Spartacus: Starz Prez on Ending the TV Series

Spartacus TV series endingThough Spartacus is one of the most popular TV series in Starz history, the show will be coming to an end after the upcoming third season.

At the Television Critics Association press tour, Starz president and CEO Chris Albrecht explained that both the network and the show’s producers believed that three seasons was enough.

He said, “I joined Starz when we were editing the first season of the show, and when I saw the end of the first season, I thought, ‘Uh oh,’ Spartacus just exited the franchise — the ludus and the Upstairs/Downstairs aspect of the show — and now they are in the movie.”

Albrecht continued, “I think the producers and those of us at Starz were always well aware that this was going to be a very different show once the rebels were in the hills and the Romans were in the town. We had to tell two distinct stories, and that is never the ultimate way to do a TV series.”

“Ultimately, what all of us felt, is that rather than try and string out a story and have one more battle or one more argument between the rebels or one more villain show up, we would kind of follow the trajectory of the history and bring the Spartacus story to fruition.”

He concluded that it’s “better probably to leave people wanting more than to risk repeating ourselves and diminish the overall impact of the franchise. But it was a very difficult decision and one we certainly didn’t want to be in the position of making.”

The third and final season of Spartacus will premiere in January. It will be subtitled “War of the Damned.”

What do you think? Do you agree with the reasoning to end the Spartacus TV series? Would you have preferred to see a fourth season?

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  1. Roy says

    I knew from the beginning that Spartacus was not going to last. I am glad to see them not go to long with the series. Although I would of kept Spartacus in the Lutus for at least 2 seasons before breaking out. Then we would of had at least 4 seasons. I would of loved them to have made the prequel series at least 12 episodes or at least 3 seasons long. John Hannah was so good as Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus Batiatus. They had real potential for that prequel series.

  2. Grandizer says

    I wonder how much of this is because the replacement Spartacus, while decent, did not fill the sandals of the departed REAL Spartacus.

    I am glad they did do the prequel and the followup season though. Even with those challenges they were very respectable in their own rights.

    If I was Starz, I have all the setup of that time period, I would be researching the Hell out of someone else in that era that I could right about…
    You have the captive audience.

  3. Kebles says

    My vote goes to a historical conclusion. At this point of the series, any attempt to string it out any longer than what was historically accurate will do nothing more than turn what has so far been a compellingly action/drama series into a clumsy first century soap opera. Most, if not all of us know how it will e, and lit won’t t be pretty. I’m of the age group that can still instantly bring to mind the ghastly vision of Kirk Douglas hanging in the most abject agony from one of thousands of crosses placed for miles along the Apian Way to serve as a vivid example and reminder to all, citizen & slave alike of the folly to doubt the power, might and the long arm of Roman justice. So, in the end our little band of gladiators & outlaw slaves are to be either killed in the final battle or executed, but the fact remains that Spartacus and his brothers came so close to actually escaping from the Italian

  4. Olie says

    The first season of Spartacus was fantastic, the second season, the first half was also great. The writers did a great job on the season one to season two follow thru. However at the end of the season we kept watching for the BIG ending but it didn’t come. There is only so far you can spin a history tail. I will be greatly suprised if the third season can gander as much excitement as the first season and a half did. I hope Starz comes up with equally exciting new dramas for TV. Makes Friday nights something to look forward too.

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