Man Up!: ABC Releases All Unaired Episodes

Man Up! unaired episodesUnderstandably, ABC opted not to give Man Up! a full 22 episode order. The freshman sitcom’s been a ratings disappointment and dropped nearly every week it was on the air. Last month, ABC announced their mid-season schedule and Man Up! wasn’t on it. In short, the series has been all but officially cancelled.

It looked like the network was going to let the show continue airing until Work It took over the timeslot in January. Last week, they decided to pull Man Up! from the schedule and replace it with reruns of Last Man Standing.

Since they had five episodes left, it seemed like a good possibility that ABC would burn them off over the summer. Not so. ABC has now released four of the five unaired episodes online — “Camping,” “Fear,” “Up All Night,” and “Letting Go.” They haven’t released the 13th installment but that one was never on the schedule anyway. Does it even exist? I’ll let you know if I find out. [Update: there is a 13th episode. Thanks to Kyle for the info.] [Second update: the 13th installment (“Be Who You’re Not”) has also been released and it’s been added below. Thanks to Shari for the info.]

If you’re one of the millions who watched the sitcom, we’ve posted the episodes below. They’re also available through iTunes and Amazonfor purchase.

What do you think? Are you sorry that Man Up! has been canned? Any thoughts on how the series should have wrapped up? Does it need any resolution?

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  1. Craig says

    I won’t go as far as to say it was one of the best shows, but I did find myself enjoying the show much more than the ratings would have led me to believe. Of the cancelled shows this season, this is the only one I wish had stuck around.

  2. Anonymous says

    This was one of the best show on the air. Don’t think they let it run long enough. Kept searching for episodes; we thought it was just a holiday break. Hope another nextwork picks it up. We’ll definitely watch the rest of the episodes….thanks

  3. Rebecca says

    I enjoyed this show and was happy to find episodes 9-13 on hulu “accidentally” the other day. Watched them all in one morning, and they were some of the funniest of the show. Love Dan Fogler – I hope he is cast in something else good soon.

  4. Tim says

    I also really enjoyed this show. Network television is becoming such a pain. So many things are created and destroyed so quickly. I’m under the impression that nobody in this world actually knows what is going on anymore. Perhaps the networks haven’t yet figured out how to determine if shows are being enjoyed with all of the new ways to watch them? I hope something changes soon… there’s been far too many shows that have piqued my interest and be canceled in recent years.

  5. Bethany says

    I noticed with sadness that they pulled the show already, and therefore did not tune into the station for that timeslot even for a second. I have not missed a single episode and have about 500 friends who also would watch each week, and we would chat about it. But I guess none of us had Nielson in our pockets so we don’t count. That is just my little life, but eh, what is 501 households compared to everyone else. I still hold out hope that USA or TNT or TBS or someone will pick up the show and keep it running. Even if it only gets a Summer run each year, this show was far better than most of the new shows that have come out in recent years. Too bad the Nielson families didn’t show that. I will be watching and rewatching these episodes as often as I can, and just maybe the show can pull a Family Guy or a Fear Factor and be resurected when they discover that it should never have been canceled.

    I do give Kudos to the tv guys for not just moving it all over the schedule however. I may have a lot of negative critiques for them, but the show stayed on when it was supposed to air. Only I think people got so used to the whack-a-mole style that they didn’t think to tune in to the same day, same time schedule. LOL

  6. Colin says

    Man Up was definitely good it just had a disappointing pilot

    still don’t understand how a network exec could possibly think Work It is going to be better

  7. James says

    Yea, it’s upsetting that it got cancelled. It was the only thing I really watched on Tuesday’s and that Tim Allen show is no Home Improvement. I wish there was at least a full season of episodes! I love Dan Fogler! Anyways, that’s just my opinion!

  8. Shannon Johnston says

    I absolutely loved this show!! The characters were hilarious and they worked so well together! Even though Man Up wasn’t on for very long, I’m really going to miss it!!!!!!!

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