea it was to premiere it on Valentines day ! Opposite The Big Bang Theory ! I loved it, but it seems that ABC set it up to fail. They have done this so many times (as have other networks) that I don’t think I’ll bother watching anything new as for sure it will just get cancelled. They stupidly put it up against an already popular show! Many times we have to choose between a show we know and look forward to each week and something new……..I know which I choose !

  2. says

    It is a great story line. But Anthony Edwards ruined the show. What the hell is the reason the German keeps holding is wife for anyway. The first episode made sense, that he needed the clock. but why hold her now. Anthony Edwards was not believable as a character. He was more like a detective, so fake. They ruined a good idea

  3. Anonymous says

    I’m tired of ABC. Anytime the network puts on anything halfway decent the cancel it but yet keep all the DUMB shows.

  4. John says

    I thought this would be a good program. I am lost as to why the back ground noises and sound effects are louder than the actors sound track. It is so difficult to hear and understand the actors. I watched for a half an hour and could not stand it any more. I turned it off. If it is canceled it would be no great loss.

  5. Rock says

    I liked it. It took a while to get going, but it picked up. I will watch it again. I hope ABC does NOT cancel it. The last resort was good as well. I wish the TV execs on any of the networks would move these type of shows to a different night/time slot and give them a chance, if they don’t bowl over the competition in the time slot right off the bat. Just because a show doesn’t blow away the night and time slot competition at first does not mean it is a bad show. It means that not enough people are watching. Move it to a different night and/or time slot and the results might be better for the show. That’s what I think, anyway.

  6. Brus Van says

    We love Zero Hour. It’s as compelling as 24 was when it first hit the airwaves. Give a chance to catch on. It will.

  7. Whywatch says

    If Last Resort couldn’t make it in the same time slot, this show doesn’t have a chance of airing all their episodes. It’s not as strong a show. I’ll tape them and wait to see if there is any reason to watch. If ABC cancels it midway, I’ll have saved time.

  8. dianne says

    this just like 666 park avenue last resort and many others that were great shows will be canceled by abc cause they are stupid show is great got good actors and lots going on but the public at large when watching tv want mindless stupid show that mean nothing and don’t make them think that is why i do not own a tv in my house if i want to watch something i do it over the net

  9. dawn beal says

    OMG as I start all my msgs. please dont cancel this!!! PLEASE!!! Even my 16 yr old grandson had me catch him up when he walkd in with 15 min left of tonites premier. Also..zzzo tired of Greys Anatomy… SCANDAL IS A SCANDAL. Why wud I want to watch a show reliving Clintonesque type crap. A cheater is a ruins any interest in anything else going on. Thanks but no thanks for the memory update.

  10. says

    I find the writing to be very, very weak. My favorite bit of writing is when the FBI agent asks Hank where he was going, so she could go with him. When he refuses to tell her, she whips out a ticket to ride, to his destination, anyway. If the question of, ‘where are you going?’ was to be rhetorical, it sure wasn’t made obvious.

  11. says

    I want to see it because I am a Michael Nyqvist fan. I have read the critics views and I will watch and make up my own mind.
    I just hope that someone in power will soon give M. Nyqvist a chance to play a good guy.

  12. freddy says

    even I know, ABC will cancel it….since they cancel everything on Thursday’s at 8 pm unless it is a reality show….ABC loves reality shows, that is why I watch CBS more….no reality shows….

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