Felicity TV showNetwork: The WB
Episodes: 84 (hour)
Seasons: Four

TV show dates: September 29, 1998 — May 22, 2002
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Keri Russell, Scott Foley, Scott Speedman, Tangi Miller, Greg Grunberg, Amanda Foreman, Amy Jo Johnson, Ian Gomez, Rob Benedict, Donald Faison, Amy Smart, Sarah-Jane Potts, Janeane Garofalo, Amy Aquino, Erich Anderson, and Chris William Martin.

felicity past TV show

TV show description:
Created by J. J. Abrams and Matt Reeves, this drama revolves around the title character’s experiences in college. She often narrates the episode by recalling recent events into a tape recording that she’d then send to a friend back home.

Felicity Porter (Keri Russell) had intended on studying pre-med at Stanford University, but after a conversation with Ben Covington (Scott Speedman), a fellow student she had a crush on, she flips her plans and follows him to the University of New York. She realizes pretty quickly that she isn’t really following him, but finding herself and getting away from her parents’ expectations back in Palo Alto, California.

Ben isn’t necessarily a good student, but is good at swimming. His father is an alcoholic and often breaks his promises to him. Ben isn’t one to share his feelings easily and usually regrets his hasty decisions later on.

Initially, Noel Crane (Scott Foley) is Felicity’s Resident Adviser, yet he becomes very attracted to her and pursues a romantic relationship with her. His academic interests are in graphic design and he does well in school.

Julie Emrick (Amy Jo Johnson) is Felicity’s first college friend. She’s into music, as a singer/songwriter and guitar player. The main reason she came to New York was to find her birth mother.

Felicity’s first roommate at college is Meghan Rotundi (Amanda Foreman), a goth wiccan. She refers to her time as Felicity’s roommate as “Little House on the Prairie, only with more sweaters.”

Richard Coad (Rob Benedict) is the annoying, crude guy who lives on the same floor as Felicity in her Freshman year. He gets away with things that he shouldn’t after blackmailing Noel. Ben is roommates with Sean Blumberg (Greg Grunberg), a slightly older guy who owns the apartment that he and Ben live in. He’s unemployed, but often comes up with ideas for his own business. He and Meghan eventually have a romantic relationship.

When Felicity and Ben get jobs working at a coffee shop called Dean & DeLuca, Javier Clemente Quintata (Ian Gomez) becomes their boss. They have a hard time understanding his accent, which is straight out of Spain. He’s married to Samuel (Austin Tichenor), and goes back to school to get his degree.

Series Finale:     
Episode 84 — Back to the Future
Because he survived in the original history, Felicity blames herself for Noel’s death in the administration building fire. Meghan suggests that she go to Paul Korsikoff (the author of the spell book) and undo the spell. Felicity doesn’t believed that this will work but is willing to try anything to make things right and save Noel.

Felicity convinces Korsikoff that she successfully used one of his spells to travel through time. He requests that she bring him personal items from all of her friends. She does and tells the author about her friends, her life in New York, and her romantic histories with both Noel and Ben. Korsikoff tells her that she actually returned to the past to let go of Noel. He burns the items and conducts the spell.

That night, Felicity is afraid to go to sleep. She wants to undo the damage that she caused but is afraid of losing Ben. He pleads with her to try to forgive him in the future, apologizes in advance for his actions, and professes that he can’t live without her.

Felicity wakes up the evening before Noel’s wedding, surrounded by her concerned friends. They tell her that she developed a high fever and became delusional. Did she really travel through time?

It’s as if none of it ever happened but Ben asks for forgiveness, using the exact same words that he did before Felicity went to sleep in the past. Felicity agrees to take him back. Noel marries Zoe and the friends celebrate at their reception.
First aired: May 22, 2002.


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