Hawaii Five-0: Ratings Keep Falling, Beaten by Castle

Hawaii Five-0A couple weeks ago, we reported that the ratings for the new Hawaii Five-0 were not as good as the network would like you to believe. It may have started off as the season’s most popular new show but that’s not no longer the case.

Hawaii Five-0 got off to a strong start with a 3.9 in the 18-49 demographic and 14.2 million total viewers. In week two, they dropped 8% (not bad) and in week three they fell another 3% (still not bad).

For the fourth episode, the ratings dropped an alarming 11% to a 3.1 rating and 10.7 million viewers. We heard from several readers that all shows were down that night. Not so. ABC’s Castle was actually up by 4%. Still, if Hawaii Five-0’s steep decline was indeed an anomaly than you’d expect the numbers to bounce back the following week.

They didn’t. The numbers fell another 6.5% to a 2.9 in the demo and 10.94 million viewers. This week, they fell yet again — for the fifth week in a row — to a 2.8 rating and 10.23 million viewers. It’s only a 3.5% drop but, for the first time, Hawaii Five-0 was beaten by Castle. The ABC show’s its biggest competitor in the timeslot while NBC’s Chase is always a distant third. This week, Castle brought in a 2.9 rating and 11.32 million.

Hawaii Five-0 is still not in immediate danger of being cancelled. As expected, the network recently gave it a full season and ordered nine more episodes. The lower the ratings fall however, the less likely it is to be renewed for a second season. One has to wonder when the ratings will finally stop falling or maybe even start going back up.

What do you think? How low will the ratings fall? Are you still watching?

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  1. Jack oh lordy says

    Got to agree with all of you, unfortunately, i got to see the last episode May 7, 2012 Monday. Saw a few too many mistakes , acting was out of place, or just seemed unreal.
    Turned it to another station got better results. thanks.

  2. mel says

    The reality to the fact is the ratings should drop drastically after the bombing..ooops the trampling of Punchbowl Cemetery by the Crew of 5-0. Yes, the pictures do not lie. And to further the comment…A sacred place is not a tool for financial gain. Even if they did rent it , again that would be financial gain on the Cemetery. Laws were violated under the Fed. Us. Code 13. Furthermore, I can attest to the fact the rudeness of the crew member that I had encountered when I was an extra on their set, this only causes more loss to their viewers , one voice can lead to thousands , and that’s exactly what it did…that alone tells me they are just what it was said to be, rude , arrogant and disrespectful to others including my self as a senior retired.

  3. Michael says

    This re-make of Hawaii Five-O was a huge mistake, it’s horrible. Alex O’Loughlin who plays McGarrett doesn’t own up to the large stature and seriousness of Jack Lord. The scrawny 5 foot 5 inch Scott Caan that plays Danno is just plain silly, he’s not even 10% as interesting as Jame MacArthur was, the original Danno. The writers of the show aren’t doing it any favors either, boooorrrrrrrring! The original Five-O ran from 1968 to 1980 and had very unique and interesting characters. Some things should just be left alone. They would probably get better ratings if they would run the original show in the Monday time slot.

  4. Bob says

    This Show is great and they do not count the ones that watch it online i have to work early morning so i can’t stay up

  5. Jackie Hudson says

    Stop showing repeats…I watch it every Monday….I think this is why the rating drop….i know I saw several several repeats as the show just started…..Steve McGarrett acts lke a. know-it all…let the team figure things out too …he needs to be more compassion and understanding and gentle . And not a rough guy all the time. Dan-O needs to be a little more hard butt. But I love the show.

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