Zero Hour: Pulled; Is the ABC Show Cancelled?

zero hour canceled?It looks like ABC is pulling Zero Hour off their schedule, at least for next week. The fourth episode of the new TV series had been scheduled to air on March 7th but the listing’s been removed from ABC’s press site.

Zero Hour debuted on February 14th to a disappointing 1.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 6.38 million total viewers. Week two saw the numbers drop to a 1.1 rating and 5.39 million and last night’s installment fell to a 1.0 rating with 5.05 million.

We’re waiting to hear if ABC is pulling the series for good or just temporarily. Either way, the show won’t be getting a second season.

Hopefully the network will at least let the five million faithful viewers see the unaired episodes at some point.

UPDATE: Reruns of Shark Tank will air on March 7th and 14th and then ABC will fill the timeslot with season seven of Wife Swap. The remaining episodes of Zero Hour may run this summer. I wouldn’t hold your breath.

What do you think? Do you like Zero Hour? Were you hoping that it would stick around?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Christa L. says

    This is the reason I don’t watch Primetime ABC! They’re programming is the worst of the networks! CBS would have never made such an assanine decision. ” Zero Hour” is the first show you’ve put on the air in a very long time that was an absolute “Thrill Ride” ….. along with….oh yeah….another ridiculous move… “Missing” with Ashley Judd. You took that off the air too! Greedy executive decisions. Who cares what the viewer wants!!!!!! So sad~

  2. Susan says

    Oh no! I just get around to watching the recording and find out it was pulled? Please play the rest of them!

  3. Regina H says

    ABC, you are fools! Why would you take such a great thought provoking and intreging show off the air and replace it by pure trashy TV!! This just goes to show you what THEY think sells…garbage. That is what is wrong with our world today. Bring it back, now. Or, if some other cable TV channel is listening, then take a hint at what people want and buy the rights to this great show.

  4. leisa says

    There are so many stupid shows on now like all the reality shows(wife swap, amazing race ect) that I don’t think anyone can think up good shows anymore, like Xfiles,Smallville,Millennium,ER just to name a few. Zero Hour was just starting to get really good and then you do something stupid like canceling it, dumb move.

  5. Teresa Griffith says

    My family and myself enjoyed the show. We found it to be a nice change from the usual BS on tv. I wish they would give it another chance on a different day or channel. Some of us our tired of american idol and the other crap. Please leave us something to watch.

  6. says

    I don’t get it – you put a great “pull the audience in” show with a “can’t wait until the next episode” and give a glimpse of what it is – then you take it off the air you replace it with “Wife Swap” !! Really dumb move – sort of like Lost you got everyone glued to the TV then – huh – it was MONTHS before you came up with any new plots all that you showed were reruns then when you FINALLY decided to show new episodes it was why bother any more .. you should really think what shows your audience will be drawn into.
    There is too much “reality” TV now if you want to up your ratings get a show that will I agree make people be on the edge of their seat to see what comes next – thank goodness for CBS and for some The CW, FOX and NBC – .. BRING ZERO HOUR BACK !!

  7. Valerieg says

    I really loved the show. An urban fantasy quasi-religious story has to have time to develop. You have to take the timc to create the background so everybody who isnt familiar with biblical text can follow along. This is a great period for ppl who love fantasy. But I think these same ppl are turned off by an overt reliously oriented story arc. I’m watching The Following on Fox. The pacing and atmosprere are cool, but it’s not like the writing is stellar. But a twist on the serial killer archetype with gothic romaticism and a cult, is an easier sell than a show about, what will probably discovering the body of Christ, to fight the emissary of the devil that was created by the nazies

  8. suzanne says

    This was one of my favorite shows and I only keep up with two or three. The cast was excellent, the writing and acting kept me literally on the edge of my seat and I am extremely disappointed that it was dismissed by ABC. My work hours were such that I would catch the episode on primetime demand. I know that I’m not the only one that does this and I believe that ABC has done a drastic disservice not only to the people of Zero Hour but to the viewing audience. Shame on you.

  9. says

    In an era of useless, mind numbing reality shows, it is nice to find a show that
    lets you escape FROM reality. It is really a shame that such programing can’t
    even finish a season. Don’t leave us hanging !!!!!

  10. Jacqualine Astudillo says

    Zero Hour was so imaginative. So much fun to watch . I can see where it had to go!

    What are the decision makers thinking – Oh, I know, they aren’t!

  11. Hubert G says

    Smart move replacing Zero Hour with garbage like wife swap. There isn’t enough reality tv yet. You should run wife swap 27/7 so you can finish running your network into the ground. I’m very disappointed.

  12. scott says

    My family love this Show! Maybe a different time slot. All I know is that my entire family has been left hanging. I hope the show will continue.

  13. tony says

    bring it back. Excellent show. Most of what is on ABC does not interest me, but this show has me for the first watching an ABC I like.

    • Nancy B says

      I can’t believe Zero Hour is being cancelled and replaced with wife swap, why do you remove intelligent programing and replacing it with dumb down tv, so sad, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find programing that allows the viewer to use their brains .

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