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The Buried Life

The Buried LifeNetwork: MTV
Episodes: 18 (half-hour)
Seasons: Two

TV show dates: January 18, — November 29, 2010
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Ben Nemtim, Dave Lingwood, Duncan Penn, and Jonnie Penn.

the buried life past TV show

TV show description:
This reality/documentary series is based on the ideas from a poem of the same name by Matthew Arnold back in 1852. It suggests that our day-to-day lives become so cumbersome, that our real life becomes buried. The four stars of the series initially filmed a documentary film on the same subject, then MTV picked it up for a series.

The four friends travel around North American on a purple bus as they complete their own bucket list, the one hundred things they want to accomplish before they die. Each time they’re able to cross off an item, they also help a stranger accomplish a goal, and encourage them to create their own list of things to do, asking “What do you want to do before you die?”

The narrator and undisputed ringleader of the four friends is 26-year-old Ben Nemtim. He’s a graduate of University of Victoria. The comedian of the group is 24-year-old Dave Lingwood, a graduate of Concordia University. Duncan and Jonnie Penn (27 and 23, respectively) are brothers. Duncan is the business manager and a graduate of University of Victoria, while Jonnie, a graduate of McGill University, is the idea guy and the editor of the documentary.

Some of the items these four have crossed of their list include attending a party at the Playboy mansion, making a toast at a stranger’s wedding, asking out Megan Fox, telling a joke on late night TV, and playing basketball with President Obama.

They’ve also helped others by providing underprivileged kids a new classroom computer, helped a father and son reunite after seventeen years, provided travel for a young New Orleans woman to see her mom’s grave site for the first time, helped a young artist get a song on the radio, and helped a blind man relive his favorite pasttime from childhood.

Series Finale

Episode 18 — #75: Make a Million Dollars, Part II
After the boys’ individual efforts to make a million dollars don’t work, they head off to Vegas in hopes of accomplishing their goal. Meanwhile, they surprise a girl with the funds to help her make a difference in her native country. The guys end the episode by donating all of the money they earned to the World Food Program, to help end hunger in Nicaragua.
First aired: November 29, 2010


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Brooke Giebeler October 10, 2010 at 9:41 pm

Hey guys,
I really really need to talk with you guys. There is only one thing that I want to do before die. I want to go spend sme time with the rapper Marshall Mathers, othewised called Eminem. He is my favorite singer of all time and it would be a dream come true to met him and actally hug him. Can you guys please help me. That would be a great experience to spend the day with you guys aand Eminem. Please help me you guys.


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