Hellcats: New CW TV Series Premieres; Cancel or Keep It?

HellcatsThe CW network kicked off the Fall 2010 season last night with the premiere of their new Hellcats series? Is the drama giving the network something to cheer about or will it be dumped like last year’s quickly-cancelled The Beautiful Life?

Hellcats revolves around Marti Perkins (Aly Michalka), a pre-law student who must join her university’s cheerleading team to win a scholarship to stay in school. The show also features Ashley Tisdale, Gail O’Grady, Heather Hemmens, Matt Barr, Robbie Jones, and Sharon Leal.

Last night, the Hellcats debut attracted a 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 2.99 million viewers, putting the program in a distant fifth place in both categories (per the overnights). That would be a terrible performance by any other network’s standards but is good for The CW’s.

Should Hellcats continue on The CW?

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In the network’s coveted female 18-34 demo, Hellcats was in third place with a 2.0 rating. Also, viewership grew as the hour progressed so it would seem viewers stuck with it and most will return for more next week.

On the downside, Hellcats’ ratings really should have been better since it premiered opposite reality programming and repeats on the other networks. The series can’t afford to lose many viewers in the next couple weeks to be safe from cancellation.

Unfortunately, once the other networks start rolling out their new programming — particularly shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Modern FamilyHellcats’ viewership is likely to take a beating.

In short, the premiere could have been better and it could have been worse. We’ll have to wait and see how well it holds up in the coming weeks.

But, what do you think? Is Hellcats worth watching? Will you keep tuning in when the other networks have new shows?

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  1. Cameron says

    THE 90210 IS A COP OFF and so is NIKITA!!! BRING THE HELLCATS BACK!!! It is a unique show that alot of women can relate to or wish that there lives could have ended up like Savannah or Marti…… The Hellcats is real, not superficial or fake. THIS IS THE 21st CENTURY ALMOST EVERYONE HAS DVRS TO RECORD OUR FAVORITE SHOWS AND THE HELLCATS IS DEFINATLY ONE OF THEM!!! Once people start realizing next season that the Hellcats isnt airing again I guarentee you are going to be sooooo flooded with angry viewers!!!

  2. Cameron says

    BRING THE HELLCATS BACK!!! THIS IS THE 21st CENTURY ALMOST EVERYONE HAS DVRS TO RECORD OUR FAVORITE SHOWS AND THE HELLCATS IS DEFINATLY ONE OF THEM!!! Once people start realizing next season that the Hellcats isnt airing again I guarentee you are going to be sooooo flooded with angry viewers!!!

  3. Candice says


  4. How do they come up with the ratings? says

    Do You KNOW? How does the “ Rating’s System”
    Anyone out here understand, in this situation how dose rating system really works?
    People alone with the time has changed a great deal, We now have Cougars and King Cobra in their midlife crisis!
    A King Cobra, are easily charmed, so now, many old men are marrying “Need” 20 year old Bipolar girl’s. These King Cobra 50- 90 year old’s men,also producing babies.
    Hypothetically situation,
    Old King Cobra watches News, Drama,sports ,playboy channels and he DVR “No Ordinary Family” to watch, next day with children age 2,4, 10
    But 20 year old wife watch it by herself a week later. The Wife also gone during the day time because she was busy, running around, spending King Cobra’s money.
    So she, DVR’D her soaps but was home in time to watched bachelor and American Idol
    but DVR’D, Cougar Town. So which one is rated and how? Is DVR’S only counted if the wife watches. Kids 2,4 and 10 watches the DVR event, on particular time and day, how are they counted ?
    Is any DVR’S counted as much as live?
    Do people still watch live TV?
    Do they count 50 plus year old people as whole a count or do they have to have “100” of “50 plus” to count as a “one”? 50 plus people counted at all? How many 50plus people dose it take to turn a light bulb?
    Has Nielsen ratings system been around ever since radio days?
    Or was the Nielsen ratings system base on a study, how people might have spent their money,
    back in The Great Depression days? Haven’t they found that Studies, like Nielsen ratings system often proved wrong, and way off base?
    People and spending habit have changed since way back when?.

  5. micahela says

    KEEP IT ! i love it. we all love it.
    no way !! cancelling is not an option !
    speeking for All girls in Uruguay

  6. Nancy says

    Please keep this show on it is entertaining and fun to watch. This show is the only cheerleading show I would watch. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is also about friends and family, when one person is in trouble the whole team gets involved to help out because they are family and family helps each other no matter what happens. So please consider bringing it back for more season to come,because it will be bigger,better and more intense that’s what us viewers are looking forward to see every time. Thank you!!

  7. says

    I love the Hellcats. Please do not leave us hanging to what is unfinished.
    Not many shows talk about faith. Be one to follow thru in this America that needs
    Please keep the show.

  8. sunbeam says

    I like the show but think they need a younger guy to play Lewis. Robbie Jones looks to old for the part since he is like 33 years old.

  9. annie92 says

    keep it please I just watched episode 8 and it was awsome can’t wait to see what’s up next on hellcats! I LOVE this show so as many of my friends! It is a keeper!!!!! please!:D

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