All My Children: Online Series Plans Cancelled

All My Children canceledBad news for fans of the long-running All My Children soap opera. It looks like the cancelled TV series may not be continuing online after all.

After ABC cancelled All My Children and One Life to Live, Prospect Park announced plans to continue the soaps as web programs via their new Internet channel, The Online Network.

Unfortunately, the company has had difficulty working out a financial model that could support the production of new episodes. In addition, only two AMC actors — Cameron Mathison and Lindsay Hartley — signed on for the new version.

it’s now being reported that Prospect Park won’t be doing an online version of AMC after all. Other reports indicate that the show will be delayed for three months or longer. This news is particularly disappointing for longtime viewers who were hoping the series would be wrapped up in a satisfying way. Since the online version was in the works, producers ended AMC with several cliffhangers rather than wrapping things up as originally planned.

Prospect Park does still plan to produce a web version of One Life to Live. They haven’t set a date as to when that will debut but several castmembers have already signed on to take part in the new version. One Life to Live is scheduled to sign off of ABC in January.

What do you think? Do you think One Life to Live will really continue? Are you sorry that AMC may not be back? If new episodes can’t be made, how would you like to see AMC continue or wrapped up — via books, audio dramas, animation, or ?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Cynthia says

    I have been watching AMC for 33 years since I was in junior high school. This was the one constant in my life. I am very sad that they have cancelled the show. It was a bright spot in my day. I taped it everyday and watched it when I got off work. I think ABC taking this off the air is the dumbest thing they could ever do. Like we need a cooking show. Give me a break!

  2. Lisa says

    AMC has been a daily escape for over 40 years of my life, since the 1st show aired. Taking this show off the air was a HUGE mistake made by ABC executives that apparently don’t understand that this show was part of many people’s lives, and also our US culture. Perhaps it’s the ABC network that is the dinosaur that needs to go instead of AMC. I am boycotting all ABC shows, and encouraging friends and family to do the same. The last thing we need in our ‘food obsessed’ society is yet another show about food. And a talk show no less. ABC, your turn will come. BYE BYE !!!!!

  3. deb says

    I have watched AMC since the day it started when I was in jr. High and it was a half hour show.. I don’t know what ABC is thinking.. Put it back on and admit you made a HUGH MISTAKE and just suck it up.. Your replacement I will never watch and problably nothing else you would put in that time slot.. I would like to boycot this network completely, Just put the soap back on and leave the rest of things alone.. OR hire someone with half a brain, to make things work.

  4. cathy says

    I had been watching AMC since the beginning and am deeply saddened it is off the air.
    I will absolutely not watch The Chew!! Or any other ABC TV!!

  5. Carol says

    The chew is the booo,its awful can’t believe abc removed a classic for a food channel. Please do us all a favor and put amc back on if you take off one life to live abc will surely go down hill. if anything should have been removed, then it should have been general hospital.
    zzzzzzzzzzzzz ABC do yourself a favor put all my children back on and leave one life to live a lone or you might fine your daytime network gone.

  6. Geraldine says

    I watch All My Children on a daily basis I really don’t understand why you took if off the put on a cooking show that really should be on Food Network. I don’t care for it and really wish ABC would bring AMC back. We have more than enough Talk Show and shows for younger people. But what about the seniors who are in this world GET RID of the Chew and General Hospital and save One Life to Live and bring back All My Children.

  7. Barbara says

    I can’t stand it. Another cooking show! AMC was my escape from reality. I’ve watched for 31 years. This was a way for me to peep into the live of others and share there joy and pain. And a lot of the time it made me feel that my life problems weren’t so bad. They were all part of of family. I am truly sadden.

  8. Charleston says

    As all the good folks have expressed their DISAPPOINTMENT I to feel the pain. I remember my mom and I would watch AMC during the summer months. I was in school and she was a teacher. We loved this show so much and would have plenty of discussions about the characters and storylines and enjoyed how they worked out. In 1984 I brought my first VCR (upgraded now to DVR) and my mom was concern about the price. When I set the timer and we watch AMC that evening she became an immediate convert. I had my doubts about the show continuing online and now it appears that they have come to past. My mom passed away in 1996 and I have continue watching AMC feeling her with me until the end of the show. She really would have been hurt over this. As far as ABC I don’t really watch anything on the network. Now I am not watching ABC period.

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