Zero Hour: Pulled; Is the ABC Show Cancelled?

zero hour canceled?It looks like ABC is pulling Zero Hour off their schedule, at least for next week. The fourth episode of the new TV series had been scheduled to air on March 7th but the listing’s been removed from ABC’s press site.

Zero Hour debuted on February 14th to a disappointing 1.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.38 million total viewers. Week two saw the numbers drop to a 1.1 rating and 5.39 million and last night’s installment fell to a 1.0 rating with 5.05 million.

We’re waiting to hear if ABC is pulling the series for good or just temporarily. Either way, the show won’t be getting a second season.

Hopefully the network will at least let the five million faithful viewers see the unaired episodes at some point.

UPDATE: Reruns of Shark Tank will air on March 7th and 14th and then ABC will fill the timeslot with season seven of Wife Swap. The remaining episodes of Zero Hour may run this summer. I wouldn’t hold your breath.

What do you think? Do you like Zero Hour? Were you hoping that it would stick around?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    Seriously being this show back!! I can’t believe the ‘celebrity’ diving show made the cut but this awesome show got cancelled!!! The show was a puzzle of conspiracy theories and I loved every minute of it! Please bring back Zero Hour!!!

  2. pat says

    I am disappointed with powers that be who allow brain dead show to clog the airtime and many which use one or three thinking cell to expireexpire

  3. Larkster says

    WE LOVED IT! Maybe they need to get statistics on a broader age group. My husband and I are in our early 60’s. BRING IT BACK!!!

  4. Jess says

    What is your problem??? Zero Hour is an excellent show and once again I am disappointed in ABC for replacing it with crap! Bring it back because 3 episodes were not enough.

  5. Wendy says

    I agree with all the comments I read. I’ve been waiting for ABC to air the next episode of Zero Hour and I’m upset too! If ABC won’t air the rest of the show then please sell it to another network. I really want to see the remainder of this show. That is very disappointing:(

  6. says

    Well crap! Finally a show that’s not the same old reality routine and then they pull it. So very sick & tired of the same old same old. Please! Can those of us who aren’t in their 30’s have a better choice in what we have to choose from for TV?!! We really enjoyed the episodes and would like very much for it to return.

    Drowning in reality CRAP!!!

  7. Pat says

    Are you serious? Filling that timeslot with Wife Swap? OMG. I will boycott that hour and that show to show them what low ratings really are. Come on, join me…

  8. says

    How could they do this? I loved it and so looked forward to each Thursday. Was it because it was about the end of mankind and God. This was the best television show ever. I guess now I will sit and just keep on changing channels.

  9. TLD says

    Damn. I liked it, and I liked Anthony Edwards in it. The show apparently is too cerebral and complex for the target demographic. Whatever happened to giving a good show a chance? If network execs today were running the networks in the 70s and 80s, we would never have had any more than the first seasons of Cheers, or MASH, or St Elsewhere, or Hill Street Blues, or any number of great shows that have since become the standards to which newer shows (should) aspire.

  10. Lisa says

    Oh and by the way, I agree with everyone about these reality shows. I know people that have been on them. They are told what to do and ARE NOT real. Told what is expected from them. Plus some of the shows don’t pay the people unless they make it all the way through the show so they save a lot of money on no name actors. It’s all about the profits.
    This drama is not what we should be teaching our kids. Zero Hour had imagination and my entire family of 6 loved it. Sounds like a lot of people were having to watch it later like me when you can gather the family in an evening or weekend. Nothing like Apple TV, streaming it to the TV from your IPAd. ABC….. You need to listen to your family base and what we want or you will loose viewers.

  11. Lisa says

    Very disappointed. Maybe it needs a new time slot. I don’t like much TV because most shows are boring. This show I was excited about. I couldn’t watch it when it aired but watched it online. I think it has a great storyline and has potential. Great actors. Now I’m pissed …… It’s like watching a movie you’ve been waiting to see and having to shut it off 1/4 of the way through it…. What a waste of time. Makes me not want to start any new shows for just this reason. Why is it the shows I like that get cancelled? Pfft! :(

  12. Chuck says

    Didn’t even give it a chance, was unable to watch the show when it first came out but was able to tape one of them. (Post India). When I watched that show, I tried to set up my DVR to start taping the series but couldn’t figure out where or when it was, found it on one of my On Demand channels and watched all epasodes, now I’m hooked, now?,nothing!!! I think ABC is disapointing.

  13. Disapointed says

    So they cancelled Zero Hour and replaced it with Wife Swap ! That was stupid… I’m getting so sick of network TV.

  14. susan cerutti says

    what is wrong with ABC….cancelling a show in the middle….suck me in and then cut me off….maybe advertising the show was the is a good show…give it a chance…bring it back or sell it to another cable company..i want to see the rest of it…

  15. Juanita says

    I can not believe this show has been cancelled. I just about gave up on watching television shows on the major networks. I just happened upon zero hour while looking for a different show on demand. The plot was great and the writing seemed to be better than most of the junk that remains! I can’t stand wife swap. Looks like I will be going back to watching the premium channels. Stupid choice ABC.

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