All-American Muslim: TLC Series Cancelled, No Season Two

All-American Muslim canceledThe TLC docu-series All-American Muslim has been cancelled after one season of eight episodes.

The TV show debuted to 1.7 million viewers back in November but lost a lot of steam over the course of the short season. The season (now series) finale drew just 900,000 viewers in mid-December.

All-American Muslim revolves around the everyday lives of five Lebanese American Muslim families who live in Dearborn, Michigan. From football players to police officers, the show gives a glimpse into the world of the highest concentration of that demographic in the United States.

Though the TV show received some positive reviews, the Florida Family Association came out against the show said that it was “propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda’s clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values.” Some conservatives claimed that the show should have shown the Muslim-Americans as radicals while some conservative Muslims felt the characters were not pious enough.

The Florida Family Association urged advertisers to pull their commercials from the show and Lowe’s did, saying that the series didn’t meet its guidelines for ad placements. The retailer took some heat for that decision from Christian and Muslim groups but didn’t relent, despite some boycotting efforts.

One of the castmembers, Suehaila Amen, told the Detroit Free Press, “Having the opportunity to be a part of such a groundbreaking series with TLC has been extraordinary… Our show helped to pave the way for the moderate Muslim voice to be heard in this nation.”

Suehaila’s brother, Bilal Amen, noted “The show was an amazing experience and I am honored that TLC gave us that chance… They did an amazing job… we opened up the eyes of many Americans, showing them that we are just like everyone else. I am sad it was not picked back up, it was an important conversation that needs to happen in a country where racist comments are being considered dialogue.”

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  1. Craig says

    I never watched the show. I knew that the producers would be unable to really capture the complexity of Muslims in the US. They would go for the most vanilla families, and we wouldn’t learn anything.