Merlin: Trailer Released for Season Two of Supernatural Series

MerlinThough the show attracted a devoted audience on NBC, it looks highly unlikely that NBC will be bringing Merlin back for a second season. Its ratings were anything but magical for the peacock network.

Fortunately for UK viewers, the show has been a success for the BBC. The first season of Merlin began airing in September of 2008 over there and ran through December. Soonafter, the network announced that a second season had been ordered.

Colin Morgan returns as the young sorcerer who must fulfill his destiny and protect Prince Arthur (Bradley James). Other regular castmembers include Anthony Head, Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby, and Richard Wilson.

The second season of Merlin is set to debut on Saturday, September 19th. In the premiere episode, an ancient and supposedly cursed tomb is discovered that’s filled with treasure. Meanwhile, a new servant named Cedric (Mackenzie Crook) is doing his best to supplant Merlin’s position as Arthur’s right-hand man and friend.

We may not get to see the episodes for quite awhile here in the US (perhaps on BBC America?) so here’s a little taste of what season two holds for the young magician.

What do you think? Look enticing or not up to snuff?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    Why is that every time we air a good show on TV it gets the boot? Merlin is an excellent show. I notice we tend to take shows made in Britain and use them here then we either trash the show quickly or just cancel them altogether. The way I figure it if you like good TV programing we should be able to get it. Variety is the spice of life guys, wake up and smell for once!!! Some of the shows on tv are so bogus and it’s people like us that are interest lies in stories such as Merlin were stuck having to watch series that we don’t like. It’s not fair especially when we have to pay for it just like everybody else.

  2. reza motabar says

    Dear Sirs,
    Merlin is by far the best tv show I have watched in many years.
    If our opinion is at all effective, please do not let this end here. it does have the potential
    to be continued for many more seasons.
    best regards.
    reza motabar

  3. Coleman Wigger says

    I love this show, we better get it, lol!! I can’t wait to see what happens next. The story, characters and all are so exciting! We need more Merlin here in the US also. Don’t make me move! Enjoy everything about Merlin.

  4. Victoria says

    I love this show. The storyline the characters and the acting. The quality is well above the normal SiFi standard. Great disappointment to lose this show.

    BTW… Excalibur does not get placed in the stone until Aurthur in on the throne. And the background story of the Lady of the Lake I felt was brilliant. Now we know why she held the sword for Merlin AND how she became the Lady of the Lake.

  5. says

    I love watching Merlin and think all of the characters have been cast perfectly except for Guinevere. She’s supposed to be so beautiful that all the men fall hopelessly in love with her but the Guinevere you’ve cast is not only unattractive, when she smiles, it’s downright scary. And her nose! What where you thinking when you hired her for the part? Lancelot is gorgeous, as he should be, but watching him kiss Guinevere makes the show unbelieveable. Change that one character to one that is as gorgeous as she’s supposed to be and your show will become more popular than it already is.

    • chicky says

      that is all bullhockey….the show is great and cast perfectly…if anything there could be better characters…like lady of the lake, and excalibur could have been done better…it was suposed to be in a sone…not in the bottom of a lake…my point is that gwen is hott the way she is.

  6. says

    My 11 year old daughter and 14 year old daughter watch merlin on SYFY, it rocks I got my daughters hooked now we look for it all thetime. SHAME BE CAST UPON NBC FOR CANCELLING!!!!!!!!!!!

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