The Dresden Files: Sci Fi Series Cancelled After One Season

Dresden FilesAfter months of uncertainty, the fantasy/mystery series has been cancelled and won’t be returning for a second season.

The Dresden Files was based on a series of novels by Jim Butcher and followed the adventures of Harry Dresden, a wizard who helped the police solve cases. The show debuted on the Sci Fi Channel on January 21, 2007 and ran for 12 episodes. Though the series’ ratings weren’t very strong, a loyal fanbase had hoped that Dresden Files would be renewed for a sophomore year. That didn’t happen and Sci Fi has now confirmed that the series is done.

Perhaps not coincidentally, this news comes on the same day that its been announced that Dresden Files star Paul Blackthorne has joined the cast of new ABC drama Big Shots. Blackthorne will play a high-powered CEO that draws the envy of characters played by Joshua Malina, Dylan McDermott, Christopher Titus, and Michael Vartan. Big Shots will begin airing this Fall on Thursday nights, following Grey’s Anatomy on ABC. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Mary says

    Just watched the first Season of Dresden Files and was so bummed to see that episode 12 was it. I was totally enjoying and looking forward to watching another season. I get sucked into a great show and then nothing more because they cancel on us. There is such crap on TV right now that keeps getting extended for another season and then we have good shows that get cancelled and leave us hanging.

  2. iktrol says

    read 0n some other page that sci fi you is just getting controlled by religous people & I see that I also agree with that comment

  3. tgv horaires says

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  4. mad1 says

    Cannot believe a one series wonder twelve episodes of magic and humour . Crackin stuff, aint seen the likes since a v young Jack Nicholson,Karloff,Price,Lorrie in The Raven

  5. Joe says

    I recently started watching this show after it was recommended on Netflix. I thought it had a strong concept that could have made it a raging success, but suffered from too many flaws with the delivery.
    First Dresden’s constant first person corny narratives were silly and annoying. I understand the writers were trying to recapture the feeling of the books, but it completely disrupted my immersion into the story – not mention his “pearl drops of wisdom” reminded me of being trapped next to a senile old person on the subway who just won’t stop offering.
    Second, the writers couldn’t seem to make up their mind on any of the fundamental premises of the show. They keep describing Dresden as “morally ambiguous”, but he does nothing but ponce around self-righteously helping anyone with a supernatural problem, often for absolutely no compensation whatsoever. Just once, they should have had him slip some young college girl a magical roofie, or maybe when he’s done saving the rich widower from the ghost of her dead grandmother, he magically picks her pocket for drinking money. The writers seemed to confuse “moral flaws” with being whiney skeptic who disbelieves every client that walks in the door? Has it ever NOT been the demon boogeyman giving the guy a rash on his bollocks? As a wizard, can’t Dresdon tell? And this is my major problem with the first half of the season: Dresdon is a terrible wizard (and big p***y). He pretty much relies on magical devices from other people than doing anything much himself, and spends half of his time getting bashed around by the supernatural baddies before somebody else decides to step in and save him. I say half, because by about the eighth episode the writers must have seen their ratings slipping; all of a sudden instead to trying bop a vampire on the head with his hockey stick, he’s melting their faces with sun fingers! Where the hell did this come from? Now can shoot lightning bolts and use telekinesis at will? Then why, just two episodes ago was he jumped by an old man in a ski mask? Along with this upsurge of power, apparently he stops caring about being secretive anymore: snapping his fingers to open doors, giving the cop chick magic lessons – he does everything but buy her a train ticket to Hogwarts. There are plenty more continuity problems, but I realize now that I don’t care enough to document them. Needless to say, the story felt so disjointed at this point and I had to stop watching. There was just too much sad desperation on the part of the writers, like getting a midnight booty call from an overweight ex-girlfriend… but enough about my personal problems.

  6. Ian says

    Maybe if they actually followed some of story and t least got the names right of important characters and groups the shows migh have better ratings

  7. Steve says

    I really wish the various entertainment tycoons would stop throwing money down the drain by cancelling good shows before they can really get a following. Several great science fiction shows were cancelled way to early. Some won awards after being cancelled after 1/2 a season, others like fire-fly became so popular movies were picked up and made. Looking at TV history some of the best money makers had struggles early on, and entire franchises can erupt around a popular show. Take for instance Star Trek, Star Wars, Buffy and countless others where the money extends beyond the realm of the series alone. Science fiction viewers tend to be a bit slow to catch on to a good series, but can be faithful to a fault, give these shows a better shake and perhaps just perhaps you can stop making mistakes of early cancellations.

    • dave says

      American television holds to two trends. The trends are either to cut shows early, I believe this is due to a case of asshat among tv execs. The other trend is to carry shows so long that writers run out of ideas- which is a case of greed I am convinced. Now we have media options like Hulu and I can watch what I want when I want…and look at all the Dresden like stuff that is coming out now that we have this freedom. Coincidence? lets put sports online and see how long traditional cable television lasts.

  8. Jan says

    Was just checking on the scheduling for some of the shows.

    Fringe is going on hiatus AGAIN for 4 weeks and then, supposedly, they’ll broadcast 8 episodes week after week, to finish up the season.

    How much you want to be they won’t be broadcast week after week ..

  9. Jan says

    And oh yeah, part of why some series do bad these days is completely independent from actual viewing numbers.

    Just look at the scheduling jugling that has been going on for the last few months.
    Several shows have an episode here and there, then going on hiatus for weeks, often because something as retarded as another advertising filled sports event, or an award show, or this political circus the republicans have been putting up lately.

    House, CSI, NCIS, Supernatural, Bones, etc, etc, all these shows are getting ruined by these scheduling shenanigans.

  10. Mandie says

    What is the matter with television execs. Who is in charge of deciding what stays on and what is cancelled, it sure isn’t the viewers. I am sick and tired of shows I love being dropped. I am seriously considering canceling my satellite and sticking to shows I actually like on DVD and Netflix. The Dresden files was another unique and super creative show with far too short an air time. It’s utter stupidity on their part to cancel a show that had such loyal viewers. Does anybody out there actually care about the people that watch their channels or do they only care about who pays for their ads, etc. Utterly frustrating.

    • Jan says

      Seems to be kinda par for the course with Syfy doesn’t it?

      They keep cancelling promising shows, often to replace it with utter drivel, ****** movies and “reality tv” style junk.

      I hope that the global move to independant series happens very fast, so that these series can exist, even if they don’t have the “tv ratings” (which is utter bullshit) that the big stations want. And get taken in by the likes of Netflix, Youtube, Facebook etc.

      They would reach so many more people that way (most of the shows never make it out of the US), giving them world wide viewership and a worldwide advertising base, letting them pull in much more money to go directly to the show, rather then have some TV Execs look at some demographic and advertising numbers for their specific viewership and leaving a great series like this, unfinished and a great chunk of fans for the show, hoping that the next great show at least gets a decent run and somewhat of a finish.

      I’m already glad that Angel had a nice finish and even love it more that guys like David (Angel) found a new home in a new series that does even better.

      We really need to get rid of TV networks and the way they operate and have some of the big internet corps put their weight behind independent series and movie development.

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