Undercovers: Cancelled Series Ends Its Run; What About the Last Two Episodes?

UndercoversTonight marks the last scheduled episode of low-rated Undercovers. NBC has 13 installments of the cancelled TV show but only scheduled 11 of them. There’s no word on when or if the other two will see the light of day. So, what are fans missing?

Undercovers co-creator and executive producer Josh Reims told Blastr back in October that, “The main direction that we’re headed in the overall scheme of things is we have some mythology that’s starting to play out in the show now which will get larger and larger as we go along.”

Reims continued, “We find out in episode 12 or 13, I can’t remember which, the real reason that Steven and Samantha were actually brought back to the CIA. And it’s not just to save Leo, who was their friend. There’s much more involved in that.” Based on episode titles, it would seem that number 13, “The Reason,” holds the big secret. Episode 12 is titled “Dark Cover.”

Reims added, “There’s stuff that Carlton Shaw [Gerald McRaney] doesn’t know. He was left out of the loop by his boss. So everybody is sort of thrown for a loop near the end of the season and readjusting to what things are, as opposed to what they thought they were.” Shaw’s boss, James Kelvin (Alan Dale from Lost) was just introduced.

TV show supportOf the Undercovers cancellation, Reims told Zap2It, “I’m really proud of the show. I thought it looked amazing and I loved working with the cast and crew. We had a lot of fun.” He added, “The show turned out pretty much the way I envisioned, and when it didn’t, it was actually better.” Reims admitted that the show just couldn’t attract a big enough audience to survive.

Whether the final two installments are aired or not, the last episode of Undercovers will leave fans up in the air. Reims noted, “I think the episodes are getting stronger every week, and I’m sorry we have to stop at 13, because we had so many more stories to tell with these people. Not to mention we have a great mythology arc… and [it] ends with a cliffhanger.”

NBC hasn’t announced any plans to release the remaining episodes of Undercovers.

What do you think? Will NBC ever air the last two episodes? How would you like to see the series end?

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  1. Nikky says

    I think undercovers is a great show, I stayed glued to it for the 11 episodes, pls continue showing it. I will love to see the two lovely agents doing their tremendous cooking and undercover job….I love love love it!!!!!!

  2. says

    I thought this show was fantastic,not only was you shown different parts of the world but Steven and Samantha was fabulous,please try and make a second Season as I can’t wait to see them back in action.Was better than James Bond.

  3. Teedex says

    This is so unfair, it was a great one. I wonder why it was cancelled and most of the ones left on TV are not as interesting as undercovers. The least you guys could do was to release all the episodes and safe us the stress of thinking about what could have happened next.

  4. LD says

    I really liked this show. I notice all the action series are going away for vampires and
    science fiction. Where is the Love?

  5. Tammi says

    I’m disappointed in America. A great show like Undercovers gets cancelled and there’s still so much garbage on TV! I hope we get to see the last 2 episodes and I really hope the complete first season is at least put on sale!!

  6. IM says

    I am so disappointed!! I loved this show. I think there is so much of the story that still remains untold. The audience didn’t get straight answers and I think it should be brought back at least for one more season or that the last two episodes should be released in order to grasp the overall story. It deserves a second chance.

  7. Marie Veneralle says

    I am extemely unhappy to just be learning that this show is not going to be on anymore. It was one of my favorites. Why is is being canceled. I think they should give it another shot. I really miss this show.

  8. says

    i really i liked the i liked the actors. i thought it was an excellent show it was just in a bad time slot. please show the last two episodes and be nice if you bring the show back for anothere chance but on drifferent on a different time slot too.

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