Pushing Daisies: Cancelled ABC Series Finally Returns; Then What?

Pushing DaisiesAfter a five month hiatus, Pushing Daisies returns tonight with the first of three unaired episodes. ABC of course cancelled the show months ago due to low ratings.

Though the final episode (airing in the U.S. on June 13th) was initially a cliffhanger, series creator Bryan Fuller went back and reedited the final few moments. They’re now a flash-forward to give viewers a sense of closure to the show.

But, the story of the piemaker and his friends isn’t over just yet. While the TV show has ended, Fuller is hard at work on a 12 issue series of Pushing Daisies comic books for DC Comics. The printed stories will, in part, fill in the time gap between most the last episode and the brief flash-forward. They’ll also take us in a whole new direction.

Fuller recently teased EOnline, “I think the comic book is great, because it has all the characters in it, and it starts a new story. It’s basically Chuck, Ned, Emerson and Olive versus 1,000 corpses, so it becomes a zombie movie, but the zombies are articulate and smart and can do things that no other zombies can do. The Pie-Maker versus 1,000 corpses.”

If that goes well, Fuller hopes there will be more. He said, “I literally just finished outlining the 12-episode arc, which has an ending that propels us into another big story, so it’s kind of blackmailing [DC] into ordering more comics, but we’ll see if that’ll happen. We were unable to blackmail ABC, and we had to go back and redo our [television] ending, so it’s more satisfying for the fans.”

No word on when the comics will be released but there’s also the season two DVDs to look forward to. The set is scheduled to be released on July 21st and will include lots of featurettes and other tasty tidbits.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Alex says

    Poor Pushing Daisies, while I did not know of Bryan Fuller’s previous experience in shows, it was interesting for me to find out later that he he had worked on several series I enjoyed including Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls, both of which he tied into Pushing Daisies and I love when creators do this.

    For now though, I have to suffer with great shows like Firefly, Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls being canceled. I think a comic book medium is a decent idea and would love to see a movie for closure on Pushing Daisies. Glee and Nip/Tuck are about the only things left going that I’ve bothered to keep watching.

    I find it most unfortunate that series such as this and many more are overlooked for such awful T.V. that continues to get more seasons despite awful content. I’d settle for less T.V. if more T.V. were like Pushing Daisies.

  2. says

    Oh please tell me there is something I can do to help bring it back. I truely don’t understand how anyone in their right mind could actually cancel this show. What a fabulous cast and witty cleaver dialog non stop. They stood out and not just because it was vibrantly colored but because it was extrordinarily unique. I hope another network with half a brain and a decent marketing strategy will pick it up because it truly deserves it!!! and as much as i love it I don’t think I can get into the comic about 1000 zombies….?

    if anyone has any ideas or suggestions to get this back on let me know!!!

  3. Jennee says

    Pushing Daisies….leave it to this network to cancel it….I hope another network will revive it. I need to give up tv, every show I love seems to get cancelled, and replaced by some new reality show…ugh! Pushing Daisies was a fabulously quirky show that I truly miss.

  4. Chris says

    Maybe a movie? There was a rumor of it. Hoefully, it will happen. The writer’s strike ruined the chance for this series to continue. It was a fantastic show that was fun, different and quirky.Never got it’s fair shake. I’ll buythe DVD’s.

  5. Karen says

    I still miss Pushing Daisies – one of the best shows on TV in a long time! This show was what TV should be: creative, great actors, clever dialogue, different… not more of the same. “Reality” shows (not even really reality – just cheaper for the network to produce) are a dime a dozen. Pushing Daisies was what I want to watch television for. I don’t watch as much anymore. I wish they would bring it back!

  6. Lily says

    I was really sad when I heard that Pushing Daisies was going to get cancelled. I love it so much and although I am getting the DVD’s to remember all the good things I know it wont be the same. I hope someone picks it up and continues it. ABC SUCKS now, Grey’s Anatomy has been dead for a long time now and now there is nothing left to watch.

  7. Christine says

    I’m soooooo sick of good shows being cancelled. If you want to cancel, whatever, at least let the story play out. Give us some closure. They did that to Wedding Bells, I’m sick of getting into a good show to have it cancelled!!!!!

  8. Sarah says

    My family and I absolutely loved Pushing Daisies! It was such a cute show! And funny too. We will definately miss it now that it won’t be on anymore… I wish they would bring it back.

  9. Diane says

    Well, ABC has cancelled the only shows that I watched on their channel. Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money and Samantha Who. P. Daisies was the most interesting show with the best dialogue and look. The best, best, best dialogue!!!! The most unique show out there also. It seems like they create a good show only to cancel it. Nothing left for me to watch on ABC. Very sad.

  10. Tom says

    I think the worst thing about all this is looking at ABC’s fall lineup.

    Dancing with the Stars(who this season aren’t even stars), Private Practice(an insubordinate spin off of the slowly fading Grey’s Anatomy, another show on their schedule), and Supernanny? Come on, if this is what America really wants to watch, everyone has severely been dumbed down. This show was brilliant. Unfortunately, I think Fuller is gonna have to go Whedon’s route and base a series off of a movie he made before he can actually get one to last. So obnoxious that all of his great shows just get cut down in their prime repeatedly.

  11. James (cont.) says

    Well, I discovered that indeed, yes, that was the last episode. The only thing i can think of to add is how does that offer closure. ABC, please reconsider this show or let another station handle it’s complexity if you are incapable.

  12. James SPOILER POSSIBLY says

    I absolutetly loved this show, and im absolutely devastated that ABC cancelled it. I, like many viewers im sure, missed the final episode unless it is where Emerson is duped out of his little daughter. Also, the reason for why ABC cancelled it is because (and this seems most logical), they weren’t ready for such a great corcky funny different show. Clearly the only reason why anyone with common sense would cancel such an amazing, uplifting, amusing show would be that they simply can’t handle it. The cancellation of this show makes me wonder if people have lost progress by reverting to reality shows and other bogus unentertaining wroks. The cancellation also makes me wonder if ABC has finally lost it’s ability to entertain even the simplest of humans.

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