Alcatraz: Premiere Ratings

Alcatraz ratingsThe fate of Terra Nova is still undecided as FOX execs try to decide if ordering a second season of a show with mediocre ratings is worth the risk. They also want to see how well new dramas like Alcatraz will perform. Unfortunately for Terra Nova, Alcatraz had a positive start.

Per the fast affiliate ratings, the new series from JJ Abrams drew a 3.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 10.05 million total viewers in the first hour. At 9pm, Alcatraz drew a 3.3 in the demo with 9.88 million.

Looking at the half hour breakdowns, the audience stayed with the program throughout the whole two hours. There was essentially no erosion. That’s a good sign that the vast majority of them will return next week.

Compared to fall’s two hour premiere of Terra Nova, the network was up by 6% in the demo. When compared to the ratings from a year ago, FOX was down by 6% at 8pm (vs an original House) and up by 83% at 9pm (vs an original of now-cancelled Lie to Me). Speaking of that show, Alcatraz gave the network its best drama premiere in the demo since Lie to Me launched in January 2009.

TV show supportWhile Alcatraz isn’t a blockbuster out of the gate, the TV series’ premiere got a positive sampling. It’ll be interesting to see if viewership stays at these levels as the weeks progress.

UPDATE: You can follow the first season ratings for Alcatraz.

What do you think? Do you think Alcatraz will be a hit or a flop, headed for quick cancellation?

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  1. Thalidamide Baby says

    Alcatraz, like LOST before it – plays like it was written by a lot of undergrads in a creative writing class doing a flow-of-consciousness excersize:
    – ” Now – Everyone take this hazy concept and just brainstorm – don’t worry about being consistent – or make any attempt at any logical devices because this will NOT have a coherent resolution! Make ILLOGIC a ViRTuE! We will wind along with a lot of diffused plot lines and apparently sinister characters and pretend to be DEEP and just become hopelessly LOST – LONG before there is any kind of half-hearted attempt to tie the numerous and contradictory plot twists in this hopeless shaggy dog story together. Should be worth two – mebbe three seasons! Viewers will think they see all kinds of patterns where none exist and ultimately conclude that it’s just all beyond their comprehension and they will LOVE IT!!!” –
    Here again, the Emperor is nekkid as a jaybird.
    FWIW – I think TN is even worse.

  2. Kat says

    I hope we don’t have to choose between Alcatraz and Terra Nova — broadcast television — heck, any American television at all — needs more sci-fi/fantasy/adventure shows.

  3. stacey says

    I love it. I’m not really into tv series usually cause there borning, but this one is really exciting to get into and cant wait til next week. It is intersting how they end up catching these inmates and where they are held now…….love it and cant wait til monday

  4. TheiKing says

    Well, personally I believe terra nova should be renewed over alcatraz. As rargran said, Non-episodic shows require constant viewing from episode to episode to keep the story straight in your head. Its kind of like heroes. I remember watching HEROES one week then i missed an episode and im like “What …Huh…how did sylar get that power? Wait what hes the good guy? Why doesnt peter have his powers?” Its just not something we need more of on tv. Terra Nova, well its the perfect demonstration of how SYFY has so royally screwed up. Syfy used to have shows in the stargate franchise, recently they cancelled eureka (because of comcast but still), and its only a matter of time before warehouse 13 and sanctuary meet the axe and then there wont be scifi that makes you want to watch and make u feel good. Not feel gloomy or have to sit through another vampire story. Terra Nova captivates my interest, partly because of the science…but mostly because of the character interactions. I dont know I just think science fiction is becoming a thing of the past. Syfy would rather air makeup shows and food shows rather than what made them popular in the first place, NBC CBS and ABC have so many cop shows its mind boggling….like how many times can you sit through the same story with different details about cops catching a murderer. The only channels i really watch is FOX, USA and TNT.

  5. Gammy says

    Prison meets Island. Its another version of Lost. Even had some of the same music.
    JJ Abrams tends to write stuff that eventually get very convoluted and it makes you lose interest.
    I love Terra Nova.

    • rargran says

      Concerning whether or not Terra Nova should be picked up or something like Alcatraz should be picked up instead. Alcatraz will have to prove that it can sustain viewership. It’s a show that requires viewers tune in every week. Any break in the schedule risks losing viewers for a show like that. Terra Nova is a safer bet despite being more expensive to produce because if it’s run gets disrupted people won’t be as confused when they try to return to it.

      That being said I enjoyed Alcatraz. It was fun to watch Hugo and Sam Neil plus what’s her name from ER. The female lead seemed a little weak. She was missing something that Evangeline Lilly had on Lost. The twist at the end of hour two was good enough to make me watch next week.

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