Lost Girl: Cancelled, Ending with Season Five

Lost Girl TV show on Syfy canceledThe end is in sight for Syfy‘s Lost Girl series. The upcoming fifth season will be the show’s last. Star Anna Silk announced the news to fans via Twitter and YouTube.

Silk told EW that, “Honestly, I thought we might get one more, but I knew that this could be the last season… It’s time, in a way. In terms of the story, I think we could have done another. But I’m happy that we’re saying goodbye in a particularly strong season, and I’m pleased that we’re gonna go out with a bang.”

On the positive side, the producers of Lost Girl learned that the series wasn’t being renewed for a sixth season early enough so that they could make a true series finale.

Here’s the video announcement:

There are 16 episodes in season five and the first eight will air in Canada starting December 7th. Syfy has yet to announce an airdate — or to officially announce that they will air the fifth season. It’s almost guaranteed that they will, it’s just a question of when.

Here’s the press release about the series ending from Showcase in Canada:


TORONTO, August 25, 2014 – Today, Showcase revealed that the previously announced fifth season of Lost Girl will wrap up the fan-favourite series. In a message to the show’s loyal “Fae”-natics, Lost Girl star Anna Silk revealed that Showcase supersized the original 13-episode order to 16 final episodes bringing the series to a thrilling conclusion. The season is split into two heart-stopping parts, with the first eight episodes airing Sundays at 9pm ET/PT on Showcase, beginning December 7.

“The massive popularity of Lost Girl is a testament to the inventive and hard-working team at Prodigy Pictures, the magnetic and talented cast and the most devoted and passionate fan base in Canadian television,” said Barbara Williams, Senior Vice President, Content, Shaw Media. “We’re so proud that Showcase has been the home to this landmark series and we look forward to sharing these final 16 episodes with the show’s fans.”

“It’s been an absolute honour playing Bo, and I’m looking forward to seeing where her personal journey leads her this season,” said Lost Girl star Anna Silk.

“Lost Girl has been an incredible ride. We’re so proud to have delivered a show with the groundbreaking message that you can live the life you choose,” said Executive Producer Jay Firestone.

Lost Girl follows supernatural seductress Bo (Silk), a tough yet loveable Succubus who feeds off sexual energy. Since realizing she is part of the Fae, creatures of legend and folklore who live among humans, Bo has resisted choosing an allegiance to either the Dark or Light Fae clans. Instead, she has forged her own path between the human and Fae worlds, while embarking on a mission to unlock the secrets of her origin.

In the blow-out final season, Bo goes to hell and back to try to save the people she loves, triggering an explosive chain of events that play out over the exhilarating final episodes.

Lost Girl was developed by Prodigy Pictures, in association with Shaw Media and Showcase. Executive Producers are Jay Firestone, Vanessa Piazza and Michael Grassi.

Lost Girl is produced with the participation of the Canadian Media Fund created by the Government of Canada and the Canadian cable industry, and with the assistance of the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit and the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit Program.

What do you think? Do you like the Lost Girl series? Is it time to end the show or should it have been renewed for a sixth season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. levi says

    It is about time,it should have been cancelled a looonngg time ago due to the disgusting sexual content! It had a good story at the beginning but then got gross with the lesbian content, kids could not watch let alone families! Glad it is finally over!

    • Penny says


      This was never a child’s show. Just because are uncomfortable with the sexual aspects of the show doe not mean it should be canceled. if you personally have issues with the show DON’T watch it. There are others that have a more open mind to what is on tv these days and use their ability to ‘choose’ what to watch and what not to watch – with out dictating to others what they should watch.

      • Anonymous says

        Penny,you proved my point! People DO NOT want to watch!! They should have worked on a strong story line without the cheap sexual aspects,and then it might NOT have been cancelled! Only a handful of people want to watch empty cheap tv shows! We want good and creative tv without the crass content.

  2. Delia B says

    R u kidding me., cancelled. The network should be honored & proud to have Ben allowed to are this exceptional show. This show clearly had at least a few more strong years left. If it’s such a phenomenal series why cancel it?!? I’m literally to she such an epic show get canceled and have other less appealing ones still aire. When there high ratings. It actually means ppl like it not the complete opposite.
    Lost girl, truly one of the few series I watch. I instantly got hooked & I’m it’s leaving. Truly a one of a kind, unique show being part of my top 5, along with Greys Anatomy. When a show is compared to GA, u keep it on!
    ALways a Bo & Lauren (Lah-Bo) supporter, cheerer & applauder till the end.

    • Delia B says

      for 2016 introducing another season + another + another Lost girl season.
      With so many ridiculous shows airing on the program. Let’s keep our top rating “Lost go” show.
      I’m looking forward on my continuous grow with “lost girl” by my side. A show that allows u to root for our Romeo & Juliet (Lah-Boo), feel excitement. A sense of being a bad ass (Bo), ready to conquer such a cruel work (fae)

  3. Avenue hearts says

    How about boycott showcase ,we stop watching it until they bring it back! And on top of that it has an open story line I would have thought this series would have went farther or just as far as supernatural

    • Delia B says

      Totally agree. They allow leas appealing shows to keep airing. But a show that I get a positive confidence from. They go cancel. Total bull s**t. There priorities r messed up. They got confused in thinking that a high rates show means cancellation. Allowing cheesy, let’s have 100 similar show aire. But cancel the one show tht stood out.
      U.S. Ppl r rooting it on, sticking behind it.

  4. Autumn Hope Nicholas says

    2 years later and I can’t find anything after s5e8… did they ever ACTUALLY air anything else?!

    • Penny Askay says

      What the did was do 16 total episodes for the final season. 8 were aired in 2015 and the fianl 8 to be aired in 2016.

      I have gone to many sites related to Lost Girl includiing the one that is reponsible for the production of the show. they do not respond – at all. i do not believe they really care how much we love this show. i have even posted on the stars facebook pages with no response. i have also signed petitions to prevent the cancelation. it really is an awesome show.

    • Val says

      There are still eight episodes to be aired – later this year in CA and sometime in 2016 for USA.
      They could do a season 6 which could take us into 2018 ;-(

      • Delia B says

        Well if they were gonna split 1 season in 2 yrs. they should have just had 2 separate seasons. A s5 & s6.
        His show is that good. We rate it along side Greys anatomy. As being in our top TV shows to watch.
        I guess to the network. When rating are high they cut u off & give crappy ones extensions.

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