Zero Hour

Zero Hour TV showNetwork: ABC
Episodes: 13 (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: February 14, 2013 — August 3, 2013
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Anthony Edwards, Addison Timlin, Carmen Ejogo, Dylan Baker, Jacinda Barrett, Michael Nyqvist, and Scott Michael Foster.

TV show description:      
Hank Galliston (Anthony Edwards) is the publisher of Modern Skeptic Magazine. He’s spent his career following clues, debunking myths and cracking conspiracies. But when his beautiful wife, Laila (Jacinda Barrett), is abducted from her antique clock shop, Hank gets pulled into a more compelling mystery than he could have imagined, one that stretches around the world and back centuries.

Contained in one of his wife’s clocks is a treasure map, and what it leads to could be cataclysmic. It’s up to Hank to decipher the symbols and unlock the secrets of the map. While doing so, he must ensure that the answers don’t fall into the wrong hands — like those of a sinister, mysterious man known only as White Vincent (Michael Nyqvist).

Hank, along with his two young associates — Rachel (Addison Timlin) and Arron (Scott Michael Foster)– and FBI agent Rebecca “Beck” Riley (Carmen Ejogo), embark on a race against the clock to not only find his wife, but to save humanity.

Series Finale:     
Episode #13 — Spring
Arriving at the entrance to New Jerusalem, Hank, Beck, Arron and the Shepherds know it’s now or never to find Rachael and stop Melanie “Mother” Lynch’s plan before it’s too late. But when the team unlock the doors, what they find is unimaginable. With faith shaken and time running out, it’s up to Hank and the team to take down Lynch and save the world before it’s too late.
First aired: August 3, 2013.


What do you think? Do you like the Zero Hour TV series? Are you sorry that the show has been cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Dave says

    I do hope ABC will reconsider — saw the last show last night and I felt it was the BEST show ever!! Just came online to check when the next season series will be — was disappointed to find the show has been canceled. My message to ABC Executives — try one more season; I promise you’ll get more audience — doing last few shows in summer is no-brainer — everybody are out on vacation.

  2. Betty M. says

    We thought the show was brilliant! I can’t believe they cancelled it without even giving it a chance. Moving it to Saturday was putting the final nail in its coffin. At least they gave it a credible ending, but also the glimmer of hope that it may pick up as Hank & his team vowed to “revisit” all the stories they’ve covered in the past. It’s a sad comment on society when we cancel a show that we actually have to exercise our minds, but instead prefer mindless drivel that seems to go on and on ad nauseum (i.e. The Bachelor/ette, Celebrity Wife Swap, etc.). These people need to get a life!

  3. Van Brus says

    We really love this show. Please reconsider keeping this show on. We have been anxiously waiting for the final episodes to start playing again. There are not a lot of shows with a great cast, and a super interesting story.

  4. Diane says

    So sorry that this show has been canceled. The network didn’t give it a chance for viewers to catch onto it.
    So done with reality show that are so boring and predictable.

  5. Todd Carter says

    Every time a great new series is put on TV, one with intelligence and not formulaic, it gets cancelled. Let the Dumbing Down of America continue!

  6. says

    We need more TV Shows that make people use their minds to make decisions about God since we are living near the end of days, which still could be thousands of years ahead of us. No one on earth knows for sure, but no matter, we should be doing God’s work when Jesus does return. We only get to choose our future of Heaven or Hell while we are alive.

    Too many evil false prophet shows of mediums, paranormal ghost (demon) hunting etc has captured our attention. Satan is the master of confusion, and wants to do everything to keep our mind off of God and more on ourselves.

    This show should be renewed and use the newspaper to seek out all the myths and truths and investigate and make the writing of the show leaving us with something to think about.

    this show needs to be renewed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. says

    I’m SO not happy they are canceling this show. My husband and I were just talking about what a great show this is, how entertaining etc. There is so much crap on tv…and everyone I know is complaining. Many of our friends have just unugged. I’m completely sad. What will they put in its place? Another cop show? How about Honey BooBoo II? What a disappointment.

  8. Her says

    Really vimbed that they have canceled zero hour it is a good show with a good cast and has potential to be a real good series abc should really give it a chance. I know there was this show that I watched that got canceled and then a couple years later it came back due to a potion I wonder if the same thing is possible in this situation? Or I hope another network picks it up.

  9. says

    I am sooo SICK this show has been cancelled – I am soooo SICK of not having intelligent shows bec other reviewers want gibberish, brain dead comedy, and no plot no acting cookie cutter shows!!! TOUCH and ZERO HOUR have been FABULOUS thought provoking dramas but omg let’s not act like we have braincells to exercise! Whats the point in writing my own book or script in the same vein when it’ll only be wasted on reviewers who cant accept the unknown around us? Networks need to provide more than more game shows and more crime shows (which I also love) and more comedy dramas – and ALLOW US SOMETHING INTELLIGENT!! Zero is just in a long list of shows I was sucked into watching only to have wasted my time when they got cancelled!

  10. Maureen says

    Really liked this show to bad maybe network will change their minds there is o much garbage on tv why remove real gem :(

  11. says

    Too bad you’ve cancelled the series. It had great action, wonderful cast, and awesome acting. I guess you are more interested in polluting us with nasty shows filled with sex, cussing and subpar acting.

  12. Judy says

    I love the Zero hour. I hope ABC will reconsider and renew this show. As it is , they do not have very many good shows. I wouldn’t call the Bachelor or the Bachlorette good TV.

  13. Pingouine says

    What a waste, what a loss. As mentioned, A GEM IT WAS. I just listened to the finale of this great show that indeed started slowly, but it came to really grow on me with its captivating original story line and skilled cast. I would have been willing to continue with their perspective of revising everything disproved, any time and for a long time.
    But this show was not very well marketed for starters, for with such a subject, it should have caught on. But moving it on the schedule grid is usually a show killer, and this was no exception.

    You’d think the network bosses would be starting to catch on the fact that the increasingly lower ratings are due to people not having enough time to get familiar with the good shows. At the beginning of the seasons, the people still willing to give a chance to TV ALL hop around for the first weeks to see which show is best, hour after hour, week after week, on different channels, so it is normal it would take between 1-2 months before audiences crystallize in front of their preferred shows. Pulling shows after 2-3 airings will just get more and more people frustrated and fed up, unwilling to put in any more time to get acquainted with new shows only to see them cancelled as they get interested.
    Keep at it TV network head honchos, eventually you’ll simply be left with the very minimal basic public fully satisfied with inexpensive and uncreative reality shows: guess that’s your objective after all… money, money, money!
    If only one of them read this and paid attention for once…

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