Merlin: Possible Spin-Offs in the Works

As we reported yesterday, Merlin is ending with season five. There’s some difference of opinion about whether the show was actually cancelled or whether it is coming to a natural close.

Merlin executive producers Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy have announced that they’re leaving Shine TV at the end of the year. When they leave, the company will cease to exist.

More importantly to fans, possible Merlin spin-offs are being explored by the Shine Group and Fremantle Media Enterprise (which holds the exclusive distribution rights to the Merlin series outside of the UK). New projects would take place in the Camelot timeframe but may or may not involve existing characters.

If there is a Merlin sequel project of some kind, Kudos Film and Television will produce it. Kudos is part of Shine Group.

Of their leaving, Capps and Murphy said: “It has been a wonderful five years with Merlin and ten overall with Shine, but we have always had the ambition to branch out ourselves at some point and now feels the time to take that leap. We do so with great memories, respect and best wishes for our Shine colleagues and in the knowledge that if there were to be any subsequent adventures, the world of Camelot is in safe hands.”

Shine Group chief executive, Alex Mahon said: “Merlin has been an amazing success domestically and internationally, it goes out with an epic finale worthy of this amazing series and we are excited about potential future stories that could be told about the Camelot universe. We are also understanding of Johnny and Julian wanting to try something of their own at this juncture, they do so with everybody at Shine’s best wishes after a decade of being great colleagues.”

What do you think? Woud you be interested in seeing new shows based in the Merlin universe? What should they be about?

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  1. SuseJ Moore says

    I loved all the series of Merlin. The part I loved the most is that ” Merlin” touches on every fabric of life; Spirituallaty, Friendship, relationships, service, Kinshop, belief, love, trust, faith, fear, pride, jealousy, lust for power, ambition, envy, self worth, self esteem, grief, pain, sorrow, rejection, envy, resentment, anger, humor, humility, overcoming, triumph, peace, letting go, growth through pain, Death, life and respect. I cried, loved, laughed and related to the characters through the journey of “Merlin”. Loved every moment. Spectacular. I really wish there was a continuation for “Merlin”. People could learn so much about humanity.

  2. Kara says

    My husband and I greatly enjoyed Merlin and were sad to see it cancelled. The cast made the show exceptional. The final episode set things up for future shows to be based in modern day. That would be fun if done right. I’ve read books where Arthur proved that he is the once and future king and some were okay and some were terrible. With the mixture of suspense and humor the original series had, I think the writers for the show could make it work to have Merlin and Arthur in our time period and I’d enjoy seeing that happen. But the truth is I just want those characters with the original cast back. I also think it would be even more wonderful if it was our, or a futurist time period, they could figure out a way to have Guinevere back too! I felt cheated that there was not a significant amount of time in the show when Arthur worked with Merlin knowing he was a magician. I looked forward to watching that part develop and for Camelot to accept magic again.

  3. Sandi says

    I would love to see the series revived with a spin-off. It looked like at the end Merlin was walking by the isle waiting for Arthur to come back and that reunion would make a great beginning of a news series.

  4. j.j says

    I dont wish to be contacted, I would like to say that I enjoyed the series of merlin and feel that the series should continue, I believe that that the series could go on for some time and educating good from its series, thank you for my say. Faithfully.J.

  5. Louise says

    Help us, we want to bring merlin back and this page is about us all coming together to take action. If you want to bring merlin back, join this page and spread it around. Thank you xx. I’m not able to make a link, but the Facebook page is called: Merlin – Join if you want to bring Merlin back.

    Like us on Facebook :
    Follow us on Twitter : @Merlin2Return

  6. says

    I am deeply saddened and shocked that this series ended so abruptly and even more upset that they began season 5 here (SyFy channel) only to reschedule the last 5 episodes of the end. Unreal … really makes a viewer feel unvalued! For any other Merlin fans that want to see this series come back, join our international crew of skaliwags to help bring it back. We are actively working on growing our numbers to effect change and get the creators (powers that be) to reconsider their choice in cancelling this epic show. For more details watch this link:


    • says

      What a fantastic video! If anyone can bring back Merlin, this campaign can!
      Join up and take action for your favourite show!
      I think a series 6 can easily be made as there is plenty of material and even the writers have said that Arthur will rise when Albion’s need is greatest… clearly it is NOW!
      The production company need the fans to LET THEM KNOW that!

  7. Susanne Flegel says

    How can you stop this fantastic show?

    Fans all over the world want more Merlin and are fighting hard for it. Please join in and take action together with now more than 7200 members or twitter @merlin2return

    There is so much more to tell and we are waiting for Arthurs return…(time is ready…)

  8. says

    I would like to see what we have been promised all along… that when Arthur became King, Magic would be allowed in Camelot.

    I, as a loyal fan, feel that we have been shortchanged as this theme continued for much of Season 5 as they were planning for a Season 6 etc. but for an unknown reason they announced on Nov 29, 2012 that Season 5 would be the last.

    The ‘ending’ was 10 minutes of ‘magic reveal’ and that was that. Arthur died. After following this amazing triple threshold show for five years, holding viewing figures of 7m each week in the UK alone, to have this ‘ending’ was just a stunning shock to the system.

    Not the only fan who feels like this, I joined a global campaign to resurrect the show and have different writers re-write the ‘ending’ and bring our beloved series back. There are so many more stories and adventures to be had with a Magical Camelot and for Arthur to be the Great King of the Legends.

    The leader of our campaign has contacted top TV producers, TV executives and the BBC and all have said that a campaign like this will work. What are you waiting for, join in the fun and let’s get this show back on the air!

    • says

      Natuurlijk moet er een seizoen 6 komen… er zijn zoveel onbeantwoordde einden.
      Natuurlijk moet Arthur terugkeren wanneer Albion hem het meest nodig heeft.
      En dat is NU! De oorspronkelijke schrijvers kunnen verhuisd zijn, maar het nieuwe productie bedrijf heeft nog steeds de rechten .. en ik ben er vrij zeker van dat ze de hoeveelheid geld die er was voor het maken van Merlin.. niet lang zullen laten liggen!
      Laten we ze onze steun geven.. **** u dit hier doen
      Hoe vraag je je af? Door het meedoen met de acties, en zeer binnenkort zullen we een ‘legioen’ zijn om rekening mee te houden! We zullen laten zien dat we Merlin 6 terug willen!

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