Big Time Rush: Nickelodeon Show Ending, No Season Five

Big Time Rush ending

It looks like it’s the end of the road for Big Time Rush on Nickelodeon. The fourth season, which is currently airing on Thursday nights at 8pm, will be the show’s last.

The cast and crew are filming the final episodes this month and one of the show’s stars has been posting about saying goodbye. Carlos Pena posted the Instagram picture above and wrote, “Just filmed the last scene in the crib.. FOREVER!!”

He also posted the photo of the house below, writing “Good bye crib. Thank you for 4 amazing years!!”

Big Time Rush goodbye

It’s not clear when the last episode will air just yet. Nickelodeon ordered 13 episodes for season four. Right now, the last scheduled episode is the fifth one which will run on May 30th.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that Big Time Rush is ending?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    Oh my gosh why can’t they have. Season 5 why?
    Im going to cry :( I can’t belive this is happening
    WHY WHY WHY?!?!???!!!!!!!!!! :(

  2. Tiara Hammes says


  3. Gina Rivera says

    Nickeloden please re think your decision I know BTR has became adults but kids and teenages need a good lapgh once and a while I know BTR wants to go on with there life and do something else but mabey you can do a little mini season to please everyone the rushers expecoly. My point being is BTR is a great band they might not be as big as one direction or the wanted but Rushers always stick together and to put there point out all I am wanting and saying is nickeloden should just rethink there decision because they have really good ratings and if they cancel the show like icarly and victorious there ratings are going to drop more. BTR I love you and would forever remember you in my heart you are part of my life and it just breaks my heart to hear nickeloden is canceling the show. I HOPE NICKELODEN RETHINKS THERE DECISION!!!!!!!

  4. Rushers-Forever says

    its probably gonna be the last season of BTR, i mean the whole set is already “destroyed”. well its great that the guys will be off Nickelodeon, who doesn’t really seem to care about them anymore and can even confuse the guys’ names. I’m gonna miss this show really much as I’ve been a Rusher from the start. I’m gonna be sad that the show is over, but hey, look at the bright side, the guys can pursue their music careers too. And also be off Nickelodeon, and the guys may get recognised for their hard work. Being on Nickelodeon, they always get criticised, so maybe not having a Season 5 is a good thing. Although, its a bad idea for Nickelodeon. They stopped airing iCarly, and Victorious, and now BTR too. I’m pretty sure their ratings are gonna drop by a lot now. Yeah count on those directioners to pull up the ratings. NOOOO WAY. Thanks so much Nickelodeon for “sticking” up for the band who’s been airing on your channel for the past 4 years. GREAT JOB. You did so well that you could even confuse the guys’ names. *sacarsm* BTR might not have a TV show anymore, but they’ll still produce great music that Rushers WORLDWIDE are gonna enjoy! Once a Rusher, ALWAYS A RUSHER! RUSHERS FOREVER~

  5. #BTRforSeason5 says

    Looks it is going to end they took everything down at the palmwoods they are going fill the palmwoods pool with cement now. If we trend #BTRforSeason5 on twitter we might have a nother season 5 of Big Time Rush.

    • Gina Rivera says

      Nickeloden please re think your decision alot of kids and teenages watch this show for a lapgh and or a smile. BTR is a AWSOME band they might not be as big as 1D or the wanted but who cares BTR has fans and there the best fans ever and I know that as a fact I’ve traveled threw BTR’s journey and I don’t think the journey should stop here. Mabey nickeloden can do a mini season to please everyone the rushers expecoly. Nickeloden I don’t know if you know this or not but you canceled icarly and victorious and that dropped your rating and if you cancel big time rush your not going to have verry good ratings there going to go way down because most of your ratings are of the BTR show. I know BTR has grown up and became adults there not teenagers and I know you can’t be a teenager for ever but just rethink your decision and think about the fans and your ratings!!!!!! NICKELODEN PLEASE PLEASE RE THINK YOUR DECISION ABOUT CANCLING THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUSHER FOREVER NO MADDER WHAT!!!!!!

  6. Paul says

    It’s look like it’s been cancelled but no official word
    I really hope BTR comes back
    After saying goodbye to iCarly, Victorious and How To Rock
    I want a BTR renewal

  7. pirate girl says

    I will miss big time rush so much I remember when big time rush aired their first episode on TV the boys where so young now they are like in there older 20s the boys are not teens anymore I also a big fan of big time rush , love the music , even the show but never met them that would be really cool and even go to there concert it would be fun.

  8. Sharon says

    While most people, including the cast (ie: Carlos) assume this is the final season, and it probably is, no official word has been given for sure. The show hasn’t officially been cancelled. Unless, I mean, you’ve received official word from reps of the show? Just Jared Jr. actually DID speak with reps and were told that nothing has been decided at all.

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