Weeds Network: Showtime
Episodes: 102 (half-hour)
Seasons: Eight

TV show dates: August 8, 2005 — September 16, 2012
Series status: Ending

Performers include: Mary-Louise Parker, Elizabeth Perkins, Hunter Parrish, Kevin Nealon, Alexander Gould, Justin Kirk, Andy Milder, Allie Grant, Romany Malco, Tonye Patano, Indigo, Maulik Pancholy, Renee Victor, Guillermo D\u00edaz, Jack Stehlin and Martin Donovan.

TV show description:      
In a fictional and upper-class suburb of Los Angeles, Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) is left to raise sons Shane (Alexander Gould) and Silas (Hunter Parrish) alone after her husband Judah (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) dies of heart failure.

She quickly finds herself in a financial crisis so, with nowhere else to turn, Nancy begins to sell marijuana to her fellow suburbanites — while keeping it a secret from her sons, fellow PTA members and nosy neighbors.

Other characters include Judah’s black-sheep brother Andy (Justin Kirk); PTA President Celia Hodes (Elizabeth Perkins); accountant Doug Wilson (Kevin Nealon); Silas’ deaf girlfriend (Shoshannah Stern); marijuana supplier Heylia James (Tonye Patano) and her nephew Conrad (Romany Malco).

Series Finale:     
Episode 102 — It’s Time, Part 2
This TV series has not ended yet.
First aired: September 16, 2012


What do you think? Are you sorry that Weeds is coming to an end or is it time for the show to be over?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    I loved the show character and the whole plot ,I didn’t think of the show to much until I started watching it .it was an excellent show made for tv. I finally got to episode 63 on dvd can’t wait till the rest of them show up on dvd please keep the show going loved it and all who made the show worthwhile watching this spectacular made for television series keep up the good work excellent show.

  2. says

    I start watching first season now from DVD. I thought it was impression a story about drug dealer sells weed a series are you kidding me . I was wondering how was their rating shows. If they are end there s nothing we can do about it it’s the people out of the world watching or not like or dislike.
    I am at no one side . I just watched the first time .
    Good luck

  3. RamonScalamandre says

    Weeds was great when it began and for a few years after. Then it lost it’s edge and, in wrapping up to finish the story arc(s), it has become good again. I notice a trend with anything good on television these days – they are given the chance to tie up loose strings and go out in as good a style as they can. As a viewer, I would rather be able to rely on watching what I like for as many years, or seasons, as I’d like. But as a fan of storytelling, I appreciate this trend. I only wish it could have been the way other series had ended – like The Riches and a few (very few) other funny dramedies. Just I was beginning to fell it was safe to climb back into the waters of television, all that is good is coming to an end. Nicely tied with a bow on top, but nicely nonetheless. Aloha.

    • blking74 says

      The riches? That tv show ended on episode 7 it didn’t end well at all and also they are doing better with weeds I think it can go for more seasons,and for the riches it that was a very good show and shouldn’t have ended the way it did tv is getting so lame.

  4. Maremosso says

    I got onto this show only after the 4th season, as it’s not exactly pc enough for the country where I live….but I thoroughly enjoyed what I saw, intelligent writing and good acting have made it a pleasure to watch….definitely one of the top TV shows in America, and it makes us outsiders remember when the US could afford humour and irony in a loveable , self deprecating way.
    I do hope the producers, writers and actors will find a cohesive way to continue “Weeds”, even as a spinoff – but hopefully using the same grey cells.

  5. Weedsbotwin says

    SAVE WEEDS PLEASE LIKE THIS FACEBOOK PAGE ”Weeds Season 9 (Showtime TV SHOW)” http://www.facebook.com/pages/Weeds-Season-9-Showtime-TV-SHOW/409489299110961 this tv show is so amazing and I can’t believe it’s ending. it became a big part of my life and I really fell in love with this tv show I can’t believe it’s ending after season 8 I’m so shocked i thought it’d at least have 10 seasons!! this is really sad news why all the best shows have to end so fast? Weeds needs to have more seasons and more adventures please I beg everyone who loves this show and a fan of this show to like this page even if you don’t like the tv show can you please like this page? imagine something you really really LOVE and you are about to lose it? how would you feel? and don’t say to move on and stuffs and these kind of things because I don’t want that. all i want is for weeds to continue and have more seasons. when i heard the news about weeds going to end after season 8 only I felt like someone told me ”You will never see the sun again, or your dreams will never come true, and every wish you wish will never come true.” I feel like someone just stab me in the heart over and over and broke my heart and threw it away and crashed it into little pieces. this is so unfair and really injustice for such a good tv show to end. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP EVERY FAN OF THIS TV SHOW BY LIKING THIS PAGE AND TELL OTHERS TO DO THE SAME PLEASE.

  6. Jeremy Rynek says

    Hands down the best premium channels show. Even though I don’t smoke pot I still find it very enteraining with great writing and plot twists. With Kevin Nealon and Justin Kirk in the cast the show is frickin halirous!!!! I hope the show never ends!!!! Showtime you rock, but I still think you canceled Brotherhood prematurely.

  7. Edwin Warren says

    absorbing, hilarious, wonderful production values, interesting deja vue that isn’t, very hip dialogue, not as deep as Breaking Bad but funnier. 10/01/09

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