The Playboy Club: PTC Wants New TV Series Cancelled

Playboy Club to be cancelled?As if NBC’s The Playboy Club didn’t have enough problem with their ratings, the Parents Television Council is calling for the TV show’s cancellation. They’re upset with the way that the series “objectifies and degrades” women.

Interestingly, the group’s action could actually cause an increase in viewership. Not many people have watched the first two episodes and this hoopla might get a few more people interested to see what all the fuss is about.

Here’s the press release:

PTC Calls for Immediate Cancellation of NBC’s “Playboy Club”

LOS ANGELES (September 27, 2011) – The Parents Television Council® is calling for the immediate cancellation of “The Playboy Club” on NBC following the second episode in the new season, which drew even more abysmal ratings than the premiere. PTC is also asking members to contact Capital One, Samsung, and keep the pressure on Chrysler until they cease sponsorship of a broadcast television program that is mainstreaming the pornography industry.

Before the first episode, PTC issued a letter to potential advertisers asking them not to support television programming that objectifies and degrades women. PTC then continued aggressive advertiser outreach efforts following the premiere. Seven of the sponsors featured in the first episode did not reappear in this week’s episode and communications have begun with those companies that sponsored the second episode.

“What has been clear to everyone outside of NBC must now be clear even to those inside NBC: ‘The Playboy Club’ is a commercial disaster and must be removed from the airwaves. We call for the network to cancel this degrading and sexualizing program immediately,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

“As a licensee of the public airwaves, NBC has breached the public trust by airing what amounts to a weekly advertisement for a pornographic brand. As demonstrated by the Nielsen ratings for ‘The Playboy Club’ the past two weeks, any further airing of the show not only pushes an anti-family agenda, but is a profoundly bad business decision.

“Until the program is removed from the public airwaves, PTC will be calling on its members and other concerned citizens to contact the sponsors. Today, we ask Capital One, Chrysler and Samsung if their corporate values are in step with those of the Playboy brand,” Winter concluded.

What do you think? Should Playboy Club be cancelled because of its content? Do you think the show’s fate will be impacted by the PTC?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Kathy McCloud says

    I think cancelling Playboy Club is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. I am a 62 year old women married for 45 years and my husband and I both love it. This country has so many morre issues that need to be addressed that this is minor. Why don’t they remove the violence shows first. Those are the ones that are making the children become unexceptable in this society.The Playboy Club is done with finess and is totally discreate. I think it was a big mistake and I hope another network picks it up. I could go on forever but, what’s the point.
    PLEASE bring it back!!!!!!!

  2. Nick says

    I think people need to grow up, there is no sex and no pornographic imagery. It is simply a story that is starting to sound really good.

  3. Matt S. says

    There should be some angle where NBC can sue the PTC for loss of revenue or intentionally causing harm to the company.

    The FTC has no right to tell anyone what they can or cannot watch or guilt advertisers into doing what they want done. They are bunch of meddling prudes that need to be sued into the ground. No one benefits from their bullshit.. As evidence in the EU proves. Kids aren’t RUINED for life just because of language, nudity, drugs on tv over there.

  4. ND Mitchell says

    No, this show’s rabbit ears and tails should NOT be ripped or cut off…give this show a chance for goodness sake or at least air all the unaired episodes and give a good series finale to wrap up the story..don’t leave the fans hanging like that.

  5. tami says

    give me a break. It’s about time that there is something worth watching on tv. The show is on late enough that all kids that it is not suitable to view should be in bed anyway. There is a lot worse on tv then the playboy club. Seen family guy ever? or south park? now they are not worth the time slots they have. thanks

  6. Coffeemarc says

    I challenge the PTC to speak with the actual women who were bunnies and find out how THEY felt about it, instead of being TOLD how to feel about it. There have been so many shows with arguable bad taste, that complaining about The Playboy Club is a waste of energy.

  7. Lynn says

    The show has a great story behind it that is unfolding and is far less controversial, sexy or “R” rated than the Sopranos. (where was the PTC then?) The Playboy Club is done in good taste as it portrays a specific period of time that no longer exists and should not be a threat to today’s women. It’s a slice of American history, albeit, not a slice that we should be proud of but nonetheless, existed. I hope NBC does not cancel the show. The main plot and subplots are intriguing and getting better.

    Watching David Krumholtz is most enjoyable. He is a natural chameleon and can entertain an audience without even trying. Love his work. If anyone can lift the ratings, he can.

  8. Samara says

    I really like this show! Besides – if they have a problem with this show “objectifying and sexualizing” women – then why aren’t they up in arms about “Pan Am”? Should The History Channel remove all programs related to that era? It’s a time period drama, based on the way things really were during that time! So by calling for its’ cancellation, and trying to limit its’ sponsors – the PTC is actually making the statement that history, and storylines based on history, are not appropriate for television! What do they think the parental controls are for – or – just don’t let your kids watch it if it upsets you that much!

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