Breaking Bad: One Big Final Season or Two Small Ones?

Breaking Bad final seasonsWhen it was announced that Breaking Bad was ending after 16 final episodes, it was unclear if all of them would air in one jumbo season or not. The first season of AMC’s Breaking Bad had seven episodes while the last three have been made up of 13 installments each.

At last night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, co-star Anna Gunn told the LA Times that there will actually be two mini-seasons of eight installments each. Gunn noted that season five will begin shooting soon and the last batch of episodes will likely be filmed in Winter 2013. There’s no word yet on when either will air.

Of her time on Breaking Bad, Gunn said, “It’s been an incredible ride” and she noted how unusual the show’s storyline has been.

What do you think? Would you like all of the final Breaking Bad episodes together or in two mini-seasons?

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  1. says

    Walter will offer Hank a lot of money to be quite. Think about it,,,,,,,what would you do if someone offered you,,,,,,,say 1 million, 3million, 5 million, or 10 million to shut up and retire. What would you do?

  2. Tv Watcher says

    I am addicted to this show – as The Walking Dead. I like the fact that AMC doesn’t “KILL” series by running them way past the prime. However, Breaking Bad – seems like it could easily go. These writers have had me “glued” to the set… yelling at the TV when the ending credits appear. My biggest complaint with AMC is the HUGE gap between seasons. That really caused me – the viewer – to lose interest. I agree with the earlier post too – a split season is fine. Providing it does NOT split for more than 8 weeks. 8 on, 8 off then 8 on would be tolerable…

  3. Kenyon36 says

    I don’t have a problem with a series airing a split season like that at all. Walking Dead did this with season 2 on AMC and it worked perfectly. They aired 8 episodes then took roughly 6 weeks off. They then aired another 8 episodes. I liked it because when the 16th episode finally did air you basically have less time to wait for the next season to air again. On the other hand, if they air two 8 episode seasons a year apart then that’s ridiculous.

  4. Cosio says

    One big series, i hate waiting and lose interest real fast. I catch myself just watching it elsewhere months later

  5. Derek says

    Disappointing… If they think this show can be successful for another 2 years, why don’t they just do two full seasons?! I mean, filming in winter 2013 would have the series finale over 2 years from now. No no no, this is not a good idea, I’m not happy. Either do the full season now and finish it up, or do two full seasons. 8 episodes a year is not going to cut it, and I totally agree with Grandizer – If AMC wants to stay sharp they can’t be pulling junky moves like this. Shame on you AMC

  6. Grandizer says

    A pet peeve of mine and one of the major reasons I do not watch many of the shows on the networks that do this.
    I am talking to YOU SyFy… And TNT …
    These stations have BONA FIDE hits and do themselves no great service by splitting the season up so much.

    Second pet peeve, half of a season ordered as a rule. I always think that stations that only order half seasons of their most popular shows are never going to make it to the big time for just this reason. Network channels NORMALLY do 22-24 sometimes more in a season, and they get major advertisers and MANY people who complain in here about how dumb they are when a favorite show is cancelled, but they still have the MAJORITY of people watching them.
    Now you have the small timers with GREAT shows, and they show half a seasons worth. Meh. Now you know why the big three have the most viewers…
    Yes I know the big three finance / own some of the small timers but really, the money that one of these stations could pull in if they suddenly switched to a full season is no joke.

  7. Ty says

    LOL Iv never seen Breaking Bad. Iv gerd really good things and hope to catch up on DVD one day. But i really hate when networks do this, breaking up cable series episodes in to two half with MONTHS in between like there 2 separate seasons. Now i dont know there exact reasoning, probably like Jason^ said, to milk it. BUT I HATE IT. The only reason i hate it is because when the season comes to DVD it will more then likely be seperated in to two boxed sets, ala Nip/Tuck s5…EVERY abcfamily TV series besides the one with the girls who killed someone or something, Sex In The City s6 (i dont watch this show or any abc family show BUT it stills pisses me off when i see it happen). Its like, if there are more then 13 episodes produced in a givin season then it MUST be split up to air as 2 miniseasons.

    For years now i have wished they would order more then just 12 installments of True Blood per season (16 episodes would be ideal, give us sometime to really enjoy a season), BUT at the same time i wish for this not to happen because it would almost deffinatley be air just as Breaking bad will be in its final year….YEARS*!

      • says

        Kat ยป Hopefully Vince Gilligan and the writers will plan it out so it works well and we get two really tight seasons. I thought season four was great but there were a few draggy spots for me. Hard to believe that the storyline has worked this long considering all of the extreme stuff that has happened.

        I’m glad it’s coming back but I would have been pretty satisfied if the season four finale had been the series ender.

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