24: Is the Jack Bauer Movie a Sure Thing?

24After tonight, Jack Bauer is finally going to get a day off — for a little while anyway. Though 24 is going off the air, there are plans to make a movie based on the TV show. It’s supposedly going to involve Jack battling some form of evil in Europe. But, where does it stand?

Executive producer Howard Gordon recently told Movieweb, “The current status of the movie is that Billy Ray has written a draft which Kiefer Sutherland has read, and we’re all working together on the second draft.”

He cautioned, “Now, it’s not been shared with Fox or anybody so there is no official status right now. It’s very much a work in progress. Honestly, the movie division is on the other side of the lot and I don’t know and can’t measure their intentions or their timing, and certainly can’t measure their reaction to the script because they haven’t read it yet. ”

Gordon concluded, “So I think it’s all very much speculative at this point. I think our preference would be to do it sooner than later, of course, and get Jack back out in front of people within a year or two, but I don’t know. That would be just me speaking.”

The executive producer believes that there’s a tricky balance in crafting the movie script. He shared, “There are two sets of requirements, which is honoring the series and the creative integrity of the character, and also potentially bringing in a whole new group of people into the franchise who can then go back and watch, and believe it’s been consistent. So I think we recognize that we’re serving two masters or two audiences here, not that they are mutually exclusive but there are two requirements.”

One thing’s for sure, the conceit of events happening in real time will likely have to be abandoned. Gordon has shared in the past that the format, though interesting, often limited what kinds of stories they could tell. He believes that the movie can still work without it though. He said, “I think Jack Bauer the character has got sufficiently broad and strong shoulders to carry a movie in this genre.”

What do you think? Is the real-time format essential? What has to be in a 24 movie?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Kathi says

    I think it should begin showing excerpts from the final few episodes, then go from there however they wish to write it. It just needs a better ending than the final episode depicted. I guess I don’t like cliff hangers!

  2. Stephanie T. says

    I really dont care if there is real time or not, PLEASE just bring 24 back either to the movie screen or another tv series would really be fantastic. My family and I are HUGE fans of Jack Bauer and wished the tv series was never cancelled. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring Jack back!!!!

  3. Brandon says

    24 needs to come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is so good! my whole family loves it jack bouer and cloe are both my favorite people.

  4. Imranatu says

    I have never in my life seen a miracle like 24,well to me the film is a miracle because i have never seen a thing like this.i luv 24 and most especially habib marwan,president palma,jack bauer,tony,chloe and dubaku……………….i luv 24!

  5. Jeremy says

    24! 24! 24!!! The series will live forever in my mind. Not only the first ever real time show, but the first series to have a different cast, excluding Keifer, each year. I mean seriously, the beginning of season 5 was the most shocking, jaw-dropping heart breaking sequence I have ever seen in any show or movie. To have the beloved President Palmer shot and killed within the first few minutes AND the two other fan favs Michelle and Tony blown up(thou he made it), no other show or movie would tread near that. To build the characters up through 4 and and for Michelle 3 seasons only to have them killed in shocking fashion, pure brilliance! The movie has to lose the real-time format in order to give Jack a proper ending to the character. With more time to work with the show can address many loose ends, and there are plenty of them! I will ultimately support the movie,(so long as they don’t get brett ratner to ruin it like he did the third X-men movie) no matter what road they take with it. That would be sweet if they brought back Tony Almeida(Carlos Bernard) for a cameo(from I’m assuming federal custody). I personally liked the way Season 8 ended, but yes, it did feel a little open ended. I assume b/c they wanted to leave the door open for the movie. I don’t care how long it takes to come out just so long as they take their time to make it true to fans who watched the show, like the ones commenting on this board. Damn I was pissed, but knew they would along, when Renee Walker(annie w.) was killed after finally giving poor jack a little happiness after what, 4 seasons=7 yrs in the show since Audrey Raines. I think Renee(besides being the hottest redhead on TV) was the female Jack Bauer and ultimately that was her downfall, b/c everyone knows there only one “damn it” jack bauer, lol. 24! 24! 24¡!¡!¡!!!¡¡¡

  6. samuel says

    I love 24 it is one the movies that has done my day. Whenever i could start watchinng it i could not move my single body coz its so entertaining. What i think, you should consider adding on more seasons coz Jack also deserves a better ending. For sure consider a 8th season and more.

  7. Peter says

    I think that there can be a compromise to the whole real time dilemma. Design the movie so that it is two hours long, but only have events occur in real time within each hour. This way, you keep the suspense of the ticking clock etc. but you can skip a few hours (maybe even a day) between the two hours. The problem with redemption was that you didn’t do this and it just made it feel like a two hour season premiere and not a movie.

  8. James says

    I love 24 is one of the only tv shows i can watch. But i think the whole 24 saga needs a better ending, Jack needs one more day. I dont think the whole real time thing will work but there has to be other ways to make this movie work. Hollywood is going down hill thery are making remakes of old tv shows which is well all but im a young guy and i think the 24 movie would do great at the box office. Kiefer has done a great job with the show and what ever yall decide to do will work. 24 needs a better ending ive watched every season thinking something good will happen for Jack but it doesnt if u do end 24 rnd it on a good note let Jack be happy he deserves it. I know hess not a real person but im in the army and i know what its like and i would really like to see the movie go down.

    • Derek says

      I read a suggestion from people involved with the show, that the first hour or so could be standard movie time. taking place over days or weeks-months. but the last hour could be real time. Would have to be done right, but I think this would be pretty cool.

    • Anonymous says

      This is defenitly one of the besgt shows I have ever seen they need a diffrent ending though. The show let everyone off thinking what would happend next like it aLways does wich is good if u contuie it,, but if it ends therfe needs to be a finally movie or one more day and end it on a exallent note. I agree let jack be happy would be nice to help miliatry personal have hopes.

  9. gus bowen says

    i think that 24 is the best show i have ever seen in my entire life it is the most thrilling show ever…when season eight ended I couldn’t believe that it was over. I can not wait until the movie comes out it will be so awesome. Honestly real time would be great but whatever works to make the movie.

  10. says

    I wait a week for watching it an hour in night from 9 pm to 10pm Kabul Afghanistan time.It is a really good movie that I saw in my life because when I am watching it. I feel that I am in case with Jack Bauer. Amazing it is really good movie.

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