ER castNetwork: NBC
Episodes: 332 (hour)
Seasons: 15

Show dates:
September 19, 1994 — April 2, 2009

Performers include: Sharif Atkins, Maria Bello, Linda Cardellini, George Clooney, Anthony Edwards, Scott Grimes, Laura Innes, Alex Kingston, Eriq La Salle, Julianna Margulies, Kellie Martin, Paul McCrane, Michael Michele, Ming-Na, Parminder Nagra, Erik Palladino, Mekhi Phifer, Gloria Reuben, John Stamos, Sherry Stringfield, Maura Tierney, Goran Visnjic, Shane West, and Noah Wyle.

er past TV show

Series Description:
This long-running medical drama is set primarily in the emergency room of the fictional County General Hospital in Chicago, Illinois and focuses primarily on medical cases. In the early years, the series followed the lives and careers of third year medical student John Carter (Wylie), Dr. Susan Lewis (Stringfield), Dr. Mark Greene (Edwards), Dr. Peter Benton (La Salle), Dr. Doug Ross (Clooney), and Nurse Carol Hathaway (Margulies). All of the original castmembers moved on by the end of the 11th season but many other characters have been added over the years.

Series Finale:     
The series has ended.


What happened next?   
There are currently no plans to revive the series.


Behind the Scenes

The series was created by novelist Michael Crichton who wrote Jurassic Park and other bestsellers.
Future Oscar-winner George Clooney and Noah Wylie appeared as emergency room doctors in a first season episode of Friends (which also began in 1994 on NBC).
Julianna Margulies’ character was supposed to commit suicide in the pilot but test audiences responded so positively to her that the producers asked Margulies to continue on the show.
Clooney left the show in 1999 when his character Dr. Doug Ross quit the hospital. He made a brief reappearance a year later and his character reunited with Carol Hathaway when Margulies left the show.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    There has never been another medical drama series like ER , other have tried but failed in the first seasons , as they could not match up to ER , sure Er was a bit over the top in the last few seasons buy was still a pleasure to watch , If they do not bring back ER , at least give us spinoff of some sort with the orignal characters , Abbey, Luka , John Carter , etc , I am sure John Wells and his creative team can come up with something ,

    I have all the seasons and still watch them from time to time and also watch re-runs when they on TV , so John Wells if you ever read this please give us ER or a Spinoff

  2. Jeremy Rynek says

    Well I just watched the entire series. All 15 season from front to back. And overall I’d give it a 6.5 out of 10. I liked it at first, it was something new, I never really watched it when it was on, by mom wanted to watch it, so I watched it with her. Honestly it should have ended more around season 8 or 9, maybe 10. I think it was just too drama packed in as you get further and further into the series. I loved the original main cast. It was great then. They really should have kept them. With new characters, came new drama. Like Abby with her mom. But I loved Archy Morris, Jerry and Frank as well. The rest of the characters were just new. I won’t say they were completely unnecessary, but still. Too many of the character’s drama was brought in. I know it would be boring if it was completely just in the hospital, and nothing else, but still. With people being stupid with guns. It all got really old. People shooting for no real reason, doctors being held at gunpoint to do this and that, when there really isn’t a lot they can do. Once people shot up the entire ER. It got really depressing honestly. But my theory is it went so long because they had 15 years to spread all this out. And I watched it all in about 6 to 7 months. So I’d really recommend the first few seasons. But it will still draw you in more and more. And I was really sick of it by season 10. And with all the s**t that kept happening with plane crashes everything else they came up with, and the criminals with guns, it was too much. Maybe if the main cast was on longer, I’d like it more. Or if they dialed down the drama quite a bit. But I really don’t think I’ll ever really watch the series from front to back like that again. So really there are a lot of things that could have made the show better or worse. But I’m glad a lot of people returned in the final season. So watch at your own risk. My advice to really like it, watch a season, then wait like a month and watch the next one. But it’s your call.

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