Harry’s Law: Has the NBC Series Been Cancelled?

Harry's Law canceled?We’ve received a few emails from readers asking if Harry’s Law has been cancelled. After all, the last original episode of the Kathy Bates series aired on January 18th.

The legal drama has certainly been struggling in the ratings and is one of the lowest-rated shows on the network this season. But, while it’s hard to imagine that Harry’s Law will be renewed for a third season, the series hasn’t been cancelled just yet. It does have a lot of viewers, just not in the desired demographic unfortunately.

Harry’s Law is on hiatus and won’t return until March 11th, once the February sweeps period has finished. NBC ordered 22 episodes for the current season so there are 10 installments left to air.

Since it’s likely that the show won’t be back, hopefully the cast and crew won’t leave viewers with a cliffhanger in the last episode.

What do you think? Are you still watching Harry’s Law? Do you miss it when it’s not on?

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  1. Paula says

    Have loved the 2 seasons been showed on universal as has my hubby and he is really picky! Bring them back please. Brill tv.

  2. Debs says

    I live in England and have just finished watching the first season of Harry’s Law, it is brilliant, so good without smut and swearing, real entertainment, please do not cancell this program, if you do, YOU ARE NUTS, one of the best programs on the telly.

  3. Carol says

    We have been waiting for Harry’s Law to come back. I don’t know why they would cancel it. W always looked forward to it. Please don’t cancel it.

  4. Carol says

    Loved the series. Cannot imagine why they would cancel it. My friends and I have been and hoping that it will come back on soon. Please don’t cancel it.

  5. Di Smith says

    Harry’s Law is brilliant, refreshing and covers some very interesting topics. Don’t cancel this excellent show, we in Scotland LOVE IT. Please keep it going.

  6. Sherry Dann says

    We finally get a show with some substance instead of set-up reality plots, and the network doesn’t like the demographics. Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s has such important subject matter? When are the Networks going to cater to someone who likes something beside BS? I just need somemore of that Duck Dynasty, “Hello” grown ups!!!

  7. Anonymous says

    Geez tell em’ to Dump that psycho Dexter and Bring Back Harry…and while you’re at it tell em to dump the reality crap… ’nuff already, we’re gagging !!!! To each his own, but come on…We’re about ready to cancel the cable and take up reading. Liked Harry because her character had the guts to deal with some very real issues..even if she was surrounded by a few off the wall characters you couldn’t help but love…Sure would like to see what she would do with the latest big issues in the headlines…

  8. Barbara says

    It’s one of the best shows on. But it seems all the good shows get cancelled for more crappy reality shows, that are far from reality.

  9. says

    It is one of the best ‘shows’ (be gone Reality garbage!!) on TV. I love Kathy Bates and all the regulars. It has class and can be informational and funny. Please don’t take this GREAT show off the air.

  10. Norma Bell says

    we love Harry’s Law and tape every episode so we can watch at our leisure. Sure tops 2-1/2 men and a lot of the other prime time programs with all the sex stuff which we refuse to offer. Harry’s Law is fun and refreshing and does have some interesting topics.

      • Barbara says

        I agree with that, I watched Honey Bo Bo once. I guess a few idiots find it amusing, however I find it disgusting and stupid. It’s also an insult to our intelligence.

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