Commander in Chief: Cancelled But President Allen May Return

Commander in Chief cast returnAs I reported earlier, ABC has chosen to cancel the freshman series Commander in Chief. The series stars Geena Davis as President Mackenzie Allen, the first female President of the United States. The show started off strong (with the critcs and in the ratings) but was then plagued by production issues — and then by a declining viewership. ABC has maintained that they believe in show and, though it will not appear on the Fall 2006 schedule, the show may not be gone for good.

It’s been reported that ABC chief Steve McPherson is actually in talks with Chief creator Rod Lurie to bring the characters back for a two-hour television movie. The deal isn’t finalized as yet but McPherson sounds hopeful they’ll be able to work something out over the summer.

“It’s a fantastic story that Rod has in mind, and there’s still a really dedicated audience for the show,” McPherson said. “It would give Rod a chance to tell a lot of stuff he didn’t get the opportunity to tell and give us another look at it (the concept) in a reconfigured form.” If the movie is produced and is successful, then other Commander in Chief projects may be produced in the future.

For those who can’t wait, be sure to tune in to ABC at the end of the month when the network will air the final three episodes of the first (but hopefully not last) season of Commander in Chief. Episodes are also available for download on
Apple’s online iTunes store.
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  1. pania says

    ONLY recently viewed all 18 episodes of Commander and Chief. I am gutted that this show ended. It is certainly one of the best TV series that I’ve seen in a long time, this one was so much more realistic.
    Is there any chance this will come back? 

  2. Shamsuddeen says

    I think Rod Lurie and his co-producers have did a great work on the first season of commander in chief. It shows how leadership in done using the right people,at the right place and position and also the strategic in curbing menace in running a high sensitive office.I can’t stop watching the first season over and over again and am begging ABC and the producers of such great series to please go back to work and release the other seasons.watching series is not all about 24,prison break,Heroes etc. This is what we want to see because in my life I have never watched series that I watched more than ten times other than this.

  3. Ginger says

    This is one of the best TV shows I have seen in a long time. I have watched the episodes on hulu several times. Is there any chance this will come back? Did they ever make a 2 hour movie? Would love to see this on the air again.

  4. PEDRO AYALA says

    I don’t recall a TV series with an impact as big as Commander in Chief. Me, being an retired high ranked NCO in the military loved the way that for once the government worked hand-to-hand with the military force, even thought was fiction it left a bitter sensation in my mouth. I have seen the series three times at year since was cancelled, and don’t get tired of watching it over and over. I don’t understand how such TV shows as Jersey Shore, love and hip-hop get financial assistance to air them. Even drug addict as Charlie Sheen get their own air time; it is a shame. Re-think what a good TV show is, and hopefully ABC will air another season, at least to see where they are with the viewers; you will never know what will happen if you don’t try once more. Thank you.

  5. AlyShane says

    Great series. Now would be a good time to bring it back. Maybe it would inspire an independent to run in 2016.

  6. Vicki Gribble says

    I cannot believe Commander in Chief is off the air. One of the best series I have seen for a long time. Very suspenseful and believable. I would be as faithful with this as army wives and american idol. My husband liked it very much too. There has been several series that has been awesome and the networks just let them go. Sometimes they are on a whole season before I even realize they are on. New shows need more advertising so we no they are there before they are already gone. Crazy I just saw a new one called political animals… the pitts. Like a soap opera and I love sigourney weaver but I won’t be watching this. how sad, writing is so poor for a wonderful actress.

  7. Candy says

    I’ve watched it for the 10th time. Ever since it came out, I’ve skipped classes and left work early to watch it. Bought the DVDs and watched it 10th time. Cry everytime and wish this show could be back!

  8. Hubert says

    It did not get killed, it was only because of American Idol. The studio did not want the ratings go down, so they postponed the show, but than it was cancelled.

  9. Eugenia says

    ONLY recently viewed all 18 episodes of Commander and Chief. I am so bummed that this show ended. It is certainly one of the best TV series that I have ever seen, along with early 24 Hours and NCIS……but this one was so much more realistic and, I think, also educational – concerning the real inner workings of the Washington power elite.

    Can it come back? Please ?

  10. Joshua Goodman says

    Just watched the show again on Netflix. So much potential is there. Would really love for this show to make a comeback or possibly a movie. Davis is amazing.

  11. John Jacobson says

    Just got done showing this to my new bride! She loved it to death and wondered why it got killed. My GB had some contact inside the network and told them to cancell it or there would be issues with labor or some such crap who knows, well just an idea! I thought this was the best drama series I had watched in a long time! WOW really shows the dirt in WDC and the meat grinder the President goes through on a daily basis. We need more shows like this.

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