Californication: Showtime Series Ending with Season Seven

californication endingIt’s time for Californication to end its run. Showtime has announced that the David Duchovny series will end with the upcoming seventh season. The final 12 episodes are set to start airing in April.

The decision to end the show was supposedly made after the conclusion of the sixth season so, unlike many shows these days, Californication should have a true series finale.

“With its unique blend of lyricism and excess, Californication has been one of our groundbreaking signature series,” said David Nevins, Showtime’s president of Entertainment. “We will always be indebted to Tom Kapinos for leading the creative charge on this memorable comedy, and to David Duchovny for making us root for an unapologetic hedonist like Hank Moody. Tom has carefully planned the final chapter of Hank’s journey and has brought it to a beautiful and satisfying conclusion for new and long-time fans alike.”

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that Californication is coming to an end or, do you think it’s about time to say farewell?

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  1. Pamela says

    So so sad to see it go, I love this show, please bring it back if you possibly can. I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t want this to end!

    • Cindy rodriguez says

      I would love to see californication continue on television the actors and show were magnificent that david was awesome and Marcy and everyone

  2. Cindy Rodriguez says

    i am sad to hear that the show has been cancelled. There isn’t anything on tv to compare nor better. This was one heck of a show because of all the main characters that played excellent roles. Sorry to see this end pleae consider to bring back!!!!!

  3. Fred Mitchels says

    Very disappointed. This ground breaking show advocated that one should live their life as they see fit; not based on what others might think. I will miss the show and living vicariously through Hank Moody on Sunday nights. And man, what a very hot MILF!

  4. PK says

    Californication was the only reason I have Showtime, great show makes me laugh. Entire cast is absolutely wonderful. Hats off to them all, thanks for the laughs and other emotions. Need my feed of Duchovny, so I quess the only thing to watch now is Chiller and El Rey.

  5. XY says

    Anyone for a spin-off with Rob Lowe’s character? It might be too over-the-top to sustain but RL is too entertaining NOT to take advantage of, in this or some other fashion.

    • XY says

      The BEST thing they can do for a great show is to end it with dignity when its time has come. Californication’s story has been told and this is its time. Nurse Jackie needs to pay attention to this concept.

      Happy Trails, Hank!

  6. Rich says

    Show is still awesome. Always a new spin or creative character added. Show has a lot of leg left if they wanted to keep it going.

  7. Sonya J says

    “Moody’s ugly daughter” – wow that was harsh! I have no problem with them giving her a story and letting her have issues of her own. Hank is a parent, and with all of his issues I think it was only natural for his child to have issues of her own and to give her a story of her own and deal with them. But you’re right, they did spend A LOT of time on her.

    I have no problem with them ending the show. As a fan I think it’s time, however I’d love for Hank and his ex wife to FINALLY get back together and for him to successfully complete rehab before he gets back with his ex wife. They love each other and that will never change. I think things can work for them if Hank FINALLY gets his life under control.

  8. says

    I really liked this show the first couple of seasons but it’s really gone down hill the last couple of years. It still has some funny moments but once they started spending to much time on Moody’s ugly daughter who can’t act I lost some interest. Speaking of the daughter of course we will see her become a great writer instead of becoming what really happens to 18 year olds that drop out of college and decide to go to Europe to “explore” life. Hopefully the final season returns to the form of the first couple of seasons.

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