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Lone Star

Lone StarNetwork: FOX
Episodes: Six but four didn’t air (hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: September 20, 2010 — September 27, 2010
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: James Wolk, Jon Voight, Adrianne Palicki, Bryce Johnson, David Keith, Eloise Mumford, and Mark Deklin.

lone star past TV show

TV show description:
The focus of this drama is on a Texas schemer who leads a secret double life. He’s living in Houston and married to Cat under the name of “Bob,” and also living four-hundred miles away in Midland with a girlfriend, Lindsay, under the name of “Robert.”

Con man Robert/Bob Allen (James Wolk) has been successful living this double life for the past four years. He’s trying to hold it all together while holding off investors and suspicions. In the end, he hopes he can stop the difficult schemes yet somehow keep both of his relationships.

In Midland, as “Robert,” he’s living with Lindsay Holloway (Eloise Mumford). He’s bilking her parents of their savings, as well as local investors. Oblivious to what’s really going on, she thinks he’s the perfect boyfriend.

Meanwhile, “Bob” is married to Cat Thatcher (Adrianne Palicki), the daughter of a Houston oil family. She likes that he doesn’t seem interested in her family’s money. Cat doesn’t realize he’s charming her family in order to stake out a position in the business to take all of the fortune.

Cat’s father, Clint (Jon Voight), is the quintessential Texan and created his oil business from nothing. Though he’s a leading businessman, Clint’s not above getting into a fistfight or stealing and he’s not about to let anyone get away with a thing.

Clint’s son Drew (Bryce Johnson) was handed a job in Thatcher Oil, despite not having earned his dad’s respect. Bob seems to be the only one that takes unambitious Drew seriously. Clint’s other son, Trammel (Mark Deklin), is book-smart but not street-smart. He should be the rightful heir to the company and is not pleased when Bob is given the “keys to the kingdom.”

Bob’s dad, John Allen (David Keith), has raised his son to be a schemer and has been trying to figure out a way into Thatcher Oil for quite some time. John views women as the marks in the con and sees himself as the only family his son needs.


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