Two and a Half Men: Eight Episodes Cancelled, Season Eight Cut Short

Charlie Sheen and Chuck LorreCharlie Sheen and the rest of the cast and crew of Two and a Half Men were scheduled to go back to work on Monday — but not anymore.

Warner Bros., who produces the series, shut down production in January in an attempt to get Sheen into rehab. Sheen agreed to treatment but was apparently none too pleased about it and has made numerous strange and angry statements to the press.

Sheen’s latest tirade came yesterday in a radio interview on the Alex Jones Show. Sheen spoke out against Alcoholics Anonymous and referred to it as a “bootleg cult” with a 5% success rate, compared to his own 100% success rate.

Sheen also went on a tirade against series creator Chuck Lorre that borders on anti-Semitic. He said, “I’m tired of being told ‘You can’t talk about that, you can’t talk about that.’ Bull S-*-*-T. There’s something this side of deplorable that a certain Chaim Levine — yeah, that’s Chuck’s real name — mistook this rock star for his own selfish exit strategy, bro. Check it, Alex. I embarrassed him in front of his children and the world by healing at a pace that his unevolved mind cannot process. Last I checked, Chaim, I spent close to the last decade effortlessly and magically converting your tin cans into pure gold. And the gratitude I get is this charlatan chose not to do his job, which is to write. Clearly someone who believes he’s above the law.”

In light of that, it was decided that production be suspended for the remainder of the season. In a joint statement, CBS and Warner Bros. issued the following statement, “Based on the totality of Charlie Sheen’s statements, conduct and condition, CBS and Warner Bros. Television have decided to discontinue production of Two and a Half Men for the remainder of the season.”

That didn’t set well with Sheen and the actor released a letter of his own to TMZ (which is also owned by Warner Bros., coincidentally)…

What does this say about Haim Levine [Chuck Lorre] after he tried to use his words to judge and attempt to degrade me. I gracefully ignored this folly for 177 shows… I fire back once and this contaminated little maggot can’t handle my power and can’t handle the truth. I wish him nothing but pain in his silly travels especially if they wind up in my octagon. Clearly I have defeated this earthworm with my words — imagine what I would have done with my fire breathing fists. I urge all my beautiful and loyal fans who embraced this show for almost a decade to walk with me side-by-side as we march up the steps of justice to right this unconscionable wrong.

Remember these are my people … not yours…we will continue on together…

Charlie Sheen

For the record, Lorre’s given name is Charles Michael Levine.

Because of the initial hiatus, Warner Bros. had planned to cut the top-rated sitcom’s season from 24 to 20 episodes. Now that production has been shut down for the season, there will only be 16 installments. The last original episode of the season aired on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. There certainly doesn’t seem to be any love lost between Sheen and Lorre and the studio now.

What do you think of this situation? Is Sheen justified for being upset or is the studio and network doing the right thing? Will they make up eventually?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Ally Petralia says

    I have been watching the reruns of Two And A Half Men and the show is GREAT because of the existing cast-it’s the perfect chemistry! Replacing Charlie Sheen will not only change the show but ruin it and what makes it the number one show.
    Time heals everything especially “hurt feelings” so I say when Charlie comes back to LA from his tour put Charlie and Chuck Lorre in a locked room & don’t let them out until they have resolved their issues and have come to an understanding, an agreement, some kind of reconciliation.

  2. says

    No. Alyssa. CBS and Warner Brothers would find a replacement for Sheen,
    Before they would shut down the show, or ask Sheen to comeback.

  3. Alyssa says

    The bottom line always comes down to dollars and cents. CBS cancelled the rest of the season’s episodes, but then offered Charlie Sheen his job back. So many “stars” have fallen from grace, only to be welcomed back with open arms a short time later. “Two and a Half Men” is a popular show that is on top…Would CBS and Warner Brothers really end it that easily?

  4. Michel Lemont says

    charlie sheen is very controversal and provocative. and may be a little over the edge. but he IS the success of “Two and a half men”. nobody can replace him, the show without him will be a desaster. charlie sheen is so authentic, he is charlie harper. is there anyone going to believe that two nerds on the show will work? i donĀ“t think so.
    so, it is good to carry this sitcom to its grave. it is history.
    lemi from austria

    • says

      Michel, Yes! The show can go on with out Charlie Sheen, There has been many TV,
      Sit comes and shows that had replaced their lead star or actor/ actress, and did very well in the ratings, and continued to run long after the star actor/ actress was replaced.I can name a lot of them, Dallas, Dynisty, Threes company.
      8 Simple rules on dating my teenage daughter, Just to name a few.
      These shows lost their lead actor/actress do to Illness or death termanition or they, just never renewed their contract with the show. All these shows still continued on,
      with out their star player. It’s not the lead actor/actress that makes the show.
      It’s all the actors and actresses that make the show what it is as a whole.
      it only takes chemistrey to do so, and as long as they can find someone to replace Sheen, Who can fill that whole with the same amount of chemistrey, Than the show ,
      Can run for a few more good years.

  5. Linda Guptill says

    I love the show; I think Charlie is entertaining. Isn’t that the sum of what he SHOULD be as far as the “show” goes? Insofar as his “personal life”, it should be just that – personal. With everything reported, regardless if “on the mark” or if blown out of proportion, it is clear to me that Charlie does not have what is “generally percieved” as a normal life. His actions and words would indicate he has issues with substance abuse to those who have no experience with it, but this raises the question if his behavior/words could be what creates the media attention? The attention from the media is critical to the success of an actor – could this not be the purpose behind it? This is not to dispute if he drinks or uses cocaine – but the bigger question as far as keeping him in his “job” … does his drinking KEEP HIM from doing his job???

    • says

      Linda, I din’t think it’s a matter of whether or not Charlie can do his job. Be on time and so forth. I belive it’s a matter of role model, whether or not that he is a good example for children of all ages, See Charlie Sheen is not only idealized by women and men over 21 years of age, But more by trhe young adults under 21yrs.
      Do you really want your teen daughter to date a womanizer/ alchoholic drug addict.
      Two or your son believing this is cool behavior and turn into one.
      I know what your going to say. But the show promotes this behavior,
      One thing you have to realize is the shows characters, Such as Alan, ( JOHN CRYER)
      will make comments to Charlie’s character That’s wrong or isn’t that wrong and protest, The show also shows the viewere that womanizing and alcohol drugs,
      Lying, will only get you into more trouble than it’s worth to begin with, When it,
      Comes down to it, The only thing you get out of the whole ordeal is, CAUGHT!
      What Charlie Sheen is trying to promote in real life is. That you can do all these,
      terrible and illegal thing to others and be as stupid as can be, make a big fool of, yourself, and it makes you special that you are better than everyone else.
      I surly don’t want my son to follow that type of example, or my daughter to date, one! I think Actors and Actress should have there personal life privet, But when,
      The actor or actress themselves make it public as Charlie Sheen has done.
      To promote his way of life as being a good example and that he’s life style is better.
      Than I say all stops are pulled out! Every person knows . When you decide to ,
      Become an actor or actress in Hollywood, Your personal life is no longer your own.
      That you become the example and role model of all young ppl, that is why they put,
      Movie ratings on the movies now a days, Along with viewer discretions on TV shows.
      Lets face it, Children from 0 to age 18,and a few adults to say the least, Are very,
      Impressionable. They belive everything they watch to be true, It’s up to us parents,
      To keep our childrent grounded and let them know it’s just all make belive.
      It’s a grand Illusion., And it wouldn’t hurt to get a little help from hollywood.
      Maybe, Some of the Celebrity parents should remind their children once in a while,
      That it’s just make belive …. TOO!

  6. Joan Keough says

    If FOX wants to stay on TARGET, then the best advice it could get is don’t cancel HUMAN TARGET. It is the best show on FOX. American Idol is boring, dull, repetitive, predictive and boring — and HUMAN TARGET is new, exciting and completely entertaining, with a witty/tongue in cheek sense of humor that is new and unpredictable in each episode.

  7. Judy says

    Charlie needs to get some serious help and quick, I can see they had no choice but to shut down, hes on every talk show lately making a complete fool of himself. I just watched one such show and I really dont have a clue as to what hes ranting about, A clear addict… I do love the show so hopefully he get a grip and go get some help.

  8. Lisa says

    I feel that the show should go on without. Put him in rehab on the show, and see what Alan can do without him. Make it a deju vu situation.

    • says

      I don’t think the show could do that Lisa, I don’t mean replacing Sheen, That I think they can do effortlessly and magicaly. It’s the deju vu, thing .
      It would only make matter’s worst for CBS, Warner Broths and Lorre.
      It would only give Charlie Sheen a real reason to sue Lorre and the studieo’s .
      I am very surprised that Sheen hasn’t already put a Law suit in, Claiming that,
      Lorre created the show on Charlie sheen’s real and personal life. OOOOPS, I don’t,
      Mean to give Charlie Sheen any more stupid ideals. Charlie Sheen didn’t really,
      need to act to play a drunk with lots of money. He only needed to remember how,
      stupidly drunken, He was the night before.

  9. says

    As we all can read, and tell for ourself. That the letter Charlie Sheen wrote to TMZ.
    In my opinion. That he has once and for all not only went over the edge, But jumped,
    Off the edge, both feet first! As far as him saying ,He’s the one who turn The Two and a Half men TV, Sitcom, tin cans effortlessly and magically, for close to the last decade,
    INTO PURE GOLD!!!! Charlie! That just shows everyone, That you have no respect for your Two and a Half men costar’s! Who has worked effortlessly and as magically as you,
    Have for close to the last decade! If it weren’t for those great and wonderful actor’s too.
    There would be no Two and a Half men. It would just be one man going totally insane,
    and off the wall, As he has already done, by his ranting and raving, Due to substance abuse. The only thing I have left to say is, That CBS> and Waner Broths did the right, thing . By pulling the plug on The two and a Half Men sitcom, Before they were pulled,
    Any further into to Charlie Sheen’s – Danny Bonaduce nightmare!
    They only differents with Charlie Sheen and Danny Bonaduce in my opinion is.
    The only reason why Sheen has gotton futher in the buisness than Bonaduce is,
    Sheen was able to surf on his father’s coat tails.

  10. kill it says

    Personally I think the show blows elephant ****.charlie sheen is acting like a punk ass.I mean the guys living the live easy drugs and Porn stars that know what their doin cars I mean the list goes on but to be saying what you are bitting the hand that feeds is stupid.cancel it for good end an unfunny crappy show and hopfully he will spend all his money and be broke like mc hammer and the we will see how much of a winner he is now.I mean the guys not funny he was a d list movie actor that somehow got lucky and landed this amazing gig and then he ***** it up for all the people that do actually have tallent.this guy just needs to overdose and be done wit it

  11. Charmaine says

    I think that if Charlie shows up on the set when he should. does his job like he should and does not cause problems on the set. Then the show should go on. All the mouthing he has been shouting is what it is. How many of us dont like the hire ups at our jobs, but we show we do our work and go home. I have not heard anyone complaining about his professionalism only his private live and that is what it is PRIVATE. Celebrity are intitaled to live they way they see fit as long as they deliver the entertainment which he seem to be doing privately and on the show. We are all watching both!

  12. judy says

    I love 2 half men and I think it is stupid that they cancelled it.. they are going against his constitutional right..FREEDOM OF SPEECH! If he Goes through rehab then what’s the deal if he don’t like it! He didn’t look like drunk on the episodes so he wasn’t to bad! There blowing there authority out of hand, they should be there for him in his time of need instead of causing more problems on him, BRING BACK. TWON AND HALF MEN. I think its dum to cancel it we wait long enough season to season any ways

  13. Mimi says

    I personally love Two and A Half Men and don’t want the show to be cancelled. The outstanding cast of supporting actors/actresses, the writers, directors and producers are all exceptionally talented and I think they could carry on the show without good ‘ol Charlie. One bad apple shouldn’t spoil it for the rest of the crew, give them a chance to shine!

  14. Paul says

    It’s time for this to end. Charlie has gone over the edge and if he doesn’t get serious professional help will do somethong far more serious and dangerous. Glad show was cancelled but feel bad for the rest of the cast.

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