Zero Hour

Zero Hour TV showNetwork: ABC
Episodes: 13 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: February 14, 2013 — August 3, 2013
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Anthony Edwards, Addison Timlin, Carmen Ejogo, Dylan Baker, Jacinda Barrett, Michael Nyqvist, and Scott Michael Foster.

TV show description:      
Hank Galliston (Anthony Edwards) is the publisher of Modern Skeptic Magazine. He’s spent his career following clues, debunking myths and cracking conspiracies. But when his beautiful wife, Laila (Jacinda Barrett), is abducted from her antique clock shop, Hank gets pulled into a more compelling mystery than he could have imagined, one that stretches around the world and back centuries.

Contained in one of his wife’s clocks is a treasure map, and what it leads to could be cataclysmic. It’s up to Hank to decipher the symbols and unlock the secrets of the map. While doing so, he must ensure that the answers don’t fall into the wrong hands — like those of a sinister, mysterious man known only as White Vincent (Michael Nyqvist).

Hank, along with his two young associates — Rachel (Addison Timlin) and Arron (Scott Michael Foster)– and FBI agent Rebecca “Beck” Riley (Carmen Ejogo), embark on a race against the clock to not only find his wife, but to save humanity.

Series Finale:     
Episode #13 — Spring
Arriving at the entrance to New Jerusalem, Hank, Beck, Arron and the Shepherds know it’s now or never to find Rachael and stop Melanie “Mother” Lynch’s plan before it’s too late. But when the team unlock the doors, what they find is unimaginable. With faith shaken and time running out, it’s up to Hank and the team to take down Lynch and save the world before it’s too late.
First aired: August 3, 2013.


What do you think? Do you like the Zero Hour TV series? Are you sorry that the show has been cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Jeff says

    Of course, something that made you think a little, brought other conflicts from long ago into play would be canceled. Gotta make room for some stupid reality show or comedy that always seem to insult my intelligence. Sorry big 3 networks, I’ll go back to the some of the cable mini series thank you very much. Even in reruns, they are better than most of the crap you’re serving.

  2. Moosie says

    Finally a network show I could watch and….three weeks…….Bye! Why do these executives make millions of dollars and are unable to make a decision and live with the choice? Oh, I know! Why did I ask? They probably came up with a cheesy way to copy and rip off some idiotic and dumbed down reality show instead.

  3. Nonnie says

    I really liked this show. After the 3rd showing I couldn’t wait to see what would happen the next week. The station didn’t give it a chance & I’m bummed. What’s the problem????

  4. Kelly says

    I am so upset that they cancelled Zero Hour. I love the mystery, the suspense! It was so good and now we will never know what happened! I hate that! They could have played the first season…

  5. Michelle says

    I agree with the other comments, this show was interesting and kept me thinking. I am so sick of most of the junk that is on TV and really looked forward to watching this show. I am hoping someone else picks up the series.

  6. Rachelle Rosenberg says

    It was a great show, very interesting why did it get cancelled.

    We want it to come back
    bring the show back

  7. Chris says

    I like Zero Hour, if the network doesn’t want to bring the show back why don’t they put the entire season 1 on DVD and see how the distribution goes. I bet there would be many interested DVD viewers. The show just may have been on the wrong day and time.
    I agree with C George’s comments, I also liked Missing and that was canceled. Zero Hour should have completed it’s first season before the network execs canned it.
    There are many silly shows on that somehow survive.

  8. C. George says

    I would loved this show and would love to see it through. I loved the “Missing” with Ashley Judd too and it went missing in the middle. Last Resort ended and you didn’t know if it was all over or did they cancel it.

    I think that a show should complete it’s season at least before it gets ripped from the air and viewers are left wondering what happened. Besides a season is a fair start to allow a show time to develop and the word to get out.

    I’m just saying….

  9. M Smith says

    This was a great show & I want to see all of it. My family keeps asking where it is. Please bring it back.

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