Zero Hour: New ABC Series; Cancel or Keep It?

Zero Hour cancel or keep?Last week, ABC unveiled Zero Hour, their newest Thursday night TV show. Will this one be quickly cancelled like Last Resort or will it become a long-running hit like Grey’s Anatomy? Cancel or keep it?

On Zero Hour, the publisher of a myth/conspiracy magazine searches for his missing wife and becomes pulled into a compelling mystery that has world-wide implications and goes back centuries. The series features the talents of Anthony Edwards, Addison Timlin, Carmen Ejogo, Dylan Baker, Jacinda Barrett, Michael Nyqvist, and Scott Michael Foster.

The debut of Zero Hour drew a 1.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.38 million total viewers. It was in a distant third place in its timeslot and was the worst regular season premiere that ABC has ever had. Ouch.

Of course, trouble in this timeslot is nothing new for ABC.

In 2010, they tried My Generation. This ensemble drama debuted to just a 1.6 demo rating and was pulled off the air in two weeks.

In 2011, the new Charlie’s Angels debuted in the same timeslot to a 2.1 demo rating. It was cancelled within weeks and production was shut down. ABC aired seven of eight produced episodes.

This past September, Last Resort premiered to a 2.2 in the demo and the numbers quickly tumbled in the ensuing weeks. The show was cancelled but the cast and crew were able to wrap things up by episode 13.

So, unless the ratings for Zero Hour quickly climb, it seems this show is doomed to be quickly canned as well. A second season seems out of the question but hopefully the alphabet network will at least release all 13 installments.

But, what do you think? Do you like Zero Hour? Should ABC stick with it or pull it off the air already? Cancel or keep it?

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  1. Why Watch says

    Soon there won’t be any more hours on the tube for this show. Tried as I might, I didn’t find the show good enough to watch again.

  2. DHarvell says

    The show lost me in the first episode, when the agent stopped our main character, in an airport, asking where he thought he was going. When the agent finally dragged it out of the our main character where he was going, the agent magically produced tickets to his very destination, saying, “Well, I’m going with you.” Right. So, are we to assume, then, that the agent has some sort of mind reading abilities? The writing is so dumbed down that it’s an insult to the intelligence of the viewer. Almost as if the writers aimed to create a show for adults, but in a way that even a caveman could understand it.

  3. Bryan Hatten says

    Keep it. Let it develop. Its sad good shows are being canceled by abc all the time but garbage reality shows are on forever. Nobody watches shows that make you thinkaanymore

  4. Duchess and Marie says

    KEEP!!! It deserves a chance to find its audience and work a few kinks out. Edwards is very good and the plot is captivating. ABC would be foolish to cancel it without giving it a fair shake! ABC could use a big hit; bailing on Zero Hour before it has a chance to mature and gain market share would be a big mistake. I was a LOST devotee and am hopeful this could fill that yet unfilled void.

  5. tom says

    I turned it off about 10 minutes into the show last night.
    The “background’ music was so loud it drowned out the actors words.
    Is the show so bad someone decided to make it more ”dramatic”
    by overpowering it with music. Cancelled or not I’m done. It’s a Zero……

  6. Scott Williams says

    I say give it a chance. We kinda owe Anthony Edwards for all the great years on E.R. It also has a great story. But, the acting does need to get better

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