The Munsters: NBC Orders Remake Pilot

The Munsters remakeReady to go back to 1313 Mockingbird Lane? Months ago, we reported that Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller was developing a remake of the classic black and white TV series, The Munsters. Well, it looks like the project is finally going to be made.

Fuller first started working on the project last year. Though NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt liked the general idea of the remake he passed on Fuller’s script. This summer, Fuller met with NBC execs again to revisit the project.

He submitted a new outline in September and a new script earlier this month. Apparently this one was more of what NBC was looking for. The network has now ordered a pilot and if things go well the new Munsters would likely debut as a summer or event series.

While the original 1964-66 series was a fantasy half-hour sitcom, Fuller’s take is much edgier and a slightly darker hour-long drama. Supposedly Fuller is looking to explore the family’s origins and all of the familiar characters are expected to be part of the show.

While it was expected that the series would have plenty of humor in it (this is Brian Fuller after all), the latest word is that the show will be “a visually spectacular one-hour drama.”

Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo, Butch Patrick, Pat Priest, and Al Lewis starred in the original Munsters series which ran for two seasons on CBS. The 72 black-and-white episodes became more popular in reruns and spawned reunion movies and a 1980s syndicated revival, The Munsters Today.

What do you think? Are you interested in visiting a new version of The Munsters?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Laura says

    I loved the show growing up & loved the remake PLEASE do the series. The negative responses are from the 50210 group of boy band lovers & the moms that want to control everyone. I would like to see more sifi stuff instead of the desperate housewife soap operas !!!!!
    PLEASE do the series !!!!!

  2. The Wise One says

    Why on earth are you guys remake this sitcom…..LOL …..I see this getting cancelled the first or two episodes…GOOD LUCK….

  3. Duane says

    The Munsters are awesome! I hope they bring back the family car! I want to build a replica of the “Munstermobile” and cruise around Hollywood!

  4. Kevin says

    NBC.. instead of rebooting a tv show thats been dead longer then I have been alive..why don’t you pick up shows like Lie to Me and Human Target. I said the same thing about TNT and there rebooting of Dallas.. thse 2 shows ended cause viewers stopped watching..unlike Lie to Me and Human target.. where Fox moved them all around and no one could find when they were on.

    It’s the same friggin’ way you morons are binging fear factor..cause you have nothing else in you’re bag of trick.
    You waste money on pilots you’ll never show…like Wonder Woman..even if it sucked ..put it on dvd for 5.00 bucks and make some money back . I for one would like to watch it even just to see it once..

  5. Jennifer says

    I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER!!!! I watched The Munsters and The Adam’s Family all the time and I think this is a TERRIFIC idea and I can’t wait to see it back on TV. But, please don’t make the characters green.

  6. Bruce says

    These network morons never cease to amaze me. Those meatheads at ABC being the worst, but, NBC, you’re not far behind. So let’s CANCEL shows like PRIME SUSPECT, and now, in your brilliance, are thinking about BRINGING BACK A PLAYED OUT 1960’s SITCOM AS A “DARK, EDGY HOUR LONG SHOW.” As my six year old’s favorite pro wrestler would say…”Really? REALLY?” Which giant brain in Burbank or New York made THAT decision? I need a drink.

  7. Bethany says

    I do love the original series, and watched every poorly written/acted/portrayed in general episode of the Munsters Today. However I would like to see something like the Adam’s Family movies, (Brady Bunch movies etc) I just don’t see this being a hit. I could be wrong, but you are talking about completely replacing the cast that is so beloved by all, and on a show that has not had new episodes in about 2x the lifetimes of the target demographic??? Just doesn’t sound like it is going to fly the way they expect it to.

    I agree that television viewers are looking for something original, not another remake of an old show, or another remake of a British hit show. (Yes, the Office was a huge hit, but think how well Life on Mars went over with audiences, and that show rocked.) Maybe you could think back to what made the Munster’s a hit, (namely its orignality???) and do something inpsired by that general feeling? Just a suggestion.

  8. Jeremy Rynek says

    FACE IT NBC, YOU ARE F**KED!!!!! NOW YOU WANNA REMAKE THAT SHOW? NBC is gonna shut down sooner or later. Definitely in the next 10 years honestly. They have canceled too many shows and people will NOT just keep coming back and this sounds like them really just saying ‘We know we suck, here is this.’ Don’t bother people. Well at least Law & order SVU and the office will be renewed, they really have no choice. Now they are canceling prime suspect, an I’ve said before if they cancel Whitney too then I’m done with NBC. So that’s my view on that.

  9. Beth Coccaro says

    My grandfather knew Fred Gwynne from the local YMCA in Bedford, NY. This concept does not appeal to me at all. FIND SOMETHING ORIGINAL , NBC.

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